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Since Benjamin returned to China and learned what happened to the Alice family three years ago, he had been investigating some things from that year, sometimes he was unwilling to believe.

Since then, he seldom went back home.

The housekeeper was happy to report back to the owner, "Master is back."

Benjamin's father continued to eat. He was calm on the face. But he was very happy to hear his son return.

Benjamin's mother, Joan was different. She put down the chopsticks and pick up her son who just entered the door. "Son, what's wrong with you recently? Every time you go out, you don't tell us. If it weren't Chuck telling us that you help at his company, we should all call the police. "

Benjamin didn't want to talk much, and he put a red marriage certificate on the dining table. Molly saw the certificate most nervously. Anyone could see that it was a marriage certificate.

Molly opened it and looked up suddenly from the dining chair. "Benjamin, what does this mean?"

Joan snatched the marriage certificate from Molly. When she saw the double photo inside and Alice's name, she almost fainted.

Benjamin's father George knew his son. He didn't need to look and knew who he had married.

Joan held the marriage certificate, hands shaking. "Ben, why do you make such a decision and not telling your parents?"

Benjamin answered decisively, "Because I love her."

Molly was also a bit out of control. She was so calculated that Alice would agree to marry Benjamin.

"You are lying. Alice promised aunt a few days ago that she had nothing to do with you."

Benjamin couldn't help sneering. On the way back, he thought that if Molly was threatened by Molly herself, although Alice was stupid, she would not at the mercy of Molly.

He was still deceiving himself, thinking that his mother should not be so confused. Anyway, Alice's mother was her friend for many years.

Molly's words betrayed Joan, who gave Molly a stern glance, and then Molly realized that she was talking something out.

Benjamin sneered, "Mom, this marriage was decided by my own. Alice didn't plan to marry me at all. It was your son who didn't help himself and was afraid to lose her. So he took some measures and let her marry with him. She had no knowledge about the marriage certificate, not even now."

"Ben, are you stupid? There were so many girls in the world, why you can't let her go." His mother felt that her son was really stupid.

Benjamin smirked, "Isn't that what you told me, since I started to grow up that I should take good care of her, and don't allow anyone to bully her, and when we grow up, we are going to get married,. She is my wife. It's the woman I want to spoil through my life. "

Benjamin's words silenced his parents, and even the old housekeeper in the family was silent. Yes, everyone who knew Benjamin and Alice knew that they would grow up together.

Benjamin continued, "Three years ago, I left her alone without knowing it. I thought she really didn't want me. I hated her for three years, but you know what? When I came back, and knew the reason why she really left, how painful I felt? It hurts more than the knife she gave me.


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