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The next day, the whether got cold, and Alice arrived at Benjamin's apartment at about noon. In fact, she did not want to come over. His fiancee was there, and she should not show up.

Thinking of she might as well call and tell him, but his mobile phone had been in an unreachable state, so she came with some anxiety.

The home was quiet, no one was in sight, and the cell phone, which had been unreachable, lay on the sofa and had no power.

In the president's office of Chuck, Benjamin didn't knock on the door and pushed in. He wanted to find out what did Alice say to him last night?

Chuck, who was busy at work, looked up at him. The two people who came in here without knocking on the door were two, one was Benjamin, and another was his sister Janice.

Benjamin had not spoken yet, and Chuck directly asked. "You want to hear what Alice said to you last night?"

It didn't feel good to be guessed, but he couldn't deny, "What did she say?"

Chuck smiled meaningfully, but he is a businessman. There was an idiom called "Businessman is always treacherous", and he directly showed out what he wanted in exchange. "A British-style design of the main building. No loss for you. "

Benjamin snorted, "You're looting a burning house."

Chuck nodded seriously, "I don't deny it."

"Speaking first, I have another design that I am busy with."

Chuck jokingly said, "I thought you were all around Alice, and you have sold all the companies in your family. It turned out that you were not idle."

"Couldn't we pull the topic away?" It was so troublesome to get something out of his mouth.

Chuck also had a lot of work at hand, and he really didn't have the time to waste with him. "She didn't say anything, just being uncomfortable at seeing you show affection, and cursed your disharmony with