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Alice cried and begged her mother to let her meet Benjamin, but her mother forced her with death, and she was not allowed to have any contact with the Ben's family, otherwise she would not have her as daughter.

Alice knelt in front of her mother's bed and begged, "Mom, it was my responsibility for what he is like now. In front of him, I deserve to die, but he never said anything that hurt me. I owe him, Mom, I beg you, let me see him, OK?"

Mom's attitude was firm, "Unless I die."


Maybe the mother knew the whole story about his father's death, but she didn't say it, just she thought it was over and let time bury everything.

Therefore, she did not allow Alice to have any relationship with the Ben's family.

While her mother was asleep, Alice went to Dr. Ran and asked him to take care of her mother. When Dr. Ran knew that she was going to find Benjamin, he was also hesitant, but finally nodded in agreement.

Alice took the flight to New York where he lived, the city where they had studied together, and the place where they lived together.

Benjamin, you big fool, did you come here to recall the past with your own pain?

Alice has been sitting at the gate of his house, waiting for him for more than an hour, because she came too hurriedly and forgot to bring the keys.

On the way, she called Jim. Jim scolded her all the unpleasant words directly. Alice just listened and accepted because she should be scolded.

Jim told her that Benjamin should go back later, and she waited for more than an hour.

She was too eager when she came, and only wore a thin cotton coat. Sitting here for so long in the cold wind, she now felt that the blood in her body was almost freezing.

Finally she saw Benjamin get off from Jim's red sports car. Jim did not get out of the car, but only took him to the door.

He was wearing a black down jacket and a thick scarf, and it looked warm. He was warm, and her heart was involuntarily warmed as well.

Benjamin was surprised when he saw Alice, but it was only a second of stunning, and soon, he returned to peace as usual.

Alice thought, it seemed that Jim agreed to Alice that don't let Benjamin know she already known about what happened to him.

Alice originally wanted to stand up, but because she had been sitting for too long, her feet were numb and her legs were frozen. She was unable to stand up and had to look up at him, smiling silly.

The afterglow of the setting sun was mixed with the cold light of winter on her little face that was frozen, but she smiled quietly, "Benjamin ..." She was coquettish.

Benjamin was indifferent, and couldn't see any expression on his face, and even looking at her was superfluous. The indifferent voice was like the cold breeze of the early winter, "Is there something wrong?"

Fortunately, he did not ignore her and did not leave her here alone.

Alice raised her head, and still smiled silly at him, watching him stand in front of herself so close, she felt very warm, but there was a little sadness in this warmth.

She reached out and carefully grasped the corner of his long down jacket, her mouth slightly tilted, and looked at him, "I miss you."

To be honest, she missed him very much, so she came to him desperately.

She thought he would just give her a disdainful look at her, and that would prove that he was just angry with her.

But he didn't. He looked at her coldly and didn't even frown, said, "Go away, don't show up in front of me."

Alice grabbed his hand in the corner of his clothes and slipped off as he stepped forward. She stood up with the soreness in her legs and followed him step by step.

She wanted to hug him from behind, even though he looked coldly to her, and there was no temperature in his eyes, and she seemed to feel the warmth of his body behind him.

If she didn't know why he was always changeable, she might not do it, but now she knew.

The woman behind him raised her hands around his neck, and his height was more than twenty centimeters higher than hers. She jumped a little hard on her toes, and she was leaning on him on the back.

Ben had stretched his hands back and was going to Dr.ag her from his back, but Alice had been prepared for it, and she refused to go.

Benjamin didn't have the energy to make a mess with her. He took out the key to open the door, and just let her mess around.

Alice kept talking on his back, "Benjamin, do you miss me?"

"Benjamin, you don't look good. Have you been ill yet?"

"Benjamin, in order to see you, I had an argument with my mother. She said that she would not want me as her daughter. Now, like you, I am a child that my parents don't want."

"Benjamin, didn't we have the same fate?"

"Benjamin ..."

Having arrived in the room, Benjamin caught her from the back without mercy, and threw her on the soft sofa.

