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Benjamin suddenly bowed. This time, the two big hands held her big slap in a domineering manner. Now she can't hide it.

He asked her, also trying to open her heart, "Then I'm getting married, are you uncomfortable?"


The answer the first time was like this, but she couldn't say, "I wish to be happier than me."

"Hmm ..." Let her talk nonsense, and every time she said something against her will, he would block her mouth in this way.

Simple and effective, and make him feel safe.

Alice was still sitting on the dining chair and couldn't stand up. His hands firmly on his shoulders, and was about to push him away. But he was like a big mountain firmly and still.

His kiss was deep and true, as if he had vented the emotions he had buried deep in his heart for many years. And she was still resisting. His hands clasped behind her neck, his thumb just touched her sensitive earlobe.

He seemed to be comforting a beast that was difficult to tame, and the warm thumb of his thumb rubbed a few times on her earlobe, and she seemed to be tamed a lot in an instant.

He was very happy with her response. The hands she had originally placed on his shoulders were already wrapped around his neck. His big hands slowly moved from top to bottom. The two of them were breathing, hot, and hurried...

He held Alice, who was sitting on a chair, into his arms. She instinctively wrapped her legs around his waist, and at the same time, she was awake.

What were they doing?

If it was an accident three years ago because she was drunk and unconscious, today she was not drunk.

She managed to find a chance to speak, her voice murmured, "No."

He can't be strong. He bit on her delicate lips as a punishment, and said "I'm drunk."

Alice could not help but take a breath. He just drank only half a glass of red wine, how could he be drunk.

"Don't make a noise." Alice struggled a little, trying to get him to put her down. The posture he was holding her was really ambiguous.

Benjamin looked up and put his chin in her heart. She could clearly feel his sultry breath around his neck. He took a deep breath for a long time, and said, "I'm really drunk."

Before the words fell, he hugged her and walked towards the bedroom. As soon as Alice was in a hurry, she took a bite in his neck, and her voice was very low. "Ben, no."

Actually, it didn't hurt, but made Ben want her all the more. He pretended to take a deep breath, his voice was magnetically dumb and had charming magic, "Three years ago, you also acted like this. But you didn't let go of me."

He's wronged?

That's enough. That night three years ago, he was going to remember forever his life.

Alice retorted speechlessly and had to call his name, "Benjamin ..."

Benjamin kicked the door with her foot in her arms, and ordered, "Don't yell."

She didn't yell, just calling his name.

"Ben ..." She called him, trying to wake him up, and he regarded her as an invitation?

It was originally intended to throw her to the bed, but in order to protect himself, the octopus clung to him tightly and refused to let go.

Benjamin simply relaxed the whole body, and instantly, the weight of the whole body was handed over to her.

"Ah, Benjamin, you want to crush me."


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