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Benjamin felt a headache, and his slender fingers were pressing against his temples. Why not change the subject, or he might be afraid that he would be angered by her. "You are not going to live here these days, right?"

Alice suddenly realized what he was saying, "By the way. I'm sick now. Hurry up and go away. I am afraid I would spread my virus to you, and I'll be very guilty."

When she got out of bed to drive him away, he didn't leave. He was so strong that she couldn't push him.

"You would have had to spread it to me. There is no difference between leaving or not."

Alice was angry. "I said, you are not allowed to come in. You have to come in. What should you do now?"

Benjamin laughed when he looked at her anxiety, and not knowing what to do. "You are so worried about me and said that you wanted to marry someone else. Isn't it too conflicting to you?"

Alice looked at him, "In order to keep you alive, I will kill others, let alone just marry to someone." If it were not for her, how could he face death all the time?

Such a simple and common joke would never thought to have happened one day.

Everything was just to keep him alive.

Alice insisted staying in the hotel that day, and Benjamin was not allowed to stay. Benjamin had no choice but to rest assured that she lived in this ordinary hotel alone. The security was too poor and it was hard to convince her to go home. He had to order a room next to hers.

When he arrived in the room, he opened a video with her, saying, "Your virus will not spread through the Internet, right?"

Alice pouted her small mouth, feeling that his surrounding was familiar, and asked curiously, "Where are you?"

"The room next to you."

Alice was anxious at once, "Hey, why are you so annoying. You can't just stay at the hotel now. There will be a lot of invisible viruses eroding into your body through breathing. Please go home quickly."

Ben snorted. It was not as serious as she said. "If it were so serious, why do you have to force me to stay with you in the hotel."

"I ..." when did it turn out to be her fault?.

Right, everything was her fault from the beginning, and from the moment she drew the knife into his heart, she was wrong, and she was wrong again and again.

Alice started packing, "Hurry up and go home."

Benjamin saw that she could not convince him in the end, and smiled. "Ok, let's go home."

When checking out at the front desk, Alice asked cheekily, "Hello, he didn't get in this room for ten minutes. He didn't use anything and didn't touch anything. Can you charge him by the hour?"

The staff took a look at Alice, and then looked at Benjamin. This was obviously a quarrel between the husband and wife. The wife ran away from home, the husband came out to chase with her, and then the wife refused to go home. The husband had to open another room to stay with her, but the wife didn't want to waste too much money.

With a slight smile, the staff said, "Because it is not the hour room, so ..."

Alice said again, "Even half the price is OK."

The staff was a little embarrassed. Looking at the man with his hands in his pockets, a pair of affectionate eyes seemed to have stuck to his wife. He looked nothing like a poor man. No wonder people said that the richer one was, the stingier the man was.

The waiter nodded reluctantly, Alice instantly smiled like a flower.

On the taxi, Alice was not assured and wore a three-layer mask, and forced Benjamin to wear a mask as well. The two sat in the taxi with masks in the middle of the night. If not the driver was an experienced worker they might be thought be a robbers.

Alice was still proud that the waiter just returned the 50 dollars, and scolded Benjamin who spent money like water. "Benjamin, do you know. You just made a wrong decision and almost lost your 50 dollars."

Benjamin glanced at Alice indifferently, "50 dollars. Was it worth your smile to others? You looked like begging."

Alice gave him a harsh look, "That's because you have never been poor."

Of course, she wouldn't care if she was the girl she used to be. At that time, she felt that money was something not important, and whether she own it, she could live well.

In the past three years, she had really experienced that if she had no money and cannot do anything.

On the way home, Benjamin put his head on Alice's shoulder. He had just come out of the hospital and was a bit tired.

Alice looked down at him, "Aren't you comfortable?"

Benjamin didn't say much, but he didn't conceal, "I am tired."

Alice was very distressed and didn't talk anymore, leaving him to lean on his shoulder.

As soon as the taxi arrived at the door, Benjamin got up and said to Alice before opening the door and getting out of the car, "You pay the fee."

Alice was speechless. Didn't he just get back the 50 dollars from the waiter?

After running into the house, she ran straight to her room, but as soon as she hit the door she realized that yesterday he had already locked the door.

