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After coming out of the club, Lily's mind is full of the words "wrong person".

She didn't spend. She didn't sleep with the pimp, but the client. But it doesn't matter who is he, anyway.

She can't help thinking that why is she in such a strange mood? Is it the same mood when Tim first cheated her?

Just thinking about it, the mobile phone in the bag suddenly rings. Sure enough, it is Tim.

Lily closes her eyes gently, then quickly picks up, "Do you still have the face to call me?"

"Lily, how dare you stay out all night. Where did you go last night?" Tim's grumpy voice rings in her ear.

Lily smiles bitterly, "Why, you and Jade have had enough time? Now, think of me?"

"You don't have to talk to me in such a weird way. Wherever you go, I call you to tell you that mom will come home today. You'd better come back before noon!"

Tim is not guilty at all. He treats her as an external tool.

It's a pity that Lily will not endure as long as she used to.

She admires her unkindness at the moment. "Then you should go to Jade, not me."


Before he finishes, Lily hangs up the phone. She used to be so obsessed with the voice. In order to listen to him, she could watch the phone all day. Now she just feels sick.

She can't bear sand in her eyes. She treats herself with self-esteem and self love. She demands loyalty in her marriage. Not to mention Tim's derailment object is her bestie.

Lily goes to the biggest shopping mall in the city and buys the best clothes of the season. She changes her clothes and looks at the beautiful woman in the mirror. Now, she can't be really strong, but can't be laughed at by others

After coming out of the shopping mall, Lily still takes a taxi back to her villa, but not to accompany her mother-in-law, but to tell everything.

After paying the money, she enters the villa, and steps into the door of. But that moment ,she is unable to bear the tears in her eyes. Here are countless memories of her and him, but at this time only having absurdity.

The red high-heeled shoes in the porch are gone. Jade is gone.

Tim looks at Lily in her new clothes. He stands up from the sofa suddenly, his elegant face full of disharmonious violence. "Where were you going?"

She hasn't been home all night. She has changed her new clothes when she comes back. It's very strange.

Lily allows him to misunderstand and tastes the pleasure of revenge. "Tim, I don't come back to pretend nothing has happened. I come back to have a showdown with you."

In Tim's impression, Lily is always mild in front of him, but he is shocked when she gets tough

"What do you mean?"


Lily sets on the sofa opposite him, pressing the sour chest, "let's divorce, since you and Jade are together, I will make you.

This result is unexpected. One night later, Tim think that she would come back and even review her own bad work. He never thinks it is such a result.

But soon, he smiles and despises, "where can you go if you divorce me, Lily, you have nothing but me, "How do you live? This dress is bought by brushing my card, isn't it? "

Lily's hands on her legs hold tightly, "Tim, what am I in your heart? At the beginning, I gave up my future and the dream for you. Not to mention how sorry I am, how cheeky you are, now use these to satirize me? "

Tim chokes and Lily sneers, "I give you a face and you can catch it. It's better to hear that I'm the one who makes you. It's hard to hear that I don't like to share a man with others, so I'll give you to her, OK?"

She is mean in those words. Tim tries to catch her. Just then, the villa door is opened again.

The woman who comes in is old-fashioned, dressed in elegant clothes, and her neck and hands complete setting of jadeite jewelry.

It's Tim's mother, Lily's mother-in-law, Susan.

Tim pauses and slows down. "Mom, why are you here now?"

Lily stands up out of politeness and shouts, "Mom."

Susan, like entering her own home, changes her shoes and puts a bag of traditional Chinese medicine on the table

Lily's eyes falls on it, and her lips opens slightly. "Mom,you don't need to take it anymore."

Susan is in a hurry to hold her grandson. She really wants to have grandchild immediately when Lily and Tim got married. Now she has been delayed for a year without any news. She is in a hurry. "What are you talking about, Lily? I go all the way to get medicine for you. Don't you appreciate it? If you could have a baby, I wouldn't have to work so hard! Elder's painstaking care, you just don't care... "

"It's not my problem." Lily couldn't bear it any more. She interrupts, "Tim never touches me."

Up to now, she doesn't think it's humiliating. After so long, she has been stupid enough.

"What... What does that mean? " Susan looks at her son. "Tim, is what she said true?"

Tim obviously don't expect Lily would say it. After all, it's his mother. He sits on the sofa and says, "yes!"

"You..." Susan is frozen.

"I don't have a feeling for her, I'm not interested. What can I do, Mam?" Tim says, "if she does well, how can I be so disgusted with her?"

Susan stands on her son's side unconditionally, "Yes, Lily, you should also reflect on yourself, after all, a slap can't make a sound."

"He's not interested in me. He's interested in my best friend." Lily looks at the second floor. "Last night, they were sleeping together in my bed."

Lily thinks that Susan would not be so arrogant even if she don't feel guilty after she finished speaking. But she never thinks that Susan is not surprised, and even her eyes are dodging.


Lily looks at her carefully, and a terrible thought comes to mind.

"Did you know they were together before?"

Voice lands, so quiet in the living room. No answer is needed, Lily has understood

She takes two incredible steps back. "You, you..."

Susan coughs awkwardly, "Lily, after all, you are a couple. You say that Tim doesn't touch you. He is always a man. He always has desire. It is not good for his health for a long time, and we are helpless..."

"Ha?" Lily laughs. Is there such an excuse in the world?

She stays calm for half a minute. Her eyes are blurred by tears. She suddenly feels sad that there is nothing to say. She whispers, "divorce, I'll let someone draw up a divorce agreement. You just need to sign it."

"Divorce? " Susan frowns. "Lily, you are so impulsive. How can you say that easily? Do you know what you will live after your divorce? Besides, even if it's a divorce, you don't want to separate any property from our family! "

After all, just for money.

Lily don't want to ask for money, but Susan's arrogant attitude makes her change her idea. She picks up her bag, stands at the door, and looks at the two people. "You will regret it. You will pay for today's shamelessness and meanness."

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