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The blood diffuses in the mouth; Lily opens her mouth subconsciously due to the pain. Just when Tim is ready to attack further, the villa gate is suddenly opened by the person from outside.

"Tim, I bring your favorite fresh mushroom and oxtail soup. You...Ah!" Jade is standing at the door with a heat preservation barrel. When she sees the situation in the living room, she couldn't help shouting.

What a mess, the man is pressing on the woman. One hand is pulling the clothes on the woman's chest, and the other hand is covering her slender waist. The two bodies are close together, and the lips are touching together.

Jade only feels felt a bomb in her head, which blows up her sanity.

She rushes over, puts the heat preservation barrel on the table and screams, "Lily, what are you doing?"

Originally, when Jade rushes in, Lily feels a little lucky. However, when she sees Susan coming in, she changes her mind.

How long did she leave? Susan let Jade free access the house.

Lily sneers coldly. After adjusting her clothes slightly, she abnormally hugs Tim's neck. "What do you say I'm doing? Of course I'm doing what I love to do."

"You, you are shameless!" Jade breaks down and shouts.

Lily raises her eyebrows scornfully, and wants to say something else. She sweeps her eyes and sees Tim's casual face. Suddenly, she finds it repulsive. She looses her arms, stands up from the ground and goes straight to Jade, saying, and "I tell you, you won't be the last one. I don't care about you, so you'd better get away from me, and not be in front of me. I'll be vindictive. Be careful to lose everything. "

Jade wants to refute her, but finds that she has nothing to refute.

She turns around to look at Susan and puts on a pitiful look. "Aunt, I'm just afraid of something bad happening. Tim is in a bad mood and can't take good care of his health. I just want to come and have a look. It seems that I do something wrong. I'd better go first..."

Hearing this, Tim doesn't respond much. Instead, Susan pulls her hand and says, "Jade, you are kind-hearted. If you come to see Tim, you can come in. Otherwise, it's a waste of time."

"That is to say, it's a pity that you leave without performing a bitter drama." Lily's eyes satirically falls on Jade's face, and her tone is not as angry as before. She says softly, "I'll go."

Three people watch Lily leaving from the main gate. Tim looks at her, and then looks at Jade, who runs to his side, frowning, "Who let you come?"

If she doesn't step in, maybe Lily has been under the lust.

Jade looks at the man's unhappy face, her heart sinking, and she forces herself to smile. "Tim, I heard that you haven't had lunch. Now drink the soup, it's still hot."

Tim waves away her hand, "I won't to drink."

There is no room for her to continue persuasion. Tim turns to the second floor. A few seconds later, there is a huge door slam in the bedroom.

Susan comes up to hold her. "Jade, don't mind. Tim is also in a bad mood. How considerate you are!"

Jade immediately nods, but her hands hanging on his side are tightly clenched.

Lily, Lily.

This bitch, she will not let her succeed!


After leaving from Tim's villa, Lily looks at the crumpled divorce agreement in her hand. There is a flash of scarlet under her eyes. She turns her face to look out of the window and lowers the window to let the wind blow on her face.

She doesn't need more time to imagine how shameless the Tim family is, because she may see them every day.


Lily closes her eyes gently, remembers what he just did to herself. She would be happy for a long time because of a hug and a simple and her restrained kiss. But now she feels sick and cold when touched by him.

She has cleanliness, mental cleanliness and physical cleanliness. For men, she doesn't care about the past, but she can't accept one man had sex with her girlfriend before, and the next he could invade her body.

Lily is stunned for a while, then folds the divorce agreement and puts it into her bag. Seeing that the time is only three, she thinks of the time limited by Rex, which is still far away, so she calls her friend, Abby.

Abby also wants to see her. The two women will meet in this city's Hilton cafe.

As soon as they meet, Abby asks, "What's the matter with your mouth?"

Lily is stunned. She takes out a small mirror from her bag and looks at it. She finds a scab on the corner of her mouth. She touches it gently and it hurts a little.

"The dog bit it."

"Dog?" Abby knows her. In one word, "Tim?"


"You two met?" Abby knows that since Tim and Jade were caught in bed, she has never returned home.

"He couldn't find me, so he called my mother. So I went and warned him." But she doesn't know what the effect will be.

"Shit, he is shameless? He has done such a wicked thing himself. How could he go to his mother-in-law and complain?" Abby takes up her coffee and sips it. She is shocked. "I didn't see him clearly before. He is a pig boy!"

"What didn't he do to you?"

Lily shakes her head. "He didn't succeed, because Jade and Susan came there, and they just were going to hold hands. I was disgusted, but it was a bit of a coincidence. They saved me once."

"I'm not surprised at what the family has done. Anyway, if you decide to divorce, it is better to live by yourself than to live with Tim. Besides, you've just had your 24th birthday, and there are some good men waiting for you." Abby does not know how to comfort her, trying to use this kind of joking tone.

Lily slightly droops her eyes and strokes the delicate coffee cup with one hand. "Abby, I have something to tell you."

Abby nods, "You say."

"I... am with Rex."

"..." Abby takes a look around her, leaves from the sofa, then leans forward and lowers her voice, "Are you shocked to be silly by Tim?"

Otherwise, how can she say such nonsense?

Lily raises her eyes and smiles, but the smile is not easy. "Really, he said to help me fight a lawsuit and let me stay with him."

They have an eye contact. They were high school classmates. They played together when they were young. Abby knows what she wants to do with on expression, so she also understands that Lily doesn't lie.

"You..." Abby is shocked and doesn't know what to say. On the one hand, it's because she's with another man. On the other hand, it's because this man is not someone else. It's Rex.

Thinking about it, she asks hesitantly, "Do you know that you are not serious in love?"

"Yes." Lily purses her lips slightly and says, "I know that."

She and Rex are just taking what they need.

Abby takes a deep breath and her voice is even lower. "Did you have a sexual relationship?

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