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"Then why don't you just let me marry you?"

"I cannot."


"I am afraid."

"Since there are such concerns, you should not say those words, and since you speak out, you should love."

Alice heard what Benjamin said, and she felt that she should leave, and she took out her warm feet, and he did not stop.

Her love was a disaster for two people. When they were not together yet, just met again, and Joan came to her. This also made her surer that her father's affairs were known to his parents.

She whispered, "I'll go then."

Benjamin was really going to be driven crazy. Where did the former fearless girl go?

"Alice, what happened to you? Where is your gut? Can't you work hard to be with me? Do I have to be like you and tell you that I like you, I love you, I miss you, I can't live without you so you can see my true feelings for you? "

Alice didn't move.

Benjamin got up and walked to the floor-to-ceiling window. She repeatedly escaped because she had no confidence in their future relationship.

He blamed her. In fact, even if she cared a little more about him, she can see that he and Penny were not unmarried couples. In his heart, no matter how good others were, they can't compare to his Alice.

He was still a bit angry. Since that she had the courage to say what she was thinking, why she didn't have the courage to take one more step.

The heart hurt again, so painful that he can barely stand. He didn't know if he thought too much. There was always an illusion that he may face death tomorrow.

He hated her for not giving up anything because of him, and she always giving up him for others.

Alice turned and looked at Benjamin, who was standing by the floor-to-ceiling window with his back to her. He was so disappointed with her cowardice that he was about to ignore her.

He was right; she just thought he loved her so he would forgive her for everything she did.

She thought that even if she didn't take the initiative to hug him, he would come and hug her, but she ignored that he needed to be loved as well.

Alice summoned the courage to walk towards him, and hugged him from behind. His back was warm and practical.

Fortunately, he did not let her go or push her away.

Alice said sweetly. "Benjamin, my feet are cold."

They were hard to be warmed by him just now. Without him, they were cold again.

Benjamin replied politely, "You deserve it."

Alice's hands were tighter around his strong waist, and she loved the warmth of his body. This time Benjamin took her arms away, and she tried hard to rest on him.

In terms of strength, she must lose.

Benjamin turned around. His eyes fixed on her, and said angrily, "Aren't you leaving?"

Alice looked up, a pair of big eyes staring at him innocently, long eyelashes flickered, and it took her a while to think of a reason that she would not be kicked out by him.

"I said to you just now that I love you and you haven't responded to me."

Benjamin looked at her indifferently, "What if I don't respond?"

Alice was very unreasonable. "I'm stingy. If you don't respond to me, please return those words back to me."

Return it back to her? In what way? She just said I love you and ran back to bargain with him.

"In what way?" Benjamin asked knowingly.

Alice scorned, "I said that I love you. Since you don't need it, and you just said it to me."

This fool was too unreasonable. Anyway, he had to say something to her, I love you.

Benjamin blinked his eyes and looked Alice who felt something went wrong, so she took a step back, but her waist was surrounded by his power. She had been hugged up before she realized what happened.

Alice felt that something went wrong, and her two small hands were clutching his clothes tightly. "Benjamin, even if you throw me out, I will stay at your house."

Benjamin strode forward without even looking at her. Alice thought that she had managed to let herself talk so much just now, but she still had to be kicked out now, she can't let this happen.

Her hands were tightly wrapped around his neck, and her body was close to his body. "Benjamin, I will not leave, I will not leave, I will not leave."

Benjamin was annoyed by her noisy head, and he didn't say he was going to throw her out. What on earth was she thinking about?

"Shut up." He growled, and Alice, who was leaning against his chest, could clearly hear his strong heartbeat.

Alice secretly opened her eyes and looked at him, but he could only see his chin and throat. In other words, the point was, this didn't seem to be the doorway.

Benjamin put her on the sofa, then turned away alone. Alice was still thinking. Was he too angry, so he planned to ignore her?

Holding a soft pillow, lying on the sofa armrest, using her most entangled method before, "Benjamin, I like you, Benjamin, let's fall in love, Benjamin ..."

