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However, his words just made her a little flattered. His famous designer needed her.

At a glance, the main picture on the table attracted Alice, a beautiful castle, a British style with a Chinese style design, as if in the clouds.

Remember when she choose a design major in the past, he asked her what was the most she wanted to draw? She answered without hesitation, the castle.

In the future, she will live in the castle she designed, and she vowed to let her prince live with her in the castle.

Oh, at that time, she thought that as long as she thought of it, it would come true.

Benjamin brought two pasta out of the kitchen, and Alice came out from the memories. She looked at him with a smile, "The castle you painted was so beautiful."

Benjamin put down the pasta, glanced at her, and said nothing.

Alice came over and saw his good pasta. His cooking skills were as good as ever, with all colors and fragrances, which made her as a nanny of his family very ashamed.

"You won't have to deduct my salary again, right?" It felt like if she really worked for a month, she would have to lose money.

Benjamin had already sat down, not answering her question, "Is there any question on the design?"

Alice looked at her and had something to say, "No."

"I'm worried that my wife may not like it."

The crackling sound of "crack", Alice's fork fell on the plate, he meant that the castle was going to be given to his wife, and then his wife was Penny.

This idiot.

Alice cleared her throat and asked Benjamin mysteriously, "Is there any problems with ... you and your fiancee?"

Benjamin pretended not to understand, "Of course."

Alice didn't smile. It seemed that he really didn't know that he had been cheated. He was so arrogant. If he knew it, would definitely feel shameless in front of her.

She could only secretly ask him, "Have you ever thought about it, one day your relationship will not be so good now, or something like a third person will happen. What do you do?"

Benjamin didn't know what she knew or wanted to ask. The girl's head always thought about messy things.

He didn't have any expression, and his voice said very often, "What's wrong, do you want to be a mistress or a lover?"

Alice gave him a white look and talked to him well. He had to find a chance to hurt her, "Benjamin ..."

She called him again. She can't stand it.

"What." The tone was impatient, but some wanted to know quickly what she wanted to say tonight.

Alice had been lingering all afternoon, waiting for him to give orders to force her to speak, or she would have to smash herself.

"Then I said, you have to make sure not to get angry. In fact, I think it may not be what I saw, or ..."

"Say." After a big push, she still didn't get the subject.

Alice was really worried about a person who thought of him as a face-saving person. When she said it, he would not be able to stand it, and her eyes just turned to the wine cabinet next to him. . "

"..." Benjamin didn't speak, letting her do whatever she wanted.

Pour him a half glass of red wine, and pour herself a bit, and then touch the glass with his glass, "Cheers."

Benjamin was speechless, but also drank.

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