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"Her father was in the municipal Party committee at that time. My company just needed to talk with her father. Lily liked me. She is not ugly and she has a gentle personality. My family urged me to marry someone as a shield." When Tim says these words, he doesn't even stumble. He just takes it for granted. He goes on, "Who knew that his father was reported and lost his work within two days of marriage?"

Lily cried for three days because of her father. At that time, Tim also comforted her. Unexpectedly, he had such a psychology.

Lily, how blind are you?

"What does she want now?" Jade asks tentatively. Although she has been with Tim for a long time, she does not dare to advance.

"She wants to divorce. My mother is afraid that she will share the family property, so she is not allowed." Tim smile scornfully, "Not two days, she will cry to come back and beg me to love her again."

After hearing this sentence, Lily's squatting body shakes twice and accidentally makes a sound when her head touches the car body.

Shocking the two people in the car, she hurriedly stands up to run, and is caught by Tim who comes down from the car.

The camera hasn't been turned off. Fortunately, the mobile phone is thrown out due to inertia and the screen is directly black.

"Lily, why are you here?" Tim's eyes are gloomy.

Lily watches Jade coming out of the car. At first, she is surprised, but soon she changes into a complacent look. She even raises her hand and pulls down her collar so that Lily could see the kiss mark on her body.

Lily waves Tim's hand and slaps him in the face, "This slap is for me."

Just when Tim is stunned, she slapped again, "This slap is for my father."

"Are you crazy?!" Tim looks at her in shock.

"Tim, you are crazy." Lily stares at him hard. "When my father was investigated, all your feelings were pretended, right? Now saying these, you are not afraid to be punished by god! I beg you? Fuck, if you just kneel down and beg me, I won't forgive you anymore. And do sex with you? I'm afraid of getting sick! "

When Jade hears this, her face turns black and she walks over in high-heeled shoes. "Lily, how do you talk? Is it interesting for you to point out one and scold another?"

"Scold you; do I need to scold you?" Lily coldly hooks lips, "I says you are a bitch and a mistress face to face, how about you?"

"You!" Jade glares at her angrily and finds that Tim is angry but doesn't care about her. Jade throws a slap on her face and Lily's mouth is bleeding.

Tim releases Lily's hands, obviously not expecting Jade will do it.

"Lily, you bully us to the extreme!"

"Jade, you destroy other people's family and become a mistress. One day, what happened to me will be repeated to you totally."

Since Tim can cheat for the first time and he must cheat for the second time. Jade will never be the last one.

Finish saying, she does not want to entangle with two people again, picks up the mobile phone on the ground and leaves in a hurry.

After taking certificates and necessities from this villa, Lily leaves and doesn't turn her head back. If Rex is a beautiful trap, but this time the terrible nightmare is behind her.

She's been so struggling. Whoever she chooses, she won't come back here.


At eight o'clock in the evening, Lily appears at the gate of Rex's villa on time. If Tim's villa is a wealthy area, then Rex's villa is the place where you can't live if you have much money.

There are only eleven buildings in the whole villa group. Each family has its own garden and swimming pool. However, these eleven villas stand on the hillside with all the land area, which is calculated to each villa. Lily dare not think about that.

The word "evil capitalist" is applied to Rex well.

Lily rings the doorbell at the door. And she is about to go. She walks from the door to the front door of the villa, and really stands here. She can't help panicking.

In the process of psychological construction, the door in front of her is suddenly opened from inside.

Rex, still wearing daylight's shirt, seems to have just entered the door. Seeing her standing stupidly, his voice is displeased, "Are you ready to pestle here as a door master?"

Lily returns to her sense, steps in, and the door closes. The internal structure of the house is clear at a glance. Instead of a luxury style, it is minimalism, so minimalism. Lily still understands the paintings on the wall.

Paintings by new great painters in China also needs seven figures in the auction.

He hangs three of them, which is estimated to be more expensive than Tim's villa

"Can you cook?" Rex suddenly turns to ask her.

Lily nods honestly, "Yes."

The four years of studying abroad, she couldn't get used to Western food. She made it herself. Later, she did the housewife for a year, and her cooking skill is no problem.

"I have a light taste. Make something to eat."

Lily can't get back to sense totally. She raises her hand and points to herself, "Me?"


"Today you said..." Lily can't open her mouth when she says one half.

Who is Rex? He can tell what you are thinking just by looking at your expression. What's more, Lily is a green hand who doesn't know how to hide her emotions. He puts down his water cup and comes to her. He leans slightly with his long arm on desktop. "You think I'm looking for you as a bed companion? According to your behavior, I must suffer losses."

He just says that she is not good at sex. Hearing that, her ears are red and head is down.

"You should know my preferences accurately and try not to touch my minefield. I am not very good at temper and patience." Rex stands up straight. "So now you need to cook, OK?"

What else can Lily say?

Under the eaves, people have to bow their heads. Moreover, as far as the present situation is concerned, Rex is also her master.

This cognition makes Lily a little depressed. After seeing Rex go upstairs, she turns to the kitchen to do her work. There are organic vegetables and fresh frozen products in the refrigerator. She takes beef ribs and basil, and makes beef ribs with black pepper, steamed basil, fried cabbage mustard, and a pork ribs soup.

Rex goes downstairs and smells the fragrance coming from the kitchen. He deliberately lowers his steps and raises his eyes to see that, under the warm light; the woman takes the chopsticks and carefully puts the vegetables into her mouth.

She tastes it. It seems that it tastes good. She smiles satisfactorily, revealing a row of white teeth. Her hair is curled up, and several strands of hair fall on her white neck, which makes people, want to reach out and lift it for her.

It turns out that Rex does this thing. He quietly walks over to help her to straighten her hair from behind, strokes her back neck with long fingers. His finger pulp strokes slowly, which is full of meaning.

Lily is too nervous to breathe. She changes the topic abruptly. "Are you hungry? Do you want to eat first?"

Rex doesn't speak, breathe sprayed on her skin, and he can see her two small ears becomes red.

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