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After that, she took away the money and walked away, without turning back.

In the end, it was Benjamin who cannot bear it. "Alice! Come back!"

The next two days, Benjamin did not see Alice. On the third day, when her mobile phone was still unreachable, he went directly to the hospital to find her.

He thought she was so busy that she didn't even answer his phone call. It turned out that she was busy leaning on other man's shoulders that she wiped her tears pitifully.

At that time, Benjamin went straight to drag Alice from the wooden chair. Without saying a word, though he clearly knew Dr. Ran, and was not ready to say hello, and he was going to leave with Alice.

Alice refused to follow him. She can't leave the hospital now, but she lost her voice that morning after leaving from his house, because she extremely restrained herself from crying that her voice was torn and she couldn't speak.

She looked back at Dr. Ran, who stepped forward to stop Benjamin and held Alice's other hand.

Benjamin's eyebrows were tight, his dark eyes were murderous, "Let go of her."

Dr. Ran took a step closer to Alice's side. He lowered his eyes and smiled at Alice, and then turned to look at the magnificent Benjamin.

After all, Dr. Ran was older than them, and more experienced than them. He always stayed calm and his voice didn't sound wavering. "It's you who should let go of her, Benjamin."

Dr. Ran specifically called his name just to tell Benjamin that he knew him, of course he must have heard from Alice here.

However, Alice did not talk with Dr. Ran about Benjamin.

Ben's eyebrows were even colder, and Alice felt that his wrists could be broken in the next second. The more she tried to get rid of his shackles, the strength of his hands got stronger.

Dr. Ran felt distressed at Alice and yelled at Benjamin. "Benjamin, let go of her. Haven't you seen Alice hurting?"

Benjamin also seemed to have just realized that he grasped her hand too fast, and he loosened it a little, fearing that she would run away immediately, and tightened again.

Benjamin ignored Dr. Ran and looked at Alice, "I have something for you."

Alice looked at him. The only hope she could see in her eyes seemed to have disappeared. She couldn't speak and shook her head gently.

Benjamin frowned, grinning bitterly, "You don't even want to talk to me, do you?"

Alice bit her lips and still didn't say a word. Even if her heart hurt, she could only bear it silently. She knew Benjamin so much. Since he came to her, he couldn't leave easily.

She turned to look at Dr. Ran, who was worried about her, and smiled at him, letting to be assured.

Dr. Ran did not believe, "Really?"

Alice smiled and nodded.

Dr. Ran then reluctantly let go of Alice's hand. Just now Alice's smile at Dr Ran was enough to make Ben jealous.

Angrily dragged Alice away, his legs were long, and Alice could only follow him by trotting, or she would really be dragged away.


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