Benjamin came over to see if her head was injured. "What are you doing so urgently? Am I a beast that makes you to hide like this?"

The big hand pressed hardly on her red head, "Does it hurt?"

Alice nodded her head and held her head. "It hurts." It really hurts. She almost stunned herself just now.

She didn't get his distress in return, but got a sentence from him, "You deserve it."

Alice expressed her grievance, "It's because I am hiding from you. I'm afraid I will pass the cold to you. I want to keep myself in the house and not go out, so your chance of being infected is low."

Benjamin was speechless, turned back to his room, took the key, and opened the door for her.

Benjamin watched her come in. He was a bit tired. He wanted to go back to the room to rest early, but Alice appeared at the door and looked at him with a smile, "If I wasn't ill tonight, I must hug you to sleep."

Having said that, and before Ben had the time to turn around to see her, he heard the closing door behind her. Standing still, Ben breathed a sigh of relief, and though that he must have owed her a lot in the last life, so she can do everything with him in this life.

Alice slept halfway and felt cold, coughed, and wanted to drink water, but she had no strength at all.

When people were fragile, they will always remember the past. In previous days when she was sick and got fever, he lay beside her bed and stayed with her all night.

When she was still thinking that they might never be able to go back in the past, the door was opened from the outside, and the lights in the corridor outside came in, casting in his shadow.

Alice sat up, "Why haven't you slept?" When he returned, he said he was tired.

Benjamin glanced at her, and of course, he did not tell her, because he was afraid that she would have a fever in the middle of the night so that he did not dare to sleep.

First he passed the water cup to her, put his big hand on her forehead and tested the temperature. Indeed she still had a fever.

He frowned, took a box of medicine from his pocket, and gave her two. His voice was low and dumb, "Take medicine."

Alice was unpretentious, and now she really should take medicine. She was really uncomfortable now.

After taking the medicine, the glass was placed on the nightstand. "Thank you."

Benjamin gave her a cold look. Alice thought he would leave, but he opened the quilt on her, went to her bed, got into her quilt, and tightened her.

Alice struggled a bit, "You go to your room to sleep, or I will pass it to you."

The person in front of her was indifferent, as if the octopus was already asleep, and his breathing was smooth.

Alice moved her soft body in his arms again, "Benjamin ..."

His thick voice spread from her head, "Don't move!"

Alice was arrogant, "If you leave, I won't move. I will really pass the cold to you, Benjamin ..."

"Shut up!" His voice was much duller than before.

Alice was clenched tightly by him. He finally lifted a small face from his chest. Under the dim light, she could only see his sexy throat knot and perfect chin.

"Benjamin, I will soon be well after taking the medicine."

Benjamin lowered his head, stared at her pair of clear eyes, and moved his throat, his voice was low and tense, "If you don't shut up, I will kiss you."

"Benjamin ..." Frowning her eyebrows, showing her refute.

Well, he Benjamin always did what he said. Before her temper broke out, she was completely drowned by his sudden kiss.

He sucked deeply on her lips, and quickly let go of her. The smile between her eyebrows was very proud, and he seemed to be provoking her, "Don't you dare to talk again."

Alice glared at him in dissatisfaction, but she didn't dare to open her mouth again, her head slammed hard, hit her directly on his chest, and buried her head for sleep.

But ... she wasn't comfortable with her nose. Now she was trapped in his arms that it was even harder to breathe.

She pushed her little hand around his sturdy waist, trying to make him back a little, but he just jumped up onto her.

Strong and overbearing, "Struggle will not work."

Alice's mouth narrowed, "My nose is airtight, and you still cover me. I can hardly breathe."

She can hardly breathe? There was a good solution.

Artificial respiration.

Alice really did not expect that he would bully a patient. Although he was also a patient, he kissed so warmly, and it was more difficult for her to breathe.

After falling asleep that night, Alice listened to him as if he was talking, but at that time she was too sleepy. She wanted to open her eyes, but she couldn't open it.

He seemed to say, "Alice, if I die, you are not allowed to cry, and live with my happiness together. If I live, you can only be mine."

Some love, would have no result, but they just can't stop.


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