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Alice glanced at the medicine on the table and threw it into the trash can without thinking about it. She didn't even talk to him with anger.

Benjamin frowned, lowered the tablet in his hand, and walked over. There was only the box of pills in the trash. He bent over, took out the pill box, and then took out two pills from it. Without saying a word, his big hand cruelly clamped Alice's small chin, ready to feed medicine into her mouth.

Alice was pressing her teeth and glaring at him angrily. She refused to take the two contraceptives.

"Open your mouth!" Benjamin frowned and ordered sharply.

Alice felt that her jaw was about to be crushed by him, but she still refused to open her mouth. He yelled again, "Alice!"

Alice pushed him away as hard as she could, "You are going to die. Why care if I am pregnant."

"I don't care if you are pregnant or not, but you can't have my baby."

Alice smiled sadly, "I don't want to have baby from anyone but yours."

Having said that, she turned around and left, still whispering, "I won't bother you these days."

Alice indeed didn't show up for a whole week.

Because of her capriciousness, her mother's health worsened. On her way back to the hospital, her mother died. She didn't even see her mother for the last time.

Sitting in the corridor of the hospital, the cold winds made her freeze into an iceman, and she suddenly realized that she would not cry, and she couldn't cry.

She had wanted to call Benjamin. Thinking of his current condition, she gave up.

In fact, Alice, who was not with Benjamin, had learned to face many things alone.

It was Dr. Ran who accompanied her to do a funeral for her mother. At the end of the funeral, Dr.. Ran gave Alice a USB. She said she didn't blame you, and she was very sorry for and hoped that you can forgive her. The USB is very important to you. If you don't want to see it, don't open it. "

Dr. Ran said he wanted to take good care of her and let her stay with him, but she refused. If she could accept Dr. Ran, she would not wait for three years.

Alice locked herself in the ward where her mother lived for two days. She thought about it a lot, and finally made a decision that she didn't want to regret.

When she appeared in front Benjamin, she carried an old suitcase, the same suitcase she had when she left the house, and now she was back.

Benjamin was sorting out drawings with Jim in the study and heard that there was movement outside. The first thing that appeared in Benjamin's mind was Alice.

She had no news for a week. In fact, he was very worried, but he forced himself to leave him alone.

Alice put the suitcase by the sofa and glanced at Benjamin. The voice was not loud, but it was an accusatory tone, "Why don't you go to the hospital?"

Benjamin saw she was very tired, and wanted to ask why she looked so tired.

Jim also followed Ben to the outside, and saw Alice lying on the sofa and glanced at Benjamin again. Even if he usually scolded her, he couldn't say too much to her.

"I'll go back first. I will inform you of some new plans as soon as possible."

Benjamin nodded and didn't speak.

After Jim left, Benjamin walked to the sofa and looked at Alice who was curled up on the sofa like a baby. He glanced down at the time and asked her in a deep voice, "Did you have lunch?"

It's two o'clock in the afternoon. If she came from Queen District, she would definitely not eat.

Alice just said "No".

The white stripe on her low ponytail was eye-catching, and Benjamin knew what she had experienced this week.

It's just not right now to say anything comforting, "Go to the room to sleep."

Alice moved her tired body, sat up, looked up, eyes fixed on him. Her voice was dumb, "You already knew it, right?"

Benjamin frowned. There were too many questions between them. He didn't know what she was asking, so he didn't speak.

Alice smiled desperately, "Why did my dad jump off the building and commit suicide? You already knew, right?"

Benjamin froze all over, looking at her now. It was likely that her mother told her the truth when she left.

"Yes." So far, it can only be faced with the fact.

Alice laughed sadly, got up, walked to her room with weakness, and closed the door.

She hadn't been here for more than three years, but it seemed like someone had stayed yesterday. She knew that he had cleaned it.

The whole space was very quiet. It was as if she was the only one left in this world. Even if she was tired, she can't sleep with her eyes closed.

About two hours ago, the knock on the door disturbed her thoughts, and she even forgot about what she thought about just now.

"Alice." He called her outside.

