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Alice was aggrieved while sitting in her position, and didn't understand he hadn't seen the food delivered by Penny in person, why couldn't he guess that it might be her.

The more Janice thought of Dr. Ran's rejection in the hospital in the afternoon, the more she couldn't understand. She suddenly got up, "I'll go out."

Sometimes it may be a coincidence that at the door of the bathroom, Janice and Dr. Ran accidentally met.

Janice asked Dr. Ran, "You must tell me today, who you love? Otherwise, I will never give up easily."

Dr. Ran thought of Alice in her mind. Since she met the previous circle, although she was not as busy as before, she always seemed to have a something in her mind.

If the current situation made Alice unhappy, then he hoped to take her away, "Alice."

Dr. Ran's resolute answer made Janice laugh. "Even if you just find someone to fool me around, you won't move Alice out. You know her and Benjamin ..."

Looking at Dr. Ran's earnest look, Janice was certain in her heart that what he said was true.

Janice's silence gave Dr. Ran a chance to speak, "I don't care who she likes, but I like her. I believe that if you don't reappear in her life, she and I would be together. "

"Dr. Ran, you shut up. OK, you like Alice? Then I will prove for you how much you like her."

As soon as she spoke, Janice returned to her previous private room. When Dr. Ran understood it, and he caught up with her, but it was too late.

When Janice came in, without saying a word, she gave Alice a slap in the face. Alice was fanned, and everyone present was stunned.

Benjamin had jumped to Alice's side with a thunderbolt, pushing Janice away, glaring at her angrily, "What's the fucking wrong with you!"

Janice sneered and turned to look at Dr. Ran, who was already at the door. "See, I just hit her. My brother stood up anxiously, Benjamin was anxious to kill me now, and you, wanted to kill me now? "

"Dr. Ran, what's the use you like Alice. You will never get her in your life."

Janice left in anger. When she walked to the door, Dr. Ran held her arm with his hands and smiled warmly. "It's true she doesn't like me, just like I can never like you."

"You ..." Janice hadn't suffered this kind of anger from an early age, and began to punch and kick Dr. Ran directly.

Alice didn't know what was happening suddenly. She pushed Benjamin away and tried to set Janice and Dr. Ran apart.

Then, when Chuck saw that his sister was going to be bullied, he went to fight Dr. Ran. Benjamin was also afraid of Alice's injury. He also went to fight Dr. Ran. Jim saw that the situation was chaotic, and he went to help.

There was only one person sitting there watching the scene like watching a movie, Molly.

Half an hour later, Molly left alone with a bitter smile on her mouth. If she could, she would rather being with them and be taken to the police station together.

As a result, they were warned to pay medical fees for the doctor.

Among so many people, Dr. Ran only saw Alice in his eyes, and now he was the most injured. He was beaten by a group, or three handsome men who looked decent.

He couldn't get the medical expenses. Looking at Alice, he said, "Alice, let's go back to the hospital together."

Alice nodded immediately, especially when he saw that his hand was still bleeding. How important was the hand to a doctor.

"Okay." It was too painful when she agreed, and a small hand was pinching her waist tightly. She turned her head in pain and looked at Janice, who was hitting her, before realizing she was stupid.

Benjamin pushed away Janice directly, solemnly ordered, "Stay away from her in the future."

Before the words sank in, Alice was forcibly taken away by him.

Benjamin stopped a taxi, and got her into it, and after saying the address to the driver, he never said a word again.

Alice felt that her wrists were almost cracked by him, and he must be very angry now, although she was getting more and more confused, why was he angry? Isn't Penny he liked now?

When she was too painful to bear, she whispered, "Benjamin, it hurts."

Every time she called his name, her voice was always soft, and he couldn't ignore it.

He turned his head to look at her, only then realized that the strength of his hand was too heavy, so he slowly released, put his sweaty hand back on his lap, and stopped looking at her.

He let go of his hand, and she didn't hurt, but his heart was empty all of a sudden.

Like a thief, she didn't dare to look at him, but put her little hand on his big hand. She didn't dare to force too much, and she couldn't bear to let go.

Benjamin's mind was stunned, and he stared down at her little hand on the back of his hand, with mixed feelings in his heart.

When they got close to his apartment, he stared at her in the dim light tightly, "Let Dr. Ran take you away."

Alice never thought that he would say such a thing. It was so sad to hear this.

Alice stubbornly smiled, "You don't like me. Why do you think others would?"

Alice got out of the car and walked in the opposite direction with him. No one turned back.

Benjamin, who returned home, was not assured that she went to home alone. When he came out to find her, she was gone, and he could not call her mobile phone. He had to go to the hospital to find her, and asked her at the nurse, but she did not return.

When can he not worry about her? Isn't she good without him in the past three years?

After finding her for a whole night, Benjamin came home exhausted. When he came out of the shower room, he heard the knock on the door. No, exactly, it was a bang-knock on the door.

The voice made him unable to ignore it. Standing in front of the video doorbell, he could not see anyone, but the sound of slamming the door continued.

"Benjamin ... Benjamin, you bastard, open the door for me! Benjamin ..."

The voice was so familiar to him that he quickly opened the door, and Alice, who was leaning on the door, slumped at his feet, the other half of the body was still outside, struggling to sit up and holding the bottle in her hand. The bottle directly fell on his feet. "Benjamin, don't you dare not open the door for me."

Benjamin endured a sore foot and shot her a lance...

The wind blew from the corridor. Benjamin frown, smelling Alice had been drunk. He raised his foot and kicking her gently, "Hey, got up."

Sitting on the ground, Alice looked up at him. Wasn't he wearing too little on this cold day? Did he wear something on? No.

Alice's head was blurry, and her eyes were a little bit flowery, but her head was still clear. She thought that she must have been drunk.

She supported with a wine bottle and wanted to stand on her own. Benjamin could not see her drunken look, and he bent to help her up.

Alice's hand holding the bottle was rounded around his neck. Her legs were weak and she couldn't stand upright. If it weren't for the big hand he held around her waist to help her support her body, she might not stand up at all.

Benjamin lifted his foot and kicked the door, and the two were in a space that belonged to each other only.

Alice drunkenly looked at Benjamin, who was close at hand. How impeccably handsome he was in her eyes. She smiled foolishly, "Benjamin, are you hooking me up?"

She had heavily drunk.

Benjamin carried her to the living room like a sack, and threw her on the sofa, standing high and looking Alice, who was thrown dizzily by him.

To seduce a drunken woman, what was he trying to figure out? He still remembered that she had been drunk three years ago.

When Alice woke up a little, she threw away the bottle of alcohol with a bang. The bottle smashed into pieces on the crystal table in front of the sofa.

Alice was so drunk that she raised her finger to him, who was indifferent, "Benjamin, why can't you be gentle with me? Even if you want to throw me like garbage, now I am drunk. Can't you keep me for one night? "

The more she said, the more she was uncomfortable. Benjamin watched her punching on his heart; he could clearly feel that she was really unhappy at the moment.

Seeing that she was going to get off the sofa, but the bottle pieces were all underneath, Benjamin hurriedly forward to stop her, so that she was not allowed to come down on the sofa, and sternly ordered, "Stay here honestly."

Alice watched him come over, still sitting next to her. A pair of misty eyes crooked into a crescent shape, she smiled sadly, "Benjamin, why don't you wear clothes? Weren't you seducing me?"

Her dishonest hands were touching his naked upper body. "I just took a shower, and a drunken woman appeared in my house to make a noise. Did you give me a chance to get dressed? "

Alice understood it, and looked at him with a sullen and angry look, holding his handsome face with both hands, suddenly, her lips pressed against his lips, and she kissed hard.

She said without blushing, "Then don't wear it."

Benjamin pushed her away unhappily, "I'm not interested in drunken woman."

Alice retorted, "Blindly, wasn't your first time taken away by me when I was drunk? Did you forget?"

Ben's face darkened, in order to save the man's face, it can be might be true, "It was I who slept with you that time."

Alice was not angry at all, nor was she surprised, "Then you sleep with me again, Benjamin ..."


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