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Look, she thought the sleeping sofa could be squeezed together to be warm. But the next day, Alice still felt dizzy, her body was cold, and his forehead was hot.

Judging by initial diagnosis, she got a cold.

She didn't dare to delay and went directly to the hospital. If she transmitted to Benjamin, it would be troublesome. He must now keep himself healthy and wait for a suitable heart at any time.

"You got a virus-cold. It is safer not to live with Benjamin for the time being." Dr. Ran was talking with Alice while sorting out the case at hand.

Alice nodded, "I see."

Sitting in an office chair, Dr. Ran glanced at Alice, "How about thinking about going to the US together?"

Alice was speechless for a while. She and Benjamin had talked about this yesterday, but it turned out that she had already married Benjamin.

"Janice knew you're leaving?" Alice didn't answer his question, but asked another question.

Dr. Ran's hands shook a little, and turned his head and looked at Alice very seriously. "I don't need to report to her. The blind date that day was just to keep my parents from chattering with me. She and I are impossible. "

His answer was so decisive that he didn't even have a bit of room for argument.

"But, Janice she ..." She seemed to like you very much.

Before Alice's words were finished, she was interrupted by Dr. Ran, "Don't you feel it, who I love is you?"

Alice's heart tightened and Dr. Ran's sudden confession caught her off guard. She chuckled, "This joke is not very funny."

Dr. Ran put down his pen, turned around, and stared at Alice, who escaped from reality. He was in his thirties. He didn't think only a vigorous romantic relationship could be called love.

After the enthusiasm, it was likely to never see again.

"Let me take good care of you. Before your mother dies, she also hoped that we can be together or we can get married."

Alice didn't know what to say, and only he could talk so calmly about marriage.

"Well, I'm Alice. Do you recognize the wrong person?"

This reaction made Dr. Ran embarrassed. He seriously proposed a marriage, but she thought he was talking nonsense.

Dr. Ran thought for a while and then said, "Let's make a deal. Al long as you marry me, I give you what you want."

Alice saw that Dr. Ran was serious, and that he must have something in his mind.

She laughed forcefully, and Dr.. Ran today gave her a sense of strangeness, not like the gentle and warm Dr.. Ran before.

"How do you know what I want?"

Dr. Ran smiled meaningfully, "Benjamin's health."

"So what?"

Dr. Ran did not answer her question directly. He felt that this matter had reached the result he had expected before, "The condition is that we get married."

Alice frowned and looked at the man who was both familiar and unfamiliar. He had helped her a lot in the past three years, but he never made unreasonable demands. Why did he suddenly change today?

Alice told the truth, "I just knew last night that Benjamin and I are married now."

Dr. Ran didn't seem to be surprised at all. "It doesn't matter. You could divorce."

"Why are you doing this?" Alice was really hard to understand.

Dr. Ran answered very sharply, "I need a wife."

"It could be others." There were many women who wanted to marry him. If he just wanted to find someone to marry, he had too many options.

She didn't believe that he liked her. Even if he liked her, he would never fall in love. He had a position in his heart, and the woman in that position could not be replaced by anyone.

Dr. Ran fixed at her straight, "It must be you."

Alice was puzzled, "Why?"

The answer given by Dr. Ran made Alice think more deeply, "In the future, you will know," said Dr. Ran.

After leaving the hospital, Alice first called the housekeeping company and asked them to find someone to thoroughly disinfect the home. She was really afraid that her virus would be transmitted to Benjamin.

Then she went to a hotel near her home and opened a room. She really needed an independent space, and think about what Dr. Ran said today.

If she and Benjamin were destined to be separated...

It was four o'clock in the afternoon. She usually picked up Benjamin from the hospital and return home at this time, but she was also a patient now, so she wanted to call him and tell him.

"Benjamin, I won't pick you up today, you take a taxi back home."

"It's me, Penny." It wasn't Benjamin who answered the phone.

Alice's heart could not help but tighten, not because it was Penny who answered the phone, but because why Benjamin did not answer the phone.

"Where is Benjamin?" She was getting nervous.

"After having a few drops in the morning, he suffered a sudden cardiac arrest, and the rescue took two hours to get him back ... He maybe too tired and still asleep."

