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Alice poured another glass of wine for the two, and when toasting with Benjamin, Benjamin took the wine glass in her hand, "Don't drink."

Alice wanted to take it back again, "I'm not drunk. My biggest skill in these three years is drinking."

How could she say that Benjamin would not let her drink again, so she deliberately said, "I'm afraid that someone wants to drink on purpose, and then pretends to be drunk and sleeps with me."

Hey ... wasn't this girl taking advantage of him? At that time three years ago, she did it once.

Alice's forefinger pointed at his small nose, "I? Taking advantage of you?"

Ben raised his eyebrows and nodded sincerely, "Did you forget that you have a previous record?"

Alice's face blushed, and as she had been drinking red wine just now, her cheeks were very seductive.

Pouting her small mouth, "It's been three years, Benjamin, how did you still remember?"

Benjamin was also very polite, "Some things will never be forgotten in my life." Just like Alice, who he can't let go.

Of course, in the latter sentence, he talked about it in his heart.

Alice didn't dare to look at him. He didn't know it was because he knew that he liked him, and he had a different observation of him. He always inadvertently had an illusion. In fact, he always liked her more than just talking.

Maybe it's true? But when she remembered that she almost killed him three years ago, she knew that it was really just an illusion.

As he said, his likeness, with the blood flowing from his heart, had faded away, and the heart that loved her was pierced by her own hands and died.

Head down and murmured, "I was meant to accompany you drunk, your fiancee has other boyfriend, you must be upset. In fact, I think that a man like you should have the best woman as a wife. You can't marry her. "

She was still thinking about that.

Benjamin was helpless, "Don't marry her, marry you."

Alice looked up at him, and the moment the four eyes met, his heart was disturbed again. "How can there be a feeling to break up a couple? Actually, I don't mean that, I think marriage is sacred. Marriage should be sincere and undivided, not ... "

Benjamin interrupted Alice's nonsense, "Alice ..."


She looked at him who approached her step by step.

He stopped by her, sitting on one edge of the dining table with one leg, and lowered his eyes sideways to stare at her in a dining chair.

She was about to avoid his hot eyes, he reached out and touched her delicate chin, and slightly raised her head to face him.

Looking at the panic in her eyes, the corner of his mouth could not help but tilt upward. His thick voice was very low and tense, "If I marry you, will you say yes?"

Alice's heart suddenly jumped fast. Why was he always like this? She turned her head, her voice was stiff, "Don't make a joke."

Benjamin sighed, but his voice was helpless, and she in fact had affection for him, "Am I kidding?"

Alice said sourly, "You are about to marry another woman, and you still asked these meaningless things."

Benjamin suddenly bowed. This time, the two big hands held her big slap in a domineering manner. Now she can't hide it.

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