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Lily can smell the smell of wine on this man. It's different from the usual and terrible smell. It's more mellow and charming when it's mixed with his rosin.

Lily's back and heel are close to the counter behind him. "I, I mean, I'm afraid of causing you unnecessary trouble."

She doesn't believe what she said. Of course, she can't hide it from Rex.

Rex does not want to expose her. He notices one lotus root pink dress behind her. It has a deep V-neck and a good quality diamond at the neckline. He picks it up and says, "Put it on."

The topic changes so fast that Lily could hardly keep up with it.

"Now?" It's almost ten o'clock.


Lily dare not turn a deaf ear to him, so she take the skirt to go to the bedroom to change, but her wrist is pulled, "Change here."


She knows that.

Lily can only stand at the farthest place from him, with her back to the man, quickly takes off her pajamas and puts her skirt around her. She simply doesn't have a zipper, so it won't take much effort.

Lily turns around, and nervously looks at man's hot eyes, "All right."

Lotus root color chiffon fabric is light and flowing. In the mature design of deep V, there is a bit of pretty temperament. Her skin is white, and the whole person seems to have a layer of light under the light, especially the neckline position.

Rex tonight had an entertainment, and obviously restrained himself from drinking too much wine. But, at this time, he feels thirsty.

She's really good at making a fire by changing clothes.

The man smiles somewhat drolly and walks quickly. He picks up the woman and presses him on the wall. Lily is afraid that she would fall down and only puts her hands around the man's neck. In such a posture, Rex can see the infinite scenery in front of her chest as soon as he looks up.

Lily dare not look at his eyes at this time. Every time, his eyes are especially ferocious.

The woman's body exudes the fragrance after bathing. The clamorous desire in his body breaks out and he bites her white part.

"Ah!" cries out in pain, with some coquetry in the soft voice, "I feel painful..."

Rex tastes the delicate touch between her lips and teeth, nibbles and sucks, leaving many red marks, and he feels happy.

The temperature in the cloakroom keeps rising. Lily's cheeks are dyed with delicate peach red, and her body is covered with light pink. In the frenzy of lust, she can hardly bear to look up and be seen by him.

"You are beautiful."

Lily is so shy that her toes are curled up. For the first time, he praises her without any cover. At this time, he is always so good at talking and even praising.

Lily whimpers, and her strange feelings swallows her. Only helplessly shouting his name can reduce the panic in her heart,

"Rex, Rex..."

"I'm here."

It's superfluous for him to speak any word, but tonight he seems to be a little different. He doesn't know if he's dizzy by the fermentation of alcohol. Lily always feels that he works hard.

From the wall to the chair, he wants her twice. Nearly two hours later, Lily is out of breath. On the contrary, he seems to be nothing.

Are men so always so strong?

Rex glances at her and throws over a skirt. "Tomorrow, wear this."

Then he goes straight out of the cloakroom.

Lily takes a look at the black-and-white dress. The buttons need to be tied to the collarbone, and the skirt is also under the knee. She suddenly understands that in a second, she looks at the lotus root powder dress, deep V, short skirt, which he almost damaged.

Lily looks at her chest with some red marks. She is speechless and chokes. Does he care? She doesn't plan to wear it, OK?


The biggest room on the third floor has been changed into a gym with a treadmill, a bicycle, heavy machinery, and various equipment. Rex is running at a regular on the treadmill. He wears a light gray sleeveless vest, a pair of black sports pants to the knee, and a pair of black and white sports shoes on his feet. The bangs are not handled well as usual, but lying on his forehead disorderly and the crystal sweat falls down his neck all the time into the collar, leaving a dark water mark.

Some indescribable pictures suddenly flashes in Lily's mind. The sweat on his chin also dripped on her last night

Oh, no!

"What are you thinking?"

Lily blushes and does not open her eyes. Seeing that Rex ignores her, she goes to a small treadmill by her own.

She directly stands on the track and presses the switch. She thinks it will turn slowly like a treadmill in an ordinary gym. Unexpectedly, it is a very fast speed. She has no time to step on her feet and keep up with the speed. She directly hits the belt and is transported to the ground.

"Lily!" It is too late for Rex to hear the scream and try to pull her.

Lily only feels a pain in her knee, followed by the pain of skin and flesh. She knees on the ground, hugs her knee, and her tears rolls in her eyes.

Rex turns off the treadmill, picks up the woman without saying a word, and there is an imperceptible anxiety in the step toward the bedroom.

Rex puts her on the bed, takes the medicine box, lifts up her pants. Her right knee is swollen without skin damage, and her left knee is bruised with a piece of meat. The wound is not deep but the area is not small. There is red blood running down her leg.

Rex frowns and takes out the liquid medicine to disinfect it

Lily just nods, and then her knees suddenly feel cool, and then there is liquid seeping in from the wound. She almost bits her lower lip in pain.

It's hard to get through the sharp pain. Seeing Rex is going to wash the wound for the second time, Lily refuses, "I don't want to wash it. It hurts..."

Rex holds her ankle. "The wound needs to be disinfected and washed clean."

After that, he lays her leg to his own leg to prevent Lily from contracting back in pain for a while.

Rex pours some more liquid medicine into the wound, and then carefully wipes it with a cotton swab. Lily couldn't say a word about the pain in the whole process. It is really too painful, that kind of deep feeling.

Next, he takes out Karl's medicine, which is usually ready to prevent special situations. Unexpectedly, it is put into use now. After carefully applying the ointment to the wound, Rex releases her leg.

The woman on the bed looks very pale. Rex seems helpless and sighs, "You could fall from a treadmill. Lily, what do you want me to say about you?"

Lily is also aggrieved. "I didn't know that your treadmill was so fast..."

Rex knows that she has hurt, and he doesn't continue to choke her. He glances at her leg injury and says, "I'll cancel today's interview for you."

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