"Oh ..." She didn't really know what to say, and when he heard his cardiac arrest, she burst into crying.

Perhaps she should marry Dr. Ran.

When Benjamin woke up in the hospital, it was too late. Mom and Dad and Molly were in the ward waiting for him to wake up.

Alice, who he most wanted to see, was not there.

Benjamin could not help but frown. "What are you doing? I am not dead yet?"

Joan anxious with her son as soon as she heard it, "Oh, don't talk nonsense."

It happened that Penny walked in and saw Benjamin awake, and she smiled. He was her own patient, and the patient could stay strong, it was worth happiness.

"How do you feel?" Penny asked Benjamin.

Benjamin treated himself with an indifferent feeling, "I feel like being reborn."

Penny smiled lightly. "When you were asleep, Alice called you and said that she had something else to do today, so she wouldn't come to pick you up and asked you to take a taxi back."

As soon as Penny's words were finished, Benjamin hadn't started to get angry, Joan sitting next to him was anxious, "How can she be so irresponsible. Is there anything more important than my son? As a wife, her husband lied in the hospital, and she didn't know where she was going to go ..."

Benjamin ignored the chattering mother and smiled at Penny, "I know. You worked hard today."

Penny, "It is my duty."

After Penny left the ward, Benjamin started to get out of bed to find his clothes. Everyone knew he was going home.

Joan stepped forward and tried to stop, "Son, listen to mom. Can you stay in the hospital today? Your body can't stand business."

"Mom, your son is fine. Don't listen to the fuss in the hospital. Go back."

Benjamin's father was very angry with his son. "Can't you think about us? I heard you fainted. My mother and I can't wait to fly over to see you. I've been praying all the way for you. And that's what you responded to us. "

Benjamin looked at Dad. What Dad said he remembered in his heart. Indeed, being irresponsible for his body was the biggest harm to his parents.

"Did you ever think of us as children when you did that?"

Benjamin's words made parents silent, and that incident had become a wall between them.

Molly, who had not spoken, came forward to please Benjamin, "Ben, Alice will not come to pick you up, I will send you back."

Benjamin gave Molly an indifferent look, refusing to say, "No."

When he walked out of the hospital, he dialed Alice's number directly. Whenever he was taken away by Death, she was not with him.

Perhaps because she was not with him, he insisted on it again and again.

Alice was sitting on the bed in hotel. Her laptop was on her lap, and she was crackling on the keyboard. Her brain was still in another world, and her ringtone interrupted all her thoughts.

Tighten her eyebrows, and got the mobile phone unpleasantly. It was Benjamin.

All thoughts pulled back in an instant, and thinking of what Penny had said today, she was extremely anxious. She answered the call, "Benjamin, are you awake? How are you? Have you had dinner? Where are you now?"

Benjamin was originally angry at her. Her series of questions made him unable to let out any anger, and said coldly, "Don't pretend to care about me. Where are you now?"

His sound showed that he was very fine. It should have been through another difficulty. Alice was sitting on the bed alone, smiling silly, and forgot to answer his question.

Benjamin's indifferent voice was once again come from the mobile phone. "I am asking you, Alice. I'm not dead. Are you disappointed?"

How can it happen, Benjamin? You don't know how much she was worried about you now, but every time she saw or heard your heart had another problem, her heart was tearing apart.

If it weren't for her sword, how would he suffer from these pains? She was a sinner in his life.

"Benjamin ..."

Benjamin holding her cell phone tightened her eyebrows instantly, and every time she called him like that, she had something to say to him.

"You have something to say."

Alice stared at the computer screen. She just searched out a lot of information about heart replacement surgery. She couldn't understand many professional terms, but she could see that changing was better than not changing. He would have a better chance of living. "No matter what I do, you have to support me."

A taxi stopped in front of Benjamin, Benjamin opened the door and boarded the car, and said to Alice, "Divorce is not allowed."

The taxi driver waited for Benjamin's address, and he told it to the driver.

Alice's mind was full of Dr. Ran's and Penny's words. At this time, did she have any other choice?

"Benjamin, I want to marry to Dr. Ran" Alice didn't know what she said. After that, there was a tear-like pain in her throat.


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