After all, he was still worried that she would be cold. Just looking at her wearing so few, and like an idiot sitting there, he wished to scold her for a while. When could she take care of herself?

"What are you doing here?" He stood in front of the sofa, impatiently said to her.

Alice looked up at him, he obviously looked very healthy, but his illness was given by her.

"I miss you." She didn't know what to say, she was afraid of talking and she was afraid he would drive her away.

She clung to her fingertips helplessly, not feeling the slightest pain, just because her heart was too uncomfortable.

Benjamin stared straight at her, without saying a word, frowning slightly, his eyes dark like the sea, letting no one see what he was thinking at the moment.

Alice saw that he didn't speak, and raised her hand to pull his big hand. As soon as she touched his hand, he escaped as if being hit by a electric shock, and her eyes were darker.

Alice grumbled with a small mouth, her hands were empty, her heart was blocked, and a pair of clear eyes looked at him begging.

Benjamin couldn't stand her like this, her deep voice suppressed her resentment towards her, "Chuck happens to be here too, and I'll let him pick you up later, and you go back with him."

Therefore, even if she had come, he will still drive her away. Alice can see that he was determined not to stay her.

Suddenly Alice was like a furry beast. She suddenly got up, her shoes were still wearing, and she was standing on the big red sofa. "Benjamin, I won't go. This is also my home. Don't forget it. As you said before, this is the home of the two of us. I chose this sofa, I bought the vase, the curtains were my favorite, and ..."

Alice stood on the sofa, as if she had been living in it for a long time, and was preparing to separate and divide her property.

Benjamin turned around, expressionless, interrupting her words, "You can owe it all. I'll go."

It seemed that he looked very tired, as if he was saying to Alice, 'Don't be troubled. I 'm really tired. '

Alice stood on the sofa and looked at him, speechless, he was so determined to Dr.aw a line with her.

She slowly arched her waist and squatted on the sofa, her voice low and uncomfortable. "Benjamin, my stomach hurts ..."

When Benjamin turned around, he knew that she was lying. But what if she was really uncomfortable?

Refraining himself to caring for her, he said coldly, "Let Chuck take you to the doctor."

Alice saw that he really intended to ignore her ruthlessly, and then jumped down from the sofa to catch up with him, and stop in front of him.

She asked him steadily, "Benjamin, do you really want to let me go?"

Benjamin looked at her with deep eyes, and his voice was calmer, without even thinking about it, "Yes."

The tears fell from Alice's eyes, sliding down her cheeks to her chin, and silently fell on the ground between the two.

She was afraid of his worrying about her, so she raised her hands to wipe away the tears on her face. Her voice was dumb, but she didn't dare to look at him and lowered her head, and asked him, "Okay, I know, but don't let Chuck come to pick me up. I will stay here for one night and tomorrow I will go by myself. "

Benjamin looked at her, no matter if she used procrastination or played emotional cards, he would let her do whatever she liked.

He didn't speak, and couldn't speak, and returned to his room, and he didn't come out until dinner time.

Alice sat at the dining table with one hand on her chin, the other hand reached into the plate and took a piece of meat in her mouth, which was almost cold.

Afraid of disturbing him to rest, she came to the door of his bedroom, and opened the door. The beds were neat and tidy, and the room was empty.

Alice was a little confused, thinking that he would rest in the bedroom all afternoon. How could there be no one?

"Benjamin ..."

Benjamin, who was drawing in the study, heard Alice's voice. He had forgotten that she was still here.

The corner of his mouth appeared a trace of smile. In the past three years, every time the heart hurt and it was difficult to breathe, he thought, it would be fine if she was here.

At this point, she was next to him, but he didn't even have the courage to leave her, and didn't even dare to hold her.

He was afraid that one day he would leave, and now the warmth to her, was only cruel.

Alice found him in the study, seeing that he was drawing, and complained in her heart that he was sick and was still working, but she also hoped that he could do what he liked.

At the door, she only pierced a head through the crack of the door, and smiled, "Benjamin, it's time to dinner. They are all your favorite dishes."

Benjamin bowed his head and continued his work, completely unmoved, but at least answered her, "I'm not hungry."


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