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Benjamin was going to ignore her, and decided to clean things up, and let her die on her own. When she sobered up, she would leave without him.

As soon as he was about to leave, Alice, who was drunk, hurriedly grabbed him. She missed his hand, and rolled straight off the sofa.

Fortunately, she had fallen off the back of the sofa, and there was no broken piece on the place where she was lying now.

Benjamin turned to try to catch her, but it was too late. She sat on the ground and stared at him. Under the light, her face did not become red because of drinking, but pale.

She muttered to herself, "Benjamin, I'm sad."

Benjamin was still standing still. If she was upset, he was 100 times worse than her.

"Benjamin, I haven't had a good time in the past three years, I dreamed I could meet you, and you finally came back, but it's not my Benjamin anymore. Sorry, I know I was wrong, I shouldn't hit you, I was wrong. Sorry ..."

"Benjamin ..."

Maybe she was drunk, or she may be sober. Only she knew best. That night, she said a lot, and her throat became dumb. He was silent, listening, and remembered what she had said, and he said nothing.

When she fell asleep, he went to the dressing room to get dressed. When he came out, she didn't lie on the sofa, but stood at the door wearing shoes.

When she saw Benjamin getting dressed, she smiled broadly, just too bitterly, "I have to go, good night."

Benjamin frowned and didn't speak. It seemed she really drank a lot.

He was going to go get her. No matter what, she should not leave until tomorrow.

Alice got rid of his big hands on her arms. "Don't touch me; I'm going back to the hospital."

Benjamin was uncomfortable and didn't want to make trouble with her. He got the car keys and changed his shoes. "I'll send you."

The ordinary words sounded sad for them.

On the way, the two didn't communicate a lot, and she was as quiet as if she didn't exist. The car just stopped at the hospital door. She didn't say thank goodbye.

She opened the door and got off without hesitation nor turning back.

Benjamin's hands holding the steering wheel began to tremble, and he could only send her here even if he was so reluctant.

He parked the car in the parking area on the roadside, called Chuck and waited for him to pick him up.

Leaning on the back of the driver's seat, he was sad. Three years ago, due to Alice's stab, he was only one step away from death. He wanted to give up.

Today, he was still sitting in the car like this, waiting for someone to rescue him. He could obviously let her accompany him to the hospital.

But he didn't want to see she was worried about him. The way he cried would only hurt him more.

The cell phone rang in the storage compartment next to him. He thought it was from Chuck and said directly, "Turn left at the first intersection of the municipal hospital."

Alice couldn't understand him, "Benjamin ..."

Benjamin looked for a moment, glanced at the caller ID, "What's wrong?"

Alice didn't know who he said that sentence to, "Who are you with?"

Benjamin heard the curiosity in her voice, with a touch of sadness, and he lied, "Because you just evoked my male hormones, so I asked my fiancee."

His words were too hurting. Alice was sitting on the stairs in front of the hospital. She thought that he had not yet left, so she ran and wanted to ask him something, but he left because he was anxious to see his fiancee.

Alice asked him sadly, "Why is not me?"

Benjamin smiled bitterly, but she couldn't see it. "I suddenly found that I didn't love you that much. If I were to choose only one between you and her, I would choose her."

He can choose Jenny to stay alive. Only by staying alive can he see Alice and protect her.

"Bad guy, even if you chose her, can't you lie to me?" Alice questioned him aloud. She didn't cry. She knew he was an asshole.

But why did her heart hurt so much.

Benjamin said her, "Alice, you are so stupid. Haven't you seen that I am just taking revenge on you? Why do I have to love someone who almost killed me? Did you deserve my love? "

Alice was speechless. The depressed grief made her throat a tear-like pain. Indeed, three years later, he was so changeable that she didn't know who the real Ben was.