The title between them should never be changed. She had always called him Benjamin, and he had always called her Alice.

Alice got up and hadn't changed her clothes. She opened the door and looked at him blankly. He gave her a blank expression, "Come out and eat something."

She did not refuse, and there was no reason to refuse.

Sitting at the table, he sat opposite to her, and Alice asked in a dumb voice, "When are you going to the hospital?"

Benjamin glanced at her, "Is it necessary to go to?"

Alice was very surprised. She lifted her eyes and looked at him. The deep affection in his deep eyes made her panic, and the food stuck in her throat was difficult to swallow.

"Yes." he must go to the hospital. There was no room for negotiation.

Benjamin smiled bitterly, staring at her, "It's all you in this heart. If I changed the heart, will you still be there?"

She felt that the food she swallowed was blocked in her heart, making her breathless, but it was already like this. Was there any choice?

She was expressionless and extremely cold, and even her hoarse voice disguised her true heart. "If there is a choice, I would rather change my mind just to forget you."

Benjamin looked at her, and the girl had become cruel, because of the many things that had accumulated in her heart, and she was too heartbroken. He asked her, "Then why are you going back?"

She didn't look at him but answered without hesitation, "Because I love you."

He looked at her for a moment, and she didn't seem to plan to look up at him, and stood up. There was a table between them, and he reached out with a big hand. He took possession of her, and held her. He arched to kiss her lips.

She didn't struggle and didn't respond, like a soulless puppet, staring at him without a look, leaving him at his mercy.

Even if he kissed deeply, she felt numb.

He let go of her and stared at her from just a few feet away, but he could not see any waves in her eyes, no sorrow, no joy, no hurt and no worry.

She has sealed her heart.

Her love was often spoken out from her mouth, and she wanted to say it when she liked to say it. On the other hand, he had never said he loved her, but he was equally deep in love.

"You can't see that I am afraid?" His deep eyes were mixed with helpless sadness.

Alice looked down and continued to eat. "As time goes by, you will find that whoever you leave, you can live."

As a child, she thought it would never be possible to leave mom and dad. Later, she left her parents to study abroad, and everything was fine.

Later, she thought that she would not be able to live without him. After that, they separated for three years.

Without Mom and Dad, without him, she still can live, but her heart was empty.

She was not that Alice she used to be anymore, and it was difficult to hear her calling Benjamin many times in a roll. Late at night, even if the door was not locked, when daylight came, she was still lying alone in a large bed.

Half a month later, she said that Dr. Ran was going to the United States for further studies and asked if she would go with him.

Benjamin looked at her for a long time before throwing the question back to her, "I want to know your answer."

Living under the same roof, she walked out of the bedroom every morning, and the first words she said were, "Let's leave in ten minutes. I'll take you to the hospital."

Then she seemed to be holding a countdown. She appeared at the door ten minutes later. When she arrived at the hospital, she just said, "I will pick you up in the afternoon."

This was what he two people exchanged for one day and nothing else.

Now, she wanted to run away, so she will ask him this question. What other reason was there for her to stay?

Alice looked at him, the two staring at each other, and the two people living under the same roof were like their long-awaited lovers.

After a while, Alice said, "I will leave when the surgery was completed."

Ben smiled the smile of sadness. She already had a choice, why should she ask him? Can't she just leave after he was pushed into the operating room and injected with anesthetic without any awareness?

Seeing Benjamin not talking, Alice's heart was even more uncomfortable, "If ..."

Benjamin suddenly got up, turned and walked away. What he hated most to hear was "if". There was no such thing in this world, how to talk about it.

What they have to face was only the consequences and consequences. Others were just nonsense.

Alice thought that he would not come out again when he returned to the room. But he returned again, and threw a red marriage certificate on the short table in front of her.

She didn't know who the marriage certificate belongs to, nor did she know what Benjamin wanted to express?

Benjamin looked at the curious Alice coldly, "It's too late to leave."

After all, love was selfish. Friendship was stronger than love, because once you fell in love with someone, you wanted to have her alone.

He thought he could use friendship to complete her, and let her go, and leave everything to her with love.


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