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Benjamin lied on her body, always felt that he was aggrieved in front of her, and really wanted to punish her well, but in the face of her, he could do nothing.

But don't really crush her; her skinny shape would hurt him.

Turned over, lying flat on the big bed. He was taken up by the whole bed at once, and one arm and one leg were placed on Alice, in order to prevent her from running away.

Alice was holding his arm around her neck with both hands, she was really dead.

Benjamin threatened, "Lie here, or I really sleep with you."

Alice swallowed the astringent saliva in her throat, and he always did what he said. She didn't dare to move lightly, but there was a slight sadness in her heart, and it was bitter.

The two were lying flat on a bed, the lights in the room were not on, and the moonlight in the night sky was shining through the window on the big bed in the room. The moonlight was always sadder than the sunlight.

A cool breeze poured in from the half-open window, and it just woke the people up on the bed.

For a long time of silence, some things still have to be faced. Time cannot be fixed at this moment. Tomorrow will still come.

"Go back, otherwise I really can't guarantee that nothing will be done to you." Benjamin put one hand on his forehead; his voice was low and helpless. He had no idea of what will happen the next day.

"Are we not friends?" Alice asked him stupidly. She was still holding the hope of being with him as friend and staying in each other's life.

Benjamin's tight lips flickered a bitter smile, "What do you say?"

Some things can't go back once they happened.

When love came, you either love or never see the gut you loved again. With love, how can they be a good friend?

Alice turned around, lying sideways and staring at him lying flat.

When she met again, she still had a lot to say to him. Every time she could not survive in the past three years, she talked a lot with the diary he had given her.

Raising her hand, a little bit closer to his left chest, that place was where she dare not touch it easily. There was the injury she gave him, which was also the imprint that the two of them can never go back.

When her hand rested on his heart, his body was stunned, his eyes fixed on her with a puzzled light.

She smiled bitterly, her eyes were hazy, and her throat was sore from tears when she was too sad. She was afraid that she would be speechless again, holding back the pain in her throat, and her voice was almost dumb, "Did you feel pain?"

At that time, it must be painful, but she had never seen him once, as if completely leaving from his life.

At that time, he must hate her.

"I'm sorry ..." she always wanted to say to him, and every time they met again, she tried to touch his heart and say to him, I'm sorry.

In the past three years, when she didn't know why she could be so ruthless at first, she vowed sternly that she had to apologize to him in person.

Just now, it won't.

He smiled and laughed at her, "Don't be silly"

When Alice heard it, it was unbelievable. Suddenly, she sat up cross-legged, and asked him curiously, "How did you know I wrote a novel?"

Only one person knew about this, Dr. Ran, because she was holding the computer every day, and Dr. Ran kept asking, and she told him embarrassingly.

The mother also asked, she didn't say anything.

Benjamin put her hands behind her head, looking at her with a calm look on his face, "I know what your name is."

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