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"Ah?" Lily looks straight at him. "No, I can go."

"You look like this now. How can you get there?"

Lily insists, "I can go."

Even if she is going to crawl, she'll climb it.

It's a rare opportunity. Lily doesn't know when she'll wait for next time. Although she can get in this law firm just needs Rex's one sentence. But she knows through these days that this man will not open the back door without principle.

So she can't miss it.

Rex doesn't expect the woman was crying out in pain in the last second, but in order to work in the next second, she can break her head. He intended to have an interview at another time. But now, it is unnecessary.

It's best for her to stick with it.

Rex has appreciation in the bottom of his eyes. He stands up and his voice is still flat. "Don't be late if you can go."


As it turns out, Lily's combat effectiveness is still very strong. At 10 a.m., she limps out at the gate of the law firm. With the interview qualification, she is easily released by the front desk.

She finds the B-201 conference room. There are seven or eight little girls sitting at the door. They all looks young, twenty-five or six years old, and the older ones are only twenty-eight or nine.

Lily looks down at her dress. It's the black-and-white dress that Rex chose for her yesterday. She wears light make-up today, especially ties up her hair and looks sharp.

"Ah, I have heard that Rex, the president of this law firm, is super handsome and extremely exemplary. Is he interviewing us in person today?" Not far away, a little girl is chatting hot with her friends.

"No, Rex is so busy. I don't think he has time. But if it's really his interview, even if he has improved his letter, it's worth it!"

Lily feels surprised, and she can't help looking at the direction of the two people. She can't help murmuring that Rex is really so good? A group of innocent little girls can't see the real face of the big gray wolf at all.

The interview will begin soon. The interviewer is three HR members of the law firm. They all sit together and meet in groups.

Finally, Lily and another man and a woman are left.

"I'll have a second interview directly later. I'll have an interview alone. You'll prepare for it." HR manager then goes into another independent conference room.

Lily sits outside and prays nervously. Don't let her be the first one, but she is really the first one.

"Lily, come in."

"..." Lily takes a deep breath, pushes the door, walks to the chair in the middle of the room with proper posture, sits down, looks up and looks at the three main facial officers in front of her, "Hello, all the interviewers, my name is Lily, yes..."

When she says this, she suddenly gets stuck and her pupils tremble. Unexpectedly, she looks at the man sitting in the middle of the black suit and white shirt. It turns out that Rex is the master?

"Miss?" Seeing her absence of mind, HR manager reminds her.

Lily returns to her mind and wants to adjust her mind, but she can't help being nervous when she looks at Rex, which leads to a stumbling block in self-introduction.

"I think you didn't work after graduating from the University of Toronto more than a year ago. What's the reason?"

After this, Lily is a little ashamed. "I was busy getting married, so it was delayed."

"Now you are divorced. I want to know that it is because of divorce that you want to continue to work in law?"

HR speaks very fast. Lily is nervous, and can't know what HR really wants to explore. She nods her head, "Yes."

HR continues to ask some questions, and Lily answers them in a proper way. At this time, Rex who has been silent suddenly says, "Miss, you have no work experience and no actual combat experience. As a new person, what do you think is your core advantage, which is worth accepting by our law firm?"

Lily is nervous when she hears his voice. She always feels that it's a feeling that an underground love affair has been moved to the ground. Even if it's impossible for others to know, she's guilty.

Especially now, Rex asks her, so she must look at his face politely and answer, even if she wants to avoid.

"Although I have no relevant work experience, it is well known that Toronto University is a highly required University for law major. At the beginning, I was enrolled with full scholarship, and my graduation score ranked first. My thesis was also published in the University Journal. I think my greatest advantage is my professionalism and understanding of law."

"Then in a word, what you understand."

After a moment's meditation, Lily says, "everyone says that the law is dead, unchangeable, and sentencing standard, but I think that the law is also alive. It can take tens of or millions of forms through a good lawyer."

Rex hooks his lips slightly, "Miss, what is the most important when you are engaged in legal work?"

Lily's mood gradually calms down, no longer as tense as before, "I think it's fair and just, objective and calm."

"Can you do what you said because you divorced your ex-husband when working in law?" Rex seems to follow the trend, as if it's an inadvertent question.

But Lily is awakened by him. No wonder the HR manager asked just now, for fear that she would be in the legal industry because of divorce?

Lily explains, "I can do it. I come back to this industry because I have enough time and energy again. In fact, I have wanted to come back for more than a year of marriage."

Such an explanation makes the listener feel more comfortable. In the next few time, Rex doesn't speak any more. Instead, another man beside him asks some professional questions, and Lily answers them one by one.

At the end of the interview, Lily stands up and does not act in an efficient way. HR manager, a woman, politely asks, "What happened to your feet?"

Lily smiles awkwardly. "I fell down carelessly when I was working out. It's OK. It'll be OK in a few days."

HR manager nods and waits for Lily to go out before bending her lips. She couldn't help joking, "She could fall when working out, so well."

Rex is going to look over the next resume. After hearing this, he stops his fingertips for a second. The smile in his eyes is fleeting, which is too fast to catch.


After the interview, Lily is just about to leave when she is stopped by a man in a white shirt. "Miss, I'm Rex's secretary, Tom. Mr. Rex said that you should go to the office to wait for him."

He lowers his voice, and Lily knows that it is inconvenient to talk here, without too much entanglement. She follows him to the office, but Tom doesn't let him enter directly from the main door. Instead, he goes to his office first, opens the small door and goes directly to Rex's office.

Lily is surprised. "Do you have such a secret way?"

"You can regard it as a side door," Tom says.

Tom gives her a cup of warm water and leaves. Lily is the only one in the huge office. After waiting for a long time, she sees no one coming in. She goes to the desk and wants to see the books on the desk, but unexpectedly she finds a picture beside the computer.

It's a very old photo, so the pixel is not very clear. The boy's temperament in the photo is clean and the girl's smile is sweet. The boy reaches over the girl's shoulder, and the gesture is intimate.

Lily could hardly recognize that the man is Rex if his eyebrows and eyes would not change.

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