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Lily squints, "Anyway, I'm not afraid to you. I dare do anything."

"You just want a divorce! Well, I'll do it! "With that, Tim opens the drawer under the tea table and takes out a document from it and throws it to her.

Looking down, it turns out to be a divorce agreement.

Lily's eyes flashes consternation. The only fluke in her heart that Tim refuses to divorce now disappears. It turns out that he has left a good way for himself.

As a graduate of law major, it is not difficult to understand this divorce agreement. Lily carefully browses it and concludes in one sentence that they can divorce but Lily can't take any money away.

It's not far from what she expected. If the conditions are favorable to her, he does not draw up such an agreement in a few days. His purpose is to let her leave the house without any poverty.

"What are you doing? Aren't you yelling for divorce? Now it's time to sign." Tim's urging makes Lily collapse.

She really fails. In the end, she still couldn't call back the man's heart.

The corner of the eye is soaked by warm liquid. Lily holds the document and puts it in front of him, choking and questioning him, "Tim, have you never loved me?"

The man is like hearing a joke, and does not hesitate to say, "No."

Tears roll out, crossed her cheek and fall on the floor. Lily does not hide them anymore, and looks into his eyes as before. "Then why did you marry me? It's really because my father was able to help you?"

Tim didn't expect that she would cry out. He thought that she came to him to quarrel. Although Lily is obedient and mild, she is never a woman to cry. Now, she is crying out in front of her in such a situation. She must have been hurt to the bone.

There's no reason. Tim's chest is choking. He grabs the cigarette on the table and lights it. He is anxious between his movements. "Not all of them were. At the beginning, you chased me so tightly. I couldn't have any feeling for you. But after we were together, Lily you ask yourself how much you guard against me? At first, you kept all the information about your family in the dark. I learned it from others and asked you to tell the truth. What do you think of me as? "

Lily listens quietly. Her heart is like being hit by a heavy weapon. There are sharp pains.

Tim suddenly takes a breath of smoke and slowly spits it out. In the hazy haze, she can't see his face clearly, but she can only hear his slow voice. "At that time, your family was high-powered. Even if my parents had made great achievements in business, could you say that your parents didn't understand us at the beginning? When we first went to your house, your father didn't stop satirizing my parents! "

"So you know later that my father has been double disciplined, you must be very happy in your heart?"

Tim smiles, "yes."

She raises her hand to cover her mouth, and incredibly steps back for fear that she will cry.

So why doesn't he let her go early.

"Why..." Lily's lost voice, "Why is Jade..."

If she were someone else, maybe she would be hit a little less. Now, facing the betrayal of the two closest people at the same time, she really dare not think deeply, and a little thought can make her immersed in great sadness.

"Because you are the opposite. What you can't give to me, she can give."

Jade's family situation is very bad. Her parents are all part-time workers, so she knows how to look at and understand my expressions and how to please a person, which is exactly what Tim needs.

Lily forbids him to sympathize with her and tries to find a calm voice. "Anyway, this is not the reason for your cheating."

Then, without waiting for him to open his mouth, she adds, "But I will not sign this divorce agreement because I am not satisfied."

At the same time, Lily bends down to put the documents back.

Today, she is wearing a V-neck pullover. Such a posture can make Tim standing in front of her see the scenery inside the clothes.

Tim is about to enjoy it, but he catches a glimpse of two dark red kissing marks on her neck skin.

He doesn't touch her.

Lily, how does these kisses come from?

She was touched by another man?!

At the moment when this idea bursts into his mind, Tim bursts out with a stronger anger than he imagines. He pulls Lily's wrist and says strongly, "Lily, did you go out with other men?"

Lily just feels harsh and struggles desperately. "You can't control me!"

Hearing that, Tim suddenly smiles strangely, gnashes teeth and says, "One day we do not divorce, you are still my wife. I still can control you!"

He lifts Lily's buttocks and lifts him up to press her on the carpet. His body is heavy and his head is 1.8 meter height, which makes Lily breathless.

"Tim, what are you doing?" Lily looks at him in horror, but does not know that such resistance makes him more excited.

"I haven't force women. Today I want to have a try!" Tim reaches for her blouse. The neckline is big, and her white skin is exposed within a few seconds.

The man's eyes are deep. "I didn't expect that. You are quite interesting."

Lily kicks and beats the man with her hands, but he doesn't have the intention to stop.

"Don't you dare me to tell Jade if you do this, Tim?" Lily thinks that he would be more or less restrained when he hears Jade. She never thinks that Tim just laughing, "That's right, she could together with you."

Lily is shocked. "You are fucking shameful!"

As a matter of fact, Tim has no lower limit and no such plan. He just said it on purpose. He likes Lily's fierce eyebrows. She is totally different from her who was weak before.

"Lily, don't you want me to have a sex with you all the time? Now give me to you." Tim feels the soft and boneless body of her, and his chest presses the softness of her chest as much as possible.

Looking at her red face, Tim couldn't help thinking more. He doesn't know what she will look like when she is in lust.

He kisses her without hesitation. Lily cannot avoid being sucked by him, so she immediately clenches her teeth, for fear that he will break in. Lily almost vomits.

She suddenly thinks of Rex, even if that person also forced her. But she would be more willing to be forced by him than Tim. When she thinks that Tim wanted Jade in the same way, she wants to vomit.

It's said that a woman has a different feeling for the man who gets her first time. Now she believes it.

She would like to have Rex on her now.

Seeing that she refuses to open her mouth or even pinches her cheek, Tim thinks that she was so willing to mingle with other men. He is angry in his heart and his teeth gnaw her lips.

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