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As Benjamin said, the other three stopped playing immediately and left automatically.

Alice lowered her head, smiled bitterly, and the bitterness in her heart was overwhelming.

Benjamin turned his head, gazing deep into her, and now she was no longer like Alice of the past, who would cry out loud for little grievance.

Now, even if she suffered from the huge difficulties, she had no intention of crying.

His big hand touched her head, and his voice was thick with unspeakable emotions, "Fool."

Benjamin took a car key from Chuck, "I drove it away."

Alice said goodbye to them, Jim cried, "How about me?"

Benjamin glanced at him, "Do what you want."

Alice actually wanted to explain to them, Benjamin just sent her back, there was nothing. Benjamin directly took her out, and did not give her any opportunity to explain.

Forgot it anyway. There was no need of explanation.

On the way back, Benjamin drove seriously, didn't mean to talk to her.

Alice turned her head from time to time to look at him, Benjamin might be impatient, and then he said, "What you do want to say."

Alice then asked him, "Why quarreled with your family?"

Benjamin did not turn his head, looked ahead, and drove seriously, but his answer was 100% true, "Because of you."

Alice acknowledged that she could not be calm, but could not approach him. She could only whisper, "Not worth it."

Benjamin pouted, "My pleasure."

Alice couldn't say a word anymore. He didn't say much today, but every sentence directly poked her heart.

There were no obstacles along the way. Soon after them arriving at the hospital door, Alice whispered, "Thank you for bringing me back."

Benjamin still didn't turn his head, but answered softly, "It's OK.", and nothing else.

Alice opened the door and was ready to get out of the car. When Benjamin suddenly remembered something. He finally turned his head, and said calmly, "Yes, when I called you that day, I drank too much. It was until the next day that I found your number at my phone's record."

"Oh." Alice didn't know what she was going to say, but nodded slightly, but her heart was really uncomfortable.

Benjamin frowned and asked her, "I ... didn't I say anything, right?"

Alice looked at him, four eye met again. It seemed that he really didn't remember what he said that night.

That day he called her baby. She still remembered, but she managed to make herself smile at him, shook her head, "No, nothing, and you hung up the phone soon."


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