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She tried to get rid of him but failed. She tried to bite him, and he didn't let her succeed, and in turn he bit her for punishing her.

Alice was very anxious and speechless. If this scene in the car was seen by a pedestrian outside, they may be posted by some boring people on the Internet.

Alice couldn't get rid of him, so she had to do something with him, and gave him a hard punch in his sensitive waist.

It was very effective. Benjamin quickly let go of her. The place where she was caught should be very painful, and his expression was a little embarrassed.

Alice glared at him without fear. If he dared to kiss her in the future, she would retaliate in this way.

Benjamin glanced at her red lips that had been kissed, and he was so proud. Now if she was in the hospital, Dr. Ran could see that she had been kissed at a glance.

He smiled evilly, but his eyes were serious, "Alice, let's fall in love."

Alice's heart suddenly hurt. In fact, after leaving his house that morning, she also wanted to say this to him. Since she couldn't let go of him, why not try to be a lover.

But everything that happened at the hospital made her see the reality again. She and he were no longer in the same world. They were not the same kind of person and cannot be together.

Alice didn't give him the answer, and silence was rejection.

Benjamin seemed to think of this result. He smiled sadly, and then quickly changed like a person. He uncontrollably picked her delicate chin, and then he smiled evilly charm. "Then be my mistress. I will pay you. "

Alice stared at his eyes, which suddenly was without emotions. Who on earth forced their relationship between them to this day?

It was she who was too cowardly.

If she was the Alice three years ago, she would have said yes without hesitation, but now Alice had no such confidence.

Alice frowned bitterly, making it very difficult for her to make a little sound, but that sound, was extremely unpleasant when she heard it.

There was a pain in her throat at this moment, but any pain could not bear the pain in her heart.

She said, "In the future, we won't meet again."

Suddenly, he pushed her back on her seat... Although the seat was soft, he still felt dizzy.

There was a powerless resentment spreading among Ben's eyebrows. He yelled at her, "Alice, am I not good enough for you? Am I not humble enough in front of you? It's because you love me that you hurt me again and again. Why do you reject me? In your heart, didn't you love me at all? "

Alice could not answer any of his questions, because she was as painful as him, and as helpless as him.

She left him, opened the door and got out of the car.

She didn't say anything, even goodbye.

Benjamin looked helplessly as she walked further and further with a desperate back, and he didn't even know where they went wrong, and why it had become a mistake now.

He just wanted to stay with her all the time, like before, to pamper her. How could it be so difficult?


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