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He thought he could use friendship to complete her, and let her go, and leave everything to her with love.

It was he who deceived himself and asked himself, even if he was fooling like this, he didn't want her to belong to another man.

Alice stared at the photo and the name on the marriage certificate. The date above was the day he had just returned New York, which was, from that time, she was his legal wife, but she did not know it.

Regarding their marital relationship, in the past few months, he could say nothing about this to her, and she suddenly remembered the words interrupted by Benjamin in Molly that day, "Don't think that a marriage certificate can prove ..."

Oh, and Joan, when she asked him to take care of Benjamin, she also said something like this, "You left him ruthlessly, was it just to get everything he left for you at an early date."

So many people knew that they were husband and wife, but only she wasn't aware of it until today.

She asked him, "Is that true?"

Benjamin looked indifferent, "You can check."

In other words, it was true that they were married.

Alice was suddenly annoyed and dumped the marriage certificate directly on Benjamin. "Benjamin, why do you control my life without my knowledge? Why do you do whatever you want in my life?? "

Her questioning made Benjamin laugh at heart, and he was ridiculing himself. Yeah, it really looked like he had forcibly controlled her life. But in fact, it was the other person had always been doing whatever he wanted, arrogant and domineering. It's her.

Benjamin sneered. His cold voice sounded cold, "Why? You can't run away with your doctor, right?"

Alice stared at him with eyes wide open. He wanted to see her joke, she would not allow it. She turned the angry expression on her small face into a cold sneer, "You are wrong, compared to being with Dr. Ran, I even look forward to marrying you who may be dead at any time. After all, as long as you are dead, yours is mine, and your days are not long, but Dr. Ran and I can still consume the property you left behind."

Each of her words was hateful and ruthless, but Benjamin was not angry. What she said was not the life he wanted to arrange for her before?

But the words coming from her mouth were extremely bitter to Ben.

He smiled slightly at her, his deep voice spreading in the quiet space, "Listening to what you just said, I suddenly didn't want to die."

He felt it wasn't worth to die for a woman who was waiting for him to die in order to get his property.

He bent down and picked up the marriage certificate that was thrown to the ground by Alice. What she disliked didn't mean he will cherish.

He straightened up, looked at her, and he meaningfully smiled at Alice who was still angry because she was cheated, and his voice was as thick as wine in the cellar for many years. "My wife, tonight we can sleep on the same bed."

The slight curvature of the corner of his mouth was enough to warm her heart. Hearing he calling her wife, Alice was stunned for a while.

This title was the first time she heard it to this day, and it came out from Ben's mouth, she suddenly wanted to cry.

He and she were married.

When Alice returned to reality, Benjamin had already been busy with his affairs, so that when she was going to return to her bedroom, her door was locked and she couldn't open it.

She didn't have to think about it, it's Benjamin who locked it.

Alice went to his bedroom to find him. If he was not in the bedroom, he must be in the study, and he was designing every room and every piece of furniture in his castle.

She went straight into the study with annoyance, and commanded imposingly, "Benjamin, open the door of my room."

"What's wrong with your door?" Benjamin asked casually, all his thoughts were still on the drawings on the table.

"What's the matter with you?" Alice refuted him angrily. She had never seen him so shameless. How old was he, and did such a naive thing.

Seeing that she was really angry, he put down the work at hand, put his hands in the trouser pockets, and stretched his long legs, leaning unconsciously on the desk, holding her meaningfully, "You won't deliberately break the lock on your room so as to sleep with me tonight? "

If quarreling with him, she must lose, and she must not let him succeed.

"Naive." Alice turned and left.

Benjamin gazed at her disappearing direction, sighed a long breath, and then smiled helplessly, naive?

When Benjamin was busy returning to the bedroom, Alice did not sleep on his bed, but the quilt was gone.

On the sofa in the living room, she wrapped herself like a silkworm puppet with only a small head out.

Benjamin walked over and sat cross-legged on the plush rug in front of the sofa.

