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Lily's ears quietly change red, and the sound is like a mosquito. "Your husband is going to get back at him and fight for some property?" He continues to ask.

Lily is discouraged. "Well."

"He doesn't touch you?"

Subconsciously, "Em...."

After the answer, the man who is sitting in the chair suddenly stands up. Lily don't react anymore. The man is standing in front of her, and her chin is raised by his bony fingers. "Do you know that there are very few marriage lawsuits in the law firm of Dynasty?"

Lily looks at him, not knowing why.

"Such a lawsuit is not accepted by a barrister. A common barrister can't solve it. Especially your case without any money, it's a chicken ribs. So it's very expensive. Do you have money?" He is as steady as a mount in every word

Lily frowns slightly. She doesn't have money. She has this supplementary card in her hand, and it's estimated that it will stop in a short period of time. She's so stupid. She breaks with Tim directly. There's no evidence and doesn't even have money.

Can I borrow it from Abby?

She don't have the face, and knows that the money she borrows is only a drop in the bucket, but the lawsuit is a long battle.

The mind is very confused. Lily feels like a stranded fish. There is no way but to accept passively. The more she thinks about it, the more anxious she is and the more aggrieved she is. Her eyes turn red gradually, and the water vapor gathers at the bottom of her eyes.

Li Han suddenly releases his hands. He slightly twists his eyebrows. He sees the crystal liquid in the woman's eyes. His daisy is crying and her unexpected reaction is very sad.

No wonder she showed up in the club so boldly that it was her husband who has cheated.

Rex suddenly has a little patience. He pinches her chin with his fingers and his thumb falls on her lips and touches her pink lips. He remembers that he didn't kiss her that night, and his eyes grows darker. "In this case, I can help you win, OK?"

Do you want it?

The meaning of these words is very deep. Lily's lips are itchy. She slants her head but can't hide. The clear eyes looks at him. "What do you want then?"

She is not too stupid to talk about conditions.

Rex closer, smells the clean flavour between her neck, "I want you."

Three words, says from his mouth, but his expression do not change.

Lily is horrified. "What does the word ' want 'mean?"

Rex don't answer the question, "what do you think you can give me?"

He has money, and power. He has nothing short. Let alone Lily, who is a little higher than Tim. Herself is the only one she can give.

Lily's eyes are cold. "I'm afraid I can't agree to your request."

That night was already a mistake. It will be a big mistake to go further at this time.

However, it's obvious that Rex don't intend to let her go. "In my experience, even if you borrow money, lawyer Smith won't take your case that is really a troublesome. The lawyer here is not the cabbage on the street, and he's never been selected."

"You threaten me?"

"Objective facts."

Lily looks at the man nearby, and suddenly feels that fate makes people upset. "What kind of women Rex wants don't exist in such an identity? Why bother a married woman?"

Who knows, Rex admits gracefully, "unfortunately, my body only reacts to you."

Lily chokes, "I'm not good at sex."

This sentence, is Rex said to her, at this time she used to block his mouth.

He laughs and charms. "It doesn't matter if the skill is not good. I can teach you slowly."

Lily's face has already turned red. On telling yellow jokes, a woman is never a man's match.

She can't help being embarrassed, "what do you want to do?"

The man comes closer, there is almost no gap between them. He is surrounded by a light pine fragrance, and he falls in her ear and leaves a word .

After hearing this, Lily's face is even redder to the base of her neck. She couldn't help bursting. She raises her hand and says, "you are obscene!"

Rex quickly stops the little hand, pins her hand behind her, grabs her, turns around, opens a door on her side, pushes her forward, and Lily sees that it is a large room.

She retreats to the corner and puts her hands on her chest, "calm down".

The man unties the necktie, still on the table beside, takes off the suit coat and puts it on the hanger. The crystal cufflinks of the white shirt are removed, and the action is full of the male hormone.

Lily has no time to appreciate this series of movements. Her scalp is numb. She tightens her tight clothes and feels a little flustered. "You, you are a lawyer. This is still in your company. If you do something bad, I will call someone in!"

Rex sniffs at her threats. "You can shout. The sound insulation here is good. It depends on whether you have a loud voice or a thick door."

During speaking, he has come to her,and his hands are not light or heavy to grasp her jaw, raises her face. Today, she puts on light makeup, more delicate and beautiful, but the lipstick on the mouth, he does not like.

Rex don't kiss her. He reaches for her shirt and pulls it open button falling. Lily reaches out her hand in panic to cover it. He easily hold it on his head.

Lily wriggles uneasily. "Rex, I haven't got a divorce yet. You're doing this for the worse!"

"As long as you follow me, I will help you to divorce." Rex lingers on the delicate skin of a woman, and a pair of deep black eyes are on her for a moment, "I can meet all your demands, let your ex-husband lose his fortune and his fame."

Lily is stunned. Thinking of Tim, seeing the current situation, she is heartbroken. She did haven't thought about such situation today? She actually wants to fight with Tim .

The woman's sad expression makes Rex's eyes sink. She seems to like her ex-husband very much.

He breaks into her body without ant foreplay. Lily is not ready to accept him. She lets out a low cry of pain and looks at him in shock. Her lips suppresses a small whimper like a wounded animal.

Why is that?

Love a person for many years, but she become be the one to be punished.

How should she go in the future?

The more she thinks about it, the more desperate she feels. At the beginning of her life, she is in a desperate situation. The only one who reaches out to her is the demon who is bullying her body.

Years of abstinence makes him almost bewildered, but he is burned by a drop of scalding liquid when he finally releases himself.

Looking up, the woman is already full of tears. She closes her eyes. The thick and slightly curled eyelashes are wet with tears, and tears are rolling down the corner of her eyes.


Rex draws back his hand, takes out tissue and cleans himself up. Lily loses her strength, slides down the wall and squats on the ground, holding her hands on knees, crying.

"Get up."

Man's cool voice without a trace of lust, and is very different from that sexy chuckle.

Lily, doesn't seem to hear, just crying.

Rex has always been impatient with woman's tears. At this time, he only feels upset. But there is something else in this upset heart that he can't say.

"Lily, get up." He calls her name.

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