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It was 9 p.m. and was rainy now. In such a cool autumn night, Lily just stands in front of the villa without an umbrella and her clothes on her shoulders have been wet by the rain. But she doesn't realize it and still takes off her coat and wrap it around the present that she has prepared carefully.

Today is the first anniversary of Lily and Tim. Lily was supposed to be in her mother's house, but she secretly bought a gift to give big a surprise for him.

When she walks to the door, her clothes are wet totally. She takes out the key from her pocket and opens the door carefully. Without turning on the light, she stands at the porch and changes her shoes. At the moment of lifting her feet, she sees a pair of red high-heeled shoes on the ground.

Lily is shocked and frozen, because she knows clearly that they are not her shoes, and not her size.

The heart is just seems to be grasped by a pair of invisible big hands. Lily puts the things in her arms on the ground and walks slowly towards the bedroom on the second floor.

The closer she gets, the clearer the coquettish conversation becomes--

"Oh, Tim..." A familiar female voice penetrates the eardrum and is extremely excited.

"I just know you like it!" The man is attached, and certainly, that is her husband Tim's voice.

From the corridor to the door, Lily seems to walk on the edge of a knife every step. Even if she can't see what's going on inside, it's not hard to imagine the intensity of the sex just by listening to the voice.

"Who do you like better, Lily and I?" The woman suddenly asks, making Lily's heart also up the voice.

Then Lily hears a heartbreaking answer, "what's up, are you jealous? I've focused myself on sex with you. How can I touch her? I have no interest in her! "

Anybody can't believe that her husband has never touched her for more than a year from their love to marriage, because he said he doesn't have the ability. But now, her husband is making love with her best friend.

Lily just feels that she is a heroine. In such a case, she could bears and not pushes the door until the end of this sex.

At the moment of entering the room, she is still shocked, because it is not someone else lying naked with her husband, but her best friend, Jade.

From high school to college, and to graduation now, they are always close friends. She has never imagined that one day Jade would lie in her bed just like this.

Lily suddenly recalls that every time she goes back to her mother's house, Jade always asks about the time, and never goes to travel with Lily. Lily now realizes that there's a reason for everything

Obviously, the two in bed don't expect that Lily, who should be in her mother's home, would appear here, but merely for a moment, Tim again keeps calm and shouts "go out!"

"Get out?"

Lily has never been a short-tempered person. But, this time, she can't help her anger in her chest. She glances at the hot kettle on the table, picks it up and throws it to the man and woman on the bed. "Disgusting! Dirty! " she shouts loudly.

"Lily, Tim hasn't touched you for such a long time. You should think about it from his position." Jade doesn't feel ashamed at all, which is really terrible.

"Oh, god" she sneers, "shall I say" thank you "to you? Jade, I treat you as a friend. That's how you treat me? Other husbands are better, aren't they? "

Lily has never said anything so explicit. Tim looks at her and says, "go out first."

"Don't worry, I won't stay any more." Lily merely feels it disgusting to look at them more. "Tim, just think about how to explain to your mother? I won't hide those ugly things for you again!"

They have married for a year. On the wedding night, Tim told her that he couldn't have a sex. She though it would get better. Her mother-in-law asked her why she didn't have children. She didn't say anything. Her mother-in-law asked if she had any physical problems. She lied about it again. But that cause such a horrible thing. Lily just feels that she is too stupid.

But in the face of her threats, Tim doesn't even frown. In those years, Lily chased him for so long. There is no bottom line for her love. Just coax a little, she will come back.

However, Lily's next sentence is out of his control.

"Let's divorce."

After leaving from the villa, Lily takes a taxi and leaves just like an escapee. She wanders around the street aimlessly. She sadly finds that she has no place to go except home.

"Miss, where are you going?" The driver looks at the woman in the mirror curiously.

Just at this time, the car passes a senior business club. Lily looks at the luxury car at the door. She doesn't realize there's something wrong with her brain now, and let the driver stops.

After paying, she goes directly into the club, at the bar in the hall, looking at the expensive price, and she orders a lot of wine without thinking.

Spicy liquid across the throat and oesophagus, her eyes are sour and painful, and the scene in the past flashes in her mind again. How ironic!

Her best friend is fooling around with her husband. Lily smiles, and the smile is so heartbreaking.

"Damn it!"One after another, she doesn't know how much she has drank. She is in a hurry to pee and walks into the toilet. After solving her physiological needs, she goes out and sees a row of tall and powerful men in black suits. She casually hooks up one, "you are very handsome."

The manager comes up ,pulls her away hurriedly and gives her a quick look. Seeing that this woman is not old but wearing famous brands, the manager eases his face. "Excuse me, lady, they are doormen, if you wanna someone handsome. I can recommend for you."

Lily is drunk, and she has a feeling of revenge on Tim. She loses everything in this marriage. Now why should she keep her integrity if they fool around with each other both betray her?

"Well, I want the most expensive and handsome man, to accompany me!"

As soon as the manager hears that "the most expensive" his eyes shine shrewdly. Then he takes her directly to the VIP area. "Just a moment, I'll call someone right away to come here"

After that, the manager goes first and leaves Lily alone on sofa. She is too drunk and dizzy. In a trance, the door of the opposite room is opened and a tall man comes out from it. He looks straight and strong with long legs, narrow waist and wide shoulders. Even the face is like a carve. Everything is handsome and perfect. Especially those dark and deep eyes seem to draw people's attention.

Lily smiles, gets up and walks unsteadily. She grabs the man's arm and says, "Nice, I'm very satisfied."

Rex looks at the woman who suddenly appears in front of his eyes, his eyebrow frowning,.

"Let go!"

"This is your attitude? Didn't your manager say that I'm going to pay you for one night ? I don't care about money. As long as you make me comfortable, I'll double it for you! " Lily says a lot of heroic words, smiling silly and revealing a row of neat white teeth. The man is tall, and she has to stand on tiptoe to get close to him, " tell you secretly, em... it, it is my first time,you are so lucky..."

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