The headlights in the living room had been turned off, and only a few dimly lit wall lamps shone.

In his eyes, she didn't sleep well. Why was she even frowning when she slept, and she was still unhappy?

He raised his hand, trying to smooth her frown, and she slept very lightly. Before he touched her, she opened her drowsy eyes defensively.

Four eyes met, and his good-looking lips tickled slightly, just now his big hand in the air just rubbed twice on her head in the silk quilt.

The smile on his face was very charming and enchanting. In the dark, the deep voice was magnetically charming.

He called out, "My wife."

This title must be the most touching word in the world. Alice felt her heart beating, affectionately looking at him.

He laughed so charmingly and she couldn't stop it.

She didn't know if she was shy, so she was at a loss, or was still angry with him. She lifted up the quilt, completely covered her face, and stopped looking at him.

Benjamin smiled helplessly and didn't speak anymore, and sometimes his actions proved his intentions.

He was lying on the sofa. The sofa was not very wide, and there was a thick silk quilt. The space became small.

"Benjamin, you go down, you're squeezing me."

Benjamin had not completely penetrated into the bed, using both hands and feet, and his mouth was not idle. "Squeezed and warm."

Alice wanted to say that she was too warm to breath.

Benjamin was busy behind her, Alice couldn't stand him, "Benjamin, don't touch me here."

"If I don't hold you, I'm afraid of you falling."

"Then you go to bed."

"I will sleep where you sleep."

"You jerk."

Alice couldn't do anything about him. In fact, they haven't been so close for a long time. They were alienated every day like the most familiar stranger.

Alice was not struggling. Anyway, she can't get in the room. Tonight she was sleeping on the sofa. Whatever he wanted to do.

He was also quite honest, just holding her and not messing around.

After a long silence, his deep voice hoarsely spread in the silent space. "Are you happy to know that we are married?"

Even if she can't see what he looked like now, she can imagine his proud expression at the moment.

Alice said very shamelessly, "What's so happy. You have to divorce."

Benjamin wasn't angry, or maybe everything was just going on according to the plan he had already made. His voice was still low, "I am dead, and you are naturally single."

As he once said, she blinked, and he knew what she was thinking. From the moment she saw the marriage certificate, she knew what he wanted to do.

"Benjamin, I don't cherish your things." If she can choose, she was willing to use all to exchange for Benjamin's health.

He held her in her arms tighter, "But I just want to give you everything."

Alice was extremely uncomfortable, and stated sternly, "You will not die."

No one can guarantee that he will not die. Anyway, he was not so sure.

His chin was in her hair. She was warm and soft in his arms, "Alice, what else do you want? I want to give it to you before I die."

Alice suddenly looked like a furry beast, and suddenly turned around. Under the dim light, she glared at him angrily. Her voice was extremely firm, "I said, you won't die."

Benjamin looked down at her wide eyes, tears flashing, and he smiled helplessly, "Why are you crying?"

Isn't she afraid too? In fact, he didn't want to die. He still wanted to bully her for a lifetime.

"I didn't cry. I was uncomfortable with you. You hurried to your bed to sleep." Alice did not admit that she was afraid of his operation. If she was afraid, he would be afraid, too.

Benjamin smiled awkwardly, "There is not a reason for newlyweds to sleep separately. Marrying a wife is just for sleeping together at night."

"This marriage was not valid. This is a deceiving marriage. I can sue you." After that, although the sofa was crowded, she reluctantly turned around and turned her back to him.

Benjamin smiled evilly, his lips were almost on her sensitive earlobe, and he murmured, "Don't you still want me like a wolf. How did you become serious now?" Otherwise, how about you sue me for one more reason? "

Alice said she wanted to sleep now, and asked him perfunctorily, "What?"

She never thought that his answer was so explicit, "Martial rape."

"Stop making trouble. I want to sleep."

He grinned, "You can sleep. I'm busy at my own things."


Weren't the two stupid? There was a comfortable bed in the house. They didn't sleep on it. They had to squeeze on this sofa.


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