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They have lived together for many years, maintaining the relationship of good friends unconsciously. They often hold hands, often hug. But kiss ... seldom happened.

It seems that when two people touched their lips every time, they were either having fight or quarreling. They have never kissed affectionately like a couple.

Oh, that's because they had never had a heartfelt love like a normal couple.

Today, his kiss was very serious and gentle. It seems that with his love for her for many years, he wanted to have a romantic relationship with her.

What was happiness?

It was now.

Just the happiness was too short.

He still didn't stay her that day, and took her to the hospital, and when she was about to leave, he put a bank card in her bag and said, "Buy a house. You can't always stay in the hospital. "

Alice did not return his bank card, but she would not use it. "I will have a home when someone is willing to marry me."

"You drive carefully on the road. Didn't your fiancee ask you to go to the hospital tomorrow, don't forget it."

Benjamin moved his tight lips and wanted to say something, but he did not.

This time, she turned around first. He watched her disappear into the hospital hall before he drove away.

Since Janice and Dr. Ran became annoyed with each other, Janice always went to the hospital like nothing had happened.

At first Alice thought that Janice was looking for her, but later she found that it was not.

When she entered the ward, she first asked, "Hasn't that man yet to check in?"

That person, Alice didn't understand it at first, and Janice was abnormal for a few days. If she still didn't understand it, she was a fool.

Alice frowned and asked Janice, "You fell in love with Dr. Ran?"

Janice would rather die than to admit it, "How could it be like this. Unless the men in the world were extinct, I would consider the existence of human beings, and I might just reluctantly come to him to stay with him."

Alice couldn't help laughing, "Even if there is a man as Dr. Ran remaining, there may be many women who will fight for him with you. It is likely that the doctor will not choose you to be his wife."

Janice was confident. "I tell you, you didn't know that the way he looked at me, it is like he is fond of me very much."

"Really?" Alice was dubious. For three years, out of her understanding of Dr. Ran, he should not be the type she likes. Do the two really fall in love at first sight?

Dr. Ran just came in to check the room, and Alice looked at Dr. Ran mysteriously, for fear of missing his eyes when he looked at Janice.

Janice was uncomfortable beside and cleaned her hair and cleared her throat. But Dr. Ran was completely indifferent and only asked the patient's condition intently.

Alice thought, was it because she was here that Dr. Ran was embarrassed. It seemed to be like that.

"Alice, let's have dinner at night." Janice winked at her.

In fact, Alice didn't want to go for dinner. She must meet with Benjamin again.

Last time she had the courage to confess her love for him, and he didn't respond, making her feel shameless in front of him.

But looking at Janice's enthusiasm, she nodded in agreement, thinking that she might seem to want to introduce Dr. Ran to everyone.

"Okay. Dr. Ran, if you are free tonight, let's go together."

Dr Ran can be called an old fox in front of them, and he can see what Janice was thinking about.

If he can't give the answer Janice wanted, then he just simply refused, "I have something else to do tonight. So I won't go."

"What is more important than eating?" Janice asked angrily, and no one had refused her invitation.

Dr. Ran looked at Janice, and his tone was flat. "Let's talk outside."

Janice said with an air, "I have something to talk to you."

Dr. Ran didn't have time to waste with her, "That's fine."

After that, the medical record in his hand was handed to the little nurse around him. And he put his hands in the pockets of the white coat, turned around, and prepared to leave the ward.

"Hey, why are you like this? What's the look of you, what do you want? You're not ..."

Alice ran to cover Janice's mouth and said in a low voice, "It's so strange that you chase people like this, don't scare them away."

Janice took away Alice's hand. "When did I chase him, which eye of you saw me chasing him?"

Alice wanted to say that she saw it in both eyes, but now Janice's angry look made her dare not tell the truth.

"I am chasing after him. I have a crush on him. Was that all right?"

Janice glared angrily, "Alice, if you dare to go after him. We two aren't friends anymore

Alice smiled and hadn't had time to say that she won't go to dinner tonight, and Janice left the ward aggressively, "No, I have to talk to him."

After Janice left the ward, Alice's mother on the bed showed an unhappy expression, "Alice, you silly child, how can you match Dr. Ran and Janice? Don't you see that Ran likes you?"

