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Rex suddenly stops his step, and he finally looks at Lily. Her beautiful face is as small as a plam with a pair of clear eyes. The woman's skin is very fair, and she even has no pores. Unlike the enchanting woman in the night, she doesn't make up, and she is so pure like a daisy shaking in the wind. Especially her active approach at the moment, her body mixed with the smell of wine and the fragrance of a girl. Rex has had no feelings for women for many years, but at this time, he had a desire.

She is very much to his appetite.

Rex raises her chin, "First time? Haven't made love before?" Lily, learning from him, narrows her big eyes, "Can't believe


Such provocation is undoubtedly adding fuel to the fire.

Rex looks at the woman's cunning smile and looks down her V-neck, oh, it's sexy.

The fingertip twists slightly, and the sexy thin lip stirs up like a evil spirit. Rex says "You will cry later, and I will not let you go."

Lily raises her head and braves herself with wine. She say loudly, "Who will cry then is not sure!"

Rex's long arm closed, he pulls Lily into his arms and presses the elevator not far away. Then the manager comes over with a line of men. Seeing Rex, he immediately shouts respectfully, "President Rex, this lady..."

Rex looks at the men with a warning his eyes an, "take them away."

The manager dare not say anything any more. He just obey Rex's words. How he comes and how he goes back.

The elevator goes directly to the seventh floor of the club. The whole floor is full of VIP presidential suites. Rex has a set of his own private room. He opens the door, and pushes the drunk woman in his arms into the room. Lights in the corridor soon are cut off by the door panel.

Rex pressed Lily on the door, the light not turn on, and he reaches for her clothes.

Lily feels that her body is too soft to use strength. Suddenly, a chill came over her. She looks down and finds that her clothes are gone, only leaving her underwear.

The man's kisses with coolness fall on her neck peremptory, leaving a lot of ambiguous red kiss mark.

The skin of woman is more delicate than Rex has imagined, which makes Rex feel a little surprised

But the woman in front of him is too green to know how to respond him. Since it's her first time, he doesn't mind that, and he has enough time and patience to guide her.

After many years, it is not easy there is a woman that can arouse his sexy desire. Rex can not wait. But when he wants to go further, his hand is gripped by a small hand.

Rex is a little stunned, and he lows her eyes to see the small face only to his chest.

Lily finally has a sense of reality. She realizes what is going on. She is scared by such thing and refuses subconsciously. She wants to revenge Tim, but not in this way.

"Don't... I, I'm not ready well! "

Rex looks into her panic eyes, used to the darkness, and sees the harmless appearance of the women. His body is eager to scream, reminding him of how out of control he is now.

Rex's voice is mute. "It's too late."


Sudden pain let Lily cry out, and her body is like being torn apart.

Feeling that thin barrier, physical and psychological get satisfaction. So Rex makes more efforts to this wonderful sex.

Lily cries, and gradually the pain is replaced by a strange feeling, "Don't , please let me go... "

However, for Rex, he could not stop.

After a long time, the man finally stops, and her eyes can't open, just like a marionette he put on the soft bed.

Just when she thinks it is over, the man turns her body over and Lily opens her eyes in fear but can not stop it.

She struggles to escape, but her waist is held by Rex. "Please! I'll pay you twice as much. Let me go... "

But Rex has the patience to touch her hair. "Just bear it for a while, and it will be soon."


The next morning, Lily wakes up in a pain.

Her body seems to have been run over by a heavy locomotive, and every joint is painful and swollen. She tries to move. Somewhere in the body, it immediately hurts like being burnt. Last night's charming scene flashes in front of her eyes. Lily's face is pale suddenly. That damn man even forced her so many times in spite of her resistance

The suite is still filled with an indescribable smell. She is just about to get out of bed wrapped in a quilt. The bathroom door is suddenly opened. The man comes out with only a bath towel hanging on his waist. He is nearly 1.9 meters tall, with wide shoulders, narrow waist, eight abdominal muscles, and healthy wheat skin.

Lily screams and quickly looks away, "You, why don't you wear clothes!"

Rex listens to the woman's stammering voice, and then looks at the posture of wrapping herself into Zongzi. He picks up a good-looking arc at the corner of his mouth. "We've done everything. What can we be shy about?"

Lily's face is red, "Can you stop talking about this in the daytime?"

Then she says in a cold voice, "I'll pay you the money. You can go now."

Rex raises his eyebrows and walks towards the bed. Before he say anything , Lily notices that and she rolls over to the other side, wrapped in a quilt and stands up to stare at him. "Don't try to pester me. I'm married and have a husband. Take the money and leave. Don't tell anyone about last night!"

The man's eyes narrow again. "Married but for the first time, bluff me?"

"It's not a good relationship, but I'm really married."

Such a word lets Rex stop his step.

Looking at the woman with gloomy eyes, Rex knows that she can't lie because what she said was right last night. So what she says at this time is true.

She is married.

No matter how greedy for sex Rex is, he will never be a lover who destroys other people's families. To be exact, if he knew she was married last night, he would not touch her.

Rex suddenly feels sick. He puts on his clothes quickly, throws his bath towel on the ground, and looks at her sarcastically before he leaves. "You taste good, but your behaviour is poor."

After that, he walks out of the room without hesitation

Lily is stunned, and then she grits her teeth angrily. Her eyes turn red slowly. How could she be so unlucky? She was humiliated by a pimp. Is it her fault for her poor skills? Tim is not willing to touch her. She has no any experience .

Lily takes a bath wrongfully. After finishing, she goes to the front desk to check out, but the staff stares at her in surprise--

"Miss, you didn't have any special service last night."


But what's the matter with her aching all over?

"I ordered it. It's in room 709."

When the front desk hears of 709, his face become a little strange. "709 is our VIP customer's exclusive room, not open to the outside, are you mistaken?"

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