Home / Chapter 71 Which Came First? Tomorrow or Accident
Alice had clearly seen tomorrow's sky is falling apart; she still wanted to work hard to cherish every moment being with him.

She lowered her head gently on his chest and said mutely, "I'm not good anywhere. It was because you are too stupid."

Benjamin smiled helplessly. She wasn't good anywhere. He felt that she was very good. She didn't know anything. It was OK with him.

He's not stupid. .

He had long, sharp fingers, and touched her delicate chin. The pure little face was gently raised by him, and he smiled until her back of the head rested on the back of the sofa.

What was he doing? The smile was so charming,. The eyes were still so passionate, and his posture seemed to be ready to ride on her...

Alice's flustered hands pressed against his sturdy chest. "Is your fiancee really not satisfied with you? Don't always treat me like this. I'm afraid I can't restrain myself."

He held her deeply, his voice heavy, "If I die tomorrow, will you still restrain yourself now?"

Alice's heart felt a pain, what was he talking about. How could he use this hypothesis? She punched him angrily, "Don't say bad things."

"No one knew which one came first, tomorrow or accident. Alice, let's cherish the moment."

He hadn't even spoken yet, and Alice was still thinking about how he suddenly became so sad. Her lips already felt his warm lips.

Alice blinked with wide eyes, not because he couldn't accept his kiss, but also thinking about the meaning of what he said just now.

In fact, when they met again, she also thought that if there was no tomorrow between them. Could she be bold and brave and love him without thinking anything?

Alice raised her hand around his neck, he kissed deeply, and she even wanted to respond to him affectionately for a moment.

Can they do it?

Joan's words repeatedly played in her mind. She was the murderer who almost claimed his life. It was impossible for any mother to let her son be with a woman who almost killed him.

It was a torture.

Alice's feeling of wanting to end the unclear relationship between the two was so terrible.

They can't be friends or lovers.

"Benjamin, don't do this."

His kiss did not stop, even as she began to struggle. The deeper he kissed, the kiss that fell on her neck soon left a little mark.

He gave her no room for resistance. Yes, he hated the vague relationship between them more than she did.

Before dawn, Ben like a beast that had been hibernating for many years, releasing all the feelings that have been suppressed in his heart for many years at this moment.

Maybe he choose the wrong way and it hurt her, but he wanted to get himself out of control once, or keep going out of control like this.

Afterwards, he was lying on her body with a breathless breath, which could not be said to be refreshing, but he was relieved.

Alice gave an angry bite on his shoulder. She begged him that way just now, and he was indifferent. He must be crazy.

That bite was really hard; Benjamin took a painful breath and said, "Lightly."

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