She adjusted her emotions and suppressed her sadness, and said to Benjamin, "Even if you are for revenge, I owe you. You killed me, and I have no complaints. Actually, I give you a call not to say that. "

Benjamin was silent. Her words made him hate his ruthlessness. It had been known that this would happen. After three years, they should not meet again. Even if they encountered each other in the bar, they should not have any more contact.

He eventually lost her.

Alice said stupidly, "I love you, whether you believe it or not, you once said that as long as I have you, I have family. I just want to ask you, will you marry me? I want a home, I want to marry you."

Chuck had already arrived, and Benjamin felt that he was about to die. In his mind was the marriage certificate he had secretly obtained with her. He thought he could give her happiness and give her a warm home.

Some things can't help.

"Alice, stop being delusional."

After the call was over, Alice continued to call him but his phone was shut down.

Chuck opened Benjamin's car door and watched his mobile phone in his hand, and the sad man who laughed could already guess who he was talking to just now.

On the way to send Benjamin to the hospital, Chuck first contacted Penny. Penny did not expect that Benjamin's condition was so bad. When she left, she could not see it. As a doctor, she felt guilty for her misconduct.

"Why didn't you tell Alice" Chuck spoke to him, partially for fear he would fall in a faint.

Benjamin leaned weakly on the back of the car seat, his eyes stared at the scenery passing by the window, "It will soon pass, I just hope she is good. Dr. Ran is better for her than you, even if I can't be with her in my life, and you are not allowed to interfere in it. "

Chuck was speechless. At this time, the only thing he couldn't let go was Alice, and he will be right no matter whom Alice will be with.

"What if I want to interfere in?" Chuck asked deliberately.

Benjamin asked for people only twice in his life. For the first time, he begged Alice to love him. The second time was to ask his parents not to hurt Alice any more.

This was the third time, "I beg you, I'm afraid she will still think of me when she sees you." as long as he was still in her life, she will be happy.

If time can really help forget a person, then he prayed and let him disappear into Alice's memory.

One week later, Benjamin finally woke up, and the hospital and his family had prepared him for a change of heart, waiting for a matching heart.

When he woke up, he refused to do that. Even if his heart was full of scars, it was full of Alice's memory, and he couldn't replace it.

He was stubborn to be discharged from the hospital and had to give up treatment. No one could convince him.

Joan almost knelt down and begged her son, "Ben, you promised to your mother that you would be healthy, and your mother promised you everything. No one would stop you from being with Alice. Since you are already married, you'll be fine. But Mom begged you, don't give up. "

He can't die, but he will live very painfully, the pain of his heart will torture him all the time, it was just as painful as death.

Joan couldn't see her son choose this kind of life, so she secretly called Alice.

Alice saw a strange number, hesitated, but still picked up, "Hey, hello."

Joan could hear Alice's voice, and began to cry and said the purpose of calling her, "Alice, this is Joan, please help me to persuade Ben, he only listened to you. I knew that at first I should not take away your seriously ill mother, but in that situation, I had no choice."

Alice thought she had heard it wrong. Actually, she wanted to numb herself and make her think that she had heard it wrong.

Because the call was telling her that Benjamin had an accident, even Joan had to call to beg her.

She couldn't even hear her voice, "What happened to Benjamin?"

Three years ago, Alice nearly killed Ben. Even the mother could not forgive the murderer, but she had no other way.

"It's your fault. How could he be what he was now if it wasn't for the knife you inserted into his heart? In the final analysis, you should bear this responsibility."

Joan had tears in her eyes. It was a distress to her son, and she was also angry, and she hated Alice.

"Is he okay?" She remembered that when they met again three years later, his face was often very bad, and he would drive her away when he was uncomfortable. The last time, he suddenly got sick and had a fever, but he still wanted to drive her away.

Joan told Alice on the phone that Benjamin needed heart surgery, but he refused to cooperate with the treatment. Joan hoped that Alice could convince Benjamin.

Hanging up the phone, Alice told the mother lying in the hospital bed, but the mother did not allow her to find Benjamin, and said that all this was karma.


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