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Alice went into the kitchen in a loss. Although was she who said heartlessly words, but when she met him, his indifference still made her sad.

In the kitchen, Janice told Alice, "I heard from Jim that Benjamin had some quarrels with his family, and now he basically has nothing."

Alice thought she had heard it wrong, and looked at Janice.

Janice nodded. "It seems was because of you."

Alice's heart froze and turned to look at Benjamin sitting in the living room.

The moment she turned her head, Benjamin had turned away in time, leaving no trace, as if he had never seen her.

Jim smiled uncontrollably, "Is this interesting? Want to escape?"

Benjamin looked at him, "Drink your tea."

Chuck, who was making tea, just laughed and didn't say anything.

After the meal, the five of them sat and chatted together, as if it hadn't been like this for a long time. It was rarely that they were free to sit and chat together.

Chuck asked Benjamin, "You should already have plans for the next step. I am more concerned about the design I ordered."

Ben's hands touched Alice's accidentally, and he felt her hands were a little cold.

The he got up, went to the porch and put his coat on her. There was still no word exchange between the two.

It's just that this simple and delicate move was enough to warm Alice's body and mind. In fact, there were some words that did not have to be expressed. One action and one look of the other were the most real.

Benjamin answered Chuck's question, "The design is guaranteed to come out to you within one month, but you have to borrow me five million."

The reason for borrowing money was self-evident. Benjamin said to Jim again, "And you, prepare five million for me."

Jim expressed dissatisfaction. He really hadn't seen a man who borrowed money and so arrogant before.

"What if not?"

Benjamin said "You have no choice."

Janice raised her hand, "I'll give you three million."

Chuck was surprised, "Where did you get so much money?"

Janice smiled, "It was drawn from your bank card."

Everyone laughed. When they laughed, Alice and Benjamin met and four eyes met.

He kept looking at her, no intention of avoiding. Alice embarrassingly bowed her head and whispered, "I have no money."

Benjamin couldn't help laughing, as if he had just looked at her just to borrow money from her.

His tone sounded calm, "it's okay, if you don't have money, you still can help me."

Alice didn't understand what he meant, so she didn't express her stand.

After everyone chatted for a while, Jim and Janice had a quarrel.

Chuck wanted to protect his sister, "Can you be a man, Jim?"

Jim expressed dissatisfaction. "What. You two try to outweigh me?"

Chuck and Janice both smiled, so let's be it. Two people made fun of Jim.

The bystanders were Benjamin and Alice. It was long ago they were so noisy.

Benjamin helped Alice take a piece of cantaloupe, and Alice held it. Seeing that he still didn't plan to say anything, she was worried about him, so she couldn't help asking.

"Are you okay?" She knew the feeling of falling from heaven to hell three years ago. It was difficult. Even in the first few days, she couldn't make it.

Benjamin's eyes fell on the three who were frolicking, his mouth slightly tilted upwards, and the careless answer was all his sincerity, "It's good. It's ... I always miss you."


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