Before saying anything, Benjamin walked over with a basin of warm water and put it at her feet, and put her feet in without saying a word.

"Ah, it's hot." Alice yelled, but it wasn't that hot just to attract his attention.

Benjamin gave her a disdainful look and left.

"Benjamin, what are you going to do? Benjamin, what I said just now is true. Would you like to think about it, Benjamin, we ..."

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhh ... Benjamin!" It turned out that he was looking for socks just now. He found the socks and stuffed them into her talking mouth.

Even if it's new socks, isn't that a good way to stop her talking?!!

Alice glared at him, but feared that he would ignore her, and smiled flatteringly, "Benjamin, there are actually many ways to shut a woman up. For example ... kiss me, I can't speak."

Benjamin looked at Alice, who was very shameless. Even she usually suppressed her own nature and felt uncomfortable., it still didn't change at all.

"Benjamin, can't you leave me? Benjamin ..."

Benjamin looked at it with a cold eye, "Alice, don't keep calling my name."

Benjamin really wished to cover her mouth with the method she just said.

Benjamin ignored Alice. Alice's two little feet were rubbing each other in the warm water. She dragged Benjamin's clothes.

She whispered, and called him in a seducing way, "Benjamin."

Benjamin couldn't bear her. He turned his head to look at her. She smiled calmly and looked at him a little shyly. "You are sick, isn't your body uncomfortable?"

From childhood to age, what Benjamin can't stand was how she pleases him coquettishly, although he didn't know what messy things she was thinking about now.

Hardened his voice and said, "It can't kill me."

Alice bit his lip and looked at her, summoning a lot of courage, and said, "Let's make it."

Sure enough, Benjamin's face suddenly turned black. His eyebrows were twisted deeply. He asked, "What?"

When he asked, Alice felt a little nervous, and she blinked her eyes anxiously, stuttering, "It meas... That is ..."

Benjamin held her chin with his big hand, so that she was not allowed to avoid his eyes, and then her little face turned red.

Benjamin deliberately asked her, "It seems that it is me who has a fever. Why you lose your mind?"

Alice felt that, anyway, he had already stepped out; didn't he always have such requirements for her in the previous days? She was willing to do it now, and he pretended to be serious.

She had to save her face and casually said, "I was infected by you, I seem to have a fever. Yes, my head is still uncomfortable, my whole body is uncomfortable. I feel dizzy, brain bloated. Yes, you must have a viral cold. How can I, a weak woman, stand your virus? I'm going back to the hospital immediately to find my Dr. Ran ..."

In order to disguise the words she had just said, she kept talking.

Take her feet out of the water and simply wipe them twice with a white towel, then pick up the cotton socks he just brought and put them on her feet.

Benjamin's deep eyes were fixed on her every moment. He listened carefully to every word she said.

Knowing that she was embarrassed now, but his heart was discomfort now. He just wanted to check and give her an answer tomorrow.

Alice put on her socks, and her feet were warm. Without his body temperature, her feet would not be so cold so quickly. She stood in front of the sofa and looked at Benjamin who did not intend to keep her.

Perhaps from the moment she was leaving, he had no intention of staying her.

Somewhat unpleasant in her heart, but she could still bear it, which was nothing compared to the many losses she had given him.

Alice smiled stupidly at him, and then regardless of whether he wanted to, he walked over and held his face with both hands, and kissed hard on his lips.

She said, "Not even respond to me, I am so disappointed."

In fact, he didn't plan to respond. But when her hands left his face, and when she was ready to get up, he pulled her back, and she was under him now.

He lowered his eyes and looked at her deeply. His voice deep and dumb, "You really want to have sex with me?"

Alice bit her lips, her face flushed, and her large and smart eyes were facing him.

She was the super virus in his body. She had always been unscrupulous in his body. He tried hard to strengthen the antibodies and could not subdue her.

Perhaps it was him who did not want to completely destroy her in his world.


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