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Lily's heart is shocked. It is too late to turn around. The man reaches out from behind and his hands climbs up to the softness of her chest. "Ah! You... You're not eating? "

"Have dessert first."

After that, Rex kisses her neck directly, and his thin yet cold lips go all the way down. The big palm soon takes off her clothes. Although it's already night, the light on her head is bright and dazzling. Lily dare not even look at it.

Before this, Lily has never experienced the love affair between man and woman, and the only two times were in a hurry. Now having time, Rex has done enough foreplay. He is an expert, and soon makes the woman in front of him tremble a little.

Happiness burning slowly in her body surprises Lily. She is so ashamed that she accidentally let out a beautiful whisper. She immediately covers her mouth to prevent herself from shouting again.

But Rex doesn't let her do this, "Shout it out."

All the senses of Lily are aroused, and she seems to be a boat floating on the sea which is swept by the storm.

Rex sees that she doesn't make a sound, and tortures her even more.

Lily can't help shouting low, and her body becomes a pool of water.

"You have a beautiful voice." Rex gradually guides her and holds her hand over her mouth and presses it to one side.

Lily is gradually lost in the vortex of lust. This time, she seems to understand why Tim is so keen on this kind of thing.


Once finished, the food on the table has cooled most partly, and Lily's hunger has also become tiredness in the huge physical consumption.

They have this sex just standing, her hands and feet are acid. Not to mention eating, she feels it too trouble to move a little.

Rex is more relaxed. After finishing, he doesn't forget to wash his hands twice more, and then he sits at the table to eat gracefully and comments one by one.

"Don't make black pepper later, I don't like it."

When Lily comes out of the bathroom, hearing these words, she couldn't help it. "Don't eat if you don't like it."

Rex's hand holding the chopsticks stops a little. Unexpectedly, she will talk back. He looks up and Lily feels frightened. Turning her face on the other side, "I mean, if you don't eat, I eat."

Rex taps the chair beside him. "Come here."

Lily is going to go upstairs to have a rest, but now she must go to there. She just bears the burning pain between her legs and sits in an awkward position.

Looking at several dishes, she doesn't have much appetite. After eating a few chopsticks symbolically, she puts them down. Suddenly she thinks of something, and takes out her mobile phone from her pocket, "I have something to show you, today..."

"Eat first." Rex doesn't even look at her. "I don't like talking during dinner."


He dislikes so many things.

Lily whispers in her heart, but she still puts away the mobile phone. She doesn't eat anything, but she is still here with him to eat.

After cleaning up the dishes and chopsticks, Lily goes to the study on the third floor to find him. With permission, she pushes the door in. Rex has changed into a dark blue satin nightgown, with the neckline slightly open, revealing the good-looking collarbone and wheat skin, making people not knowing think that he is tempting someone.

Lily's face is a little strange. She looks down and hands over her mobile phone. "This is what I took today. Look at it."

Rex takes it over, opens the video, and looks at all expressionlessly, "Copy one to my mailbox to keep it."

Lily takes back her mobile phone and is surprised by his calmness. "That's all?"

The man asks, "So?"


Seeing that she doesn't speak, the man says again, "if I were you, I would check Tim's opening room record before hiding the information."

Lily suddenly realizes that she has never thought of it before!

"I'll check tomorrow."

After that, she hurriedly is going to leave and is shouted by Rex. She thinks that Rex has any questions to ask, but unexpectedly, he asks, "Why does the video end abruptly?"

Lily's heart thumps a little. She closes her eyelids to cover the confusion of her eyes, and he pretends to be calm. "Nothing, the mobile phone dropped on the ground."

Rex obviously doesn't be fooled by her words and phrases. He moves his mind and knows what happened. He looks at her face carefully. There are several red marks on the corner of the mouth, which are covered with a layer of powder by her.

His expression becomes more frightening, "They hit you."

Lily doesn't want to be found in such a predicament. She quickly bows her head and blocks them with her hair. "No, who could hit me, but I could hole the mobile phone stably."

"Lily, I don't like people lying to me." Rex's face sinks completely. "I'll give you another chance to be honest, eh?"

The man's eyes are filled with threat. Lily feels frightened and bites her lips. After all, she has no courage to continue to cheat him. She looks down with embarrassment, "My husband's mistress, Jade."

"..." Rex ponders for a few seconds, spits out a mouthful of dullness, biting his teeth, "I also took the divorce lawsuit a few years ago. It's not uncommon that mistress was beaten violently by my original wife, but the first time I sees you, an original wife, so willing to be beaten by his mistress."

Lily is satirized by him so much and unable to raise her head and talk back in a low voice, "I also beat Tim."

Rex sneers, "Do you need I to praise, eh?"

"... No."

Looking at the little woman liking a turtle in front of him, Rex feels a sense of frustration for the first time. He doesn't speak and goes out of the study. When Lily reflects on whether she has provoked him, the man comes back again with an emergency medicine box in his hand.

He sits on the sofa and pulls out a bottle of iodine. "Come here."

Lily walks over and sits down. Her left cheek is immediately applied with cool iodine and ointment. The texture is soft and mixed with the temperature of a man's fingertips. It's a kind of gentle illusion.

Lily can't help but peek at him. The man looks down at her wound. He is attentive and careful. It's much more pleasant than the appearance of the spermatozoa rushing to the brain.

Even Tim doesn't do it for her.

Lily's heart beats faster for a while, but Rex catches her just as she is about to look away.

"Have you seen enough?"

Lily is so shy and now she is even more embarrassed when he teases her. Her cheeks turn red. Li's calm heart is a little restless.

"Thank you..." The little woman's awkward opening.

Rex raises his eyebrows and throws away the ointment in his hand. "Instead of saying it in your mouth, I prefer some practical actions."

"What is the practical .....Uh!"

Before she finishes speaking, the man's long fingers suddenly caress her mouth. The index finger and ring finger catch her tongue and teases her. They scratch the inner wall of her mouth from time to time. That feeling Lily can't say it, just feels weird.

She reaches out and clasps the man's wrist, trying to pull out his two fingers. However he holds back and clasps her hand on his leg. There is no chance for her to struggle.

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