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Ben can't wait to find Chuck. Jim drove so fast that they arrived at Chuck's in half an hour. Ben went to Chuck's house and entered the door lock password directly.

Jim, who was behind Benjamin, couldn't help shaking his head. People in love were stupid. They all said they would meet here. Can they still catch around?

However, unexpectedly, Janice was at home, surrounded by a floral apron with a good figure, looking beautiful.

Jim blew his whistle, "Beauty is cooking in person tonight. No wonder I feel hungry on my way. I am missing you."

Janice had no interest of him. She was focusing on Benjamin. Did he leave something in her brother's house?

It was Jim who answered, "He was looking for Alice."

Janice understood that, "My brother has picked up Alice and hasn't returned yet."

Ben originally wanted to raise his wrist and took a look at the watch. If they had met in the hospital just now, they should be back by this time.

However, there was no watch on his wrist, because the watch was left when leaving home.

Jim helped Janice to work in the kitchen. However, he was just messing up.

Janice thought there was something wrong with Benjamin, "What's wrong with him?"

Jim knew that Janice was asking Benjamin, "He had quarrels with his family because of Alice, but on the way just now, I heard your brother and Alice were together. That's it."

Janice couldn't help but said, "They are really boring. They want to be together and they will be together. If they can't be together, they just accept the one who can accompany themselves for a lifetime."

Jim looked at Janice, smiling, "If no one proposed to you in the future. How about being with me?"

Janice gave Jim a distasteful glance. "I didn't have the time to fight with your numerous girlfriends. I still wait for my prince to pick me up."

How old was she, still believing in fairy tales of princesses and princes.

"Girl, that man might not be your Mr. Right."

Janice deliberately angered Jim, "It is better to marry him than to be with you."

Jim was speechless.

Right, his attitude towards life now was really not worth her.

It should be said that any good girl should not be with someone like him.

There was a sound at the door, but Benjamin, who had been waiting for a long time, suddenly changed his posture. When Alice and Chuck walked in with a smiling face, he seemed to see nothing.

Alice did not expect that Benjamin would also be here. On the way, Chuck only told her that Jim would come.

After crying that night, she unknowingly fell asleep in his house, and it was already dawn when she woke up. Fortunately, he did not return home.

Later, she also heard Chuck said that he had returned to New York.

She thought it was very rare to see again, or that it would be a long time before even seeing again.

She just didn't expect to meet again so soon.

Alice originally wanted to say hello to him, but he didn't seem to think like her, as if he hadn't seen her at all.

Alice carried the fruit bought from the supermarket with Chuck and headed for the kitchen.

She didn't know that, as soon as she turned around, a pair of deep eyes was fixed on her back.


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