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That afternoon, Susan takes Jade to the furniture fair to see the bed and sofa. Since Tim and Lily wanted to get divorced, she had a divination with the master. The master said that if she wants to change the geomancy at home, she must change the bed and sofa.

Susan, of course, hopes that Lily will not divorce. After all, divorce is too troublesome, and if she can't deal with it rightly, Lily will have to divide her property. Although she doesn't like Lily, Lily is someone easily to be bullied. She could ask Lily do anything and Lily absolutely doesn't dare to refuse.

Jade holds Susan's arm and behaves very closely. "Auntie, what are we doing here?"

Susan's eyes flash, and she begins to lie, "this preparation is for you and Tim, and the furniture at home should also be changed, especially the place where people sit and lie down."

Jade believes what Susan says. Her smiling face s blooming, but she still is modest. "How can I make my aunt spend money?"

Susan waves her hand in cooperation. "That's what I should do!"

They spend the afternoon shopping, and finally pick up a European double bed and one leather sofa. When they check out and pick up the goods, they are told by the merchants that there is no stock and it should be transferred tomorrow. In order to make up for this, they can carry out installation at their home.

Susan is not in a hurry. After paying the money, she leaves with satisfaction.

The news quickly reaches Rex's ears through Tom. The man thinks for a moment, "Find our person to install it, and put it in the house by the way."

As he saying, he takes out the most advanced needle camera in China from the drawer. It is very small and invisible, and it could not be detected by the metal detector at all. The original development also cost a lot of money.

As the most powerful law firm in China, it is impossible to use any special means. Of course, these gray areas are not allowed to be disclosed.

Rex never uses these means easily, but now he makes an exception. Tom takes it over and silently makes a mark for Lily. He will never neglect her when seeing her next time.

"President, tomorrow we will have an interview for the autumn recruitment. The time is set at 10 a.m. and the regular meeting is postponed to 3 p.m., is that fine?" Tom comes up with a schedule to check the proposal carefully.

Rex agrees. After Tom goes out, he picks up the mobile phone on the desk and puts it down again. Then he goes to the large facade bookcase in the corner of the office. His tall and upright posture stops for a while to find out two books related to human resources, which are not very thick.

Looking at the cover of the book, on the top is an abstract woman's back with white shirt, black trousers, and typical, professional dress. He can't help thinking about what it will be like to if Lily wears.

In this way, he calls the international famous clothing store which he often orders, "This season's new woman's wears, shirts and skirts all need one, and they will be sent to my villa."


When Lily receives the clothes, she is reading books on her cell phone in the living room. Someone rings the doorbell, but she sees two women pushing two rows of hangers in.

"Hello, Miss, We are clerk of STAR store. Please sign for your clothes."

Lily looks at the clothes covered by transparent cover on the long hanger, and asks, "I haven't ordered the clothes, have you sent them wrong?"

The clerk smiles kindly. "Mr. Rex ordered them by himself. It's not wrong."


Lily looks at the row of her clothes, and a very impossible and strange thought comes to her mind, but she still smiles calmly, "Please wait a moment."

Lily goes to the window, takes out her cell phone and calls Rex. "Rex, have you ordered my clothes?"

The man at the other end of the line is calm, "Yes."

Lily looks back at the two salesmen, smiles bitterly, and turns her face, "I can't wear so many clothes..."

"Throw them away if you can't wear them." There seems to be someone calling him on the other end of the phone, and then she hears impatient voice of the man "Is there any other thing?"

"No, no, I'm disturbing your work. Bye..." The other one word hasn't spoken yet. The phone has been hung up.

Lily looks at the interface to end the call and grinds her teeth angrily.

32 years old, is he old?

Lily takes back her mobile phone, turns around and walks to the door. She politely signs the clothes and watches two salesmen, who are transporting them from the first floor to the second floor for her. They hang them neatly on the shelves in the cloakroom.

At last, Lily sends them to the door. The shop assistants are used to seeing rich woman's contemptuous face. Most of them are very angry with them. For the first time, Lily is as polite as a customer. They couldn't help praising, "Miss, you are so lucky. There is husband who is so kind to you."

Lily feels a little embarrassed. "He is not my husband."

The clerk is stunned and then smiles sweetly. "It's your boyfriend. Wow, then you are happier and luckier."

Finally, Lily closes the door and sighs deeply.

He is not her boyfriend? For Rex, she may just be a toy for his entertainment.

Lily shakes her head and forbids her from thinking terrible thing. She goes upstairs to the cloakroom and takes a new shirt with a price tag on it. She looks at it and almost stares.

Seven thousand and eight?!

This cloth, a thin one, is not worth seven thousand eight!

Lily looks at another dress. It's twenty-three thousand. She gives up. They are not clothes. It's just a pile of money.

Rex is so rich that he bought the woman's wear of luxury brands in the current season to her at wholesale. He really is generous enough.

Lily only thinks that Rex is bored or just looks down upon her taste to buy clothes for herself, but she doesn't think there is a deeper reason.

At 9:30 p.m., Rex returns to villa, bringing very sudden news.

"Interview?!" Lily thinks she has heard it wrong.

The man picks his pretty eyebrows slightly, "Tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock, my law firm B-201 conference room, don't be late."

Lily digests this message for a long time. Seeing him go upstairs, she steps up and asks, "Have you arranged me for your law firm?"


"There are so many legal institutions, why..."

On the stairs, the man stops, turns his body half, looks at her with oppressive eyes, "Don't you want to go?"

Lily swallows her saliva. How dare she tell the truth? "I want to go! Is, is there any other choice? "

Rex ignores her and continues to walk to the cloakroom. Usually he goes home to change clothes. Lily is always taboo. Today, she faints and follows him all the way.

Lily sees that he doesn't have any reaction, and reminds him slightly, "Of course, I want to go there because your law firm is so good. I'm just thinking about you. After all, if we open our relationship in a company, it seems that it's not appropriate..."

The action Rex pulling his tie pauses a little and looks sideways. "What's our relationship?"

Lily is stunned by the question. Realizing what she said, she quickly closes her mouth and shakes her head.

Rex doesn't plan to let her go. He is nearly 1.9 meters tall to block the light behind her. He leans slightly and supports himself on the wardrobe behind her with one hand, "well?"

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