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Lily finally has a reaction. She can't bear the attack for two days, but the man in front of her doesn't care.

"You won't let me go, will you?" She asks him in a trembling voice.

Rex says silently, "You provoke me first."

In the club, she stopped him and gave him such a big "surprise". The unpleasant memories made him lose the interest in women. He is just 32; he cannot go on like this.

Lily only wants to give herself a big slap. If she knew Rex's real identity, she would not dare to provoke him even if she was dismantled and reorganized.

Unfortunately, there is no regret medicine in the world.

Rex's eyes falls on the woman squatting on the ground. Pondering for a few seconds, He goes to her and puts his arms under her armpit. He picks up Lily and puts her on the bed. She is still not dressed well, and he does not forget to cover her up. "Tidy up, I'll go to the meeting."

When Lily sees that he is going to leave, she suddenly gets angry at the bottom of her heart. She reaches for and drags his sleeve. She looks at Rex's eyes. She hears her bold voice, "If I follow you, will you help me get revenge on the Tim's family?"

Rex picks up his eyebrows. Unexpectedly, she suddenly changes her mind. He says "Yes."

"Well, I have another request." For the first time, Lily is so brave to open up all of her. "I am twenty-four years old. I just finished my birthday. I graduated from the Law School of the University of Toronto a year ago. I was not a jerk. I was an excellent student with a full scholarship. I know the law and have qualifications. Can you help me return to the legal profession?"

Rex is shocked a little. He thought she would ask for money or other things. But he don't expect it. What's more, she graduated from the Law School of the University of Toronto.

As a senior lawyer, Rex faces up to the woman in front of him for the first time, "Do you want to work in law?"

Lily nods firmly, "Yes."

"Why did you give up?"

Lily's eyes darkens, "Because I got married."

Susan's request was to get married immediately after their graduation. They didn't want their daughter-in-law to show up outside, which was a matter of face for them.

At that time, Lily deeply loved Tim. She promised everything. But for the law, over these years, she still has enthusiasm in her heart.

Now she accidentally provokes Rex. Since he won't let her go, what's the difference between being bitten twice and once by a dog? She must go through this thing. She's divorced but she still has her parents to support.

Rex does not speak. He takes out a cigarette from his pocket and lights it. His sharp eyes looks at her through the white smoke, which makes Lily uncomfortable.

He has his own frightening aura, which makes people feel extremely depressed.

For a while, the smoke burns half. Rex walks back to the bedside, looks down on her like a king, opens his mouth and spits out a smoke ring, choking Lily's eyes.

"At eight o'clock tonight, come to the villa in the Baker Street and bring what you need."

Lily raises her hand to disperse the smoke. The man has turned away.

She curls up and hugs herself. Everything goes on out of control. She doesn't know whether she is right or wrong. She only knows that she can't fall down now.


After leaving the law firm, Lily receives Abby's call. On the phone, she doesn't say much in detail, just telling her that the case is accepted by Rex.

"Rex?!" Abby raises her voice sharply, "Aren't you teasing me?"

"No, it's true."

"He is the most powerful person in the law world. He is a billionaire. How many rich and powerful people in line have no chance to ask him to help them go to court. Are you sure you're not being cheated?" Abby still can't believe it. Rex'name is the existence of myth.

"Abby, it's very complicated. I can't say clearly in one or two word. All in all, it's really him." As for the relationship between her and Rex, Lily doesn't figure out how to say it, so she doesn't say it.

Abby knows that Lily would not take this as a joke, and finally accepts the fact, "Then you don't have to worry. There will be no lawsuit that Rex won't win in the world."

Lily thinks of the man who likes forcing her, and frowns, "How powerful is he?"

"Do you still ask me while you study law? The most terrible person in the world is not the rich, the powerful or the monsters. The most terrible thing is the one who takes the laws made by this country as weapons. The laws are just like tailor-made laws for Rex. "

Lily opens her mouth, but at last she doesn't say anything. After two words with Abby, she hangs up. She goes to the subway station. When she waits for the subway, she searches the Internet for Rex's information----

From primary school to high school, he studied in the best public schools in China. At the age of 22, they jumped to Cambridge University Law School. After returning home, he won numerous big cases and became famous. He was employed as guest professor of the top universities in this country, and the chief legal counsel of the top 500 companies in the world. Later, He and Mike set up a law firm, which became the most famous law firm.

However, there is little information about Rex's family background and private life. After all, no one is stupid enough to spy on a lawyer's life otherwise he will sue you and makes you doubt life in minutes.

Lily silently closes the web page, thinking of Rex's words. She frowns and hopes that the future will not be too tough.


Although she really doesn't want to go back to Tim's villa, she still needs to take away some important certificates. After coming out of the subway station, she walks from the gate of the villa group to her own house. Passing a black Mercedes-Benz S-shaped car and after a close look, she is familiar with the one whose license plate is Tim company.

Lily doesn't want to peep and is not interested in it, but she watches the car is vibrating rhythmically......

In front of her is the villa, they just can't bear their desire. How can they start here in daylight?

When Lily tries to walk, she thinks of the evidence said by lawyer Smith. She dodges behind a tree, turns on the camera of her mobile phone, and takes pictures of the car. Then she bends and comes closer to the car. She squats down and hears their voice clearly.

"Tim..." Jade's wild voice comes, and she shouts vigorously.

Then, Tim gnashes his teeth and asks, "Is that enough, eh?"

"I love you, Tim, I really love you!"

"I love you, too."

Whether it's perfunctory or not, Lily's handshakes uncontrollably when she hears these three words. After more than a year of marriage, she doesn't hear the three words "I love you" from Tim's mouth.

"We are a couple. You see how well we fit..."

"I've told you that I'm not interested in Lily. Unlike you, you just were born for me..."

Two people in the car says one by one, so disgusting without lower limit. Lily's heart is dripping with blood. She has loved this person for so many years, but he doesn't really look at her from the beginning to the end.

During her thoughts, the two have ended their fierce sex.

Afterwards, Jade says softly, "Tim, since you don't like Lily, why did you marry her?"

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