Alice smiled slightly and sat next to her mother. "Mom, the two of them was not matched by me. They were the matchmaking objects of their elders. I think they are destined to be together."

"So what do you do? Just be alone every day." Mom said.

Alice replied, "I have you, mom."

"Mom cannot stay with you forever. I can't rest assured you being alone." said mom.

Alice, "Mom, I will be fine, and I am not good enough for Dr. Ran."

"Who said it, I think my girl is the best girl, and she deserves everyone." said mom.

Right, parents in the world think the same.

Alice still went with Janice for dinner. Janice said on the road that Dr. Ran told her that he had someone in his heart, and he went on a blind date just to keep the elders from chattering.

Alice was a little guilty, not knowing if the person whom Dr. Ran meant was her own. She was not a fool. In the past three years, Dr. Ran had a good opinion of her, and she couldn't have no feeling at all.

But she also saw Dr. Ran was a man with a story. So many doctors and nurses in the hospital pursued him. He wasn't even being tempted. He must have fallen in love with some girl very deeply.

"Janice, if Dr. Ran really has someone he can't forget, can you accept him?" Alice was really afraid that Janice was too deep in love, and Dr. Ran could not give her anything.

Janice was prideful, like she used to be. "And there is a man I can't get? One day, I will let him kneel in front of me and ask me to marry him."

Alice wished it would happen, the two of them really matched. She just didn't not know if Dr. Ran can accept Janice's temper.

As everyone said, the best way to let go of a relationship was to start a relationship again. Perhaps Janice could really replace the person in Dr. Ran's heart.

At the dinner, Jim also came, and Molly also came, but Ben had not yet come.

Jim still can't help to make fun of Alice. "Alice, Ben has become what he is now. Aren't you very happy? I said you should be with him directly."

Alice lowered her head and didn't know what to say. Some things were probably only understood by her and Benjamin.

Molly had long disliked Alice for a long time, and Benjamin was away now, so she began to provoke alienation, "Ben even didn't want his child for you. How 'wonderful' you are."

Alice didn't want to mention that. What kind of person Molly was, she can see clearly now. She was not as arrogant as she was before, but she will not going to be bullied by anyone now.

"Benjamin said, the child in your stomach cannot be his. Molly, even without me, he still doesn't marry you."

Molly was not embarrassed. She came here today to inquire some information for Joan. She wanted to anger Alice by the way, but she did not expect that she was still the incomparable Alice.

Molly said queerly, "Don't think that the marriage certificate means that you have entered ..."

"What are you saying about me while I'm away?" Benjamin's arrival interrupted Molly's unfinished words. Some things could not be known to Alice.

Jim teased, "If you don't come again, these two women are likely to fight."

Alice rolled her eyes showing unhappiness, she would not be so naive.

Jim saw that Janice was lethargic from the beginning. He struck her with his arms and said, "Hey, will you one day fight with other women for me?"

Janice looked at Jim in disdain. "I'm not a master of kung fu. You have so many women, how will I fight with them? Unless I am not afraid of death."

Chuck spoke with Benjamin, "I haven't seen you for a few days and thought you were starving to death."

Benjamin held the wine poured by Chuck, "How could he starve to death. Penny stuffed my refrigerator a few days ago and I couldn't finish it in a week."

Alice, who had just taken a bite of fruit, and almost choke herself. Penny? !! Penny? !! Doesn't she secretly deliver the food?

Benjamin gave a light glance at Alice, and then there was nothing else. Molly felt that the two of them seemed to have quarreled, and luckily to think that her trip was not in vain.

Jim laughed uncontrollably, "Ben, you have more girls than I."

Benjamin nodded calmly, "But I found an important question. When you fell into a pit would you found out who is the best for you. As I am now, Penny was afraid of hurting my dignity and gives me the food when I am away."

In fact, these words were all told to Alice. Of course he knew that those foods were sent by Alice.

Molly gloated, "In fact, I came here today, and the godmother asked me to take you home. As long as you promised to leave someone, the godmother said ..."

Benjamin interrupted Molly's words again, "Then please goes back and tells my mother, it is impossible."

"..." Molly couldn't speak, and could only sit there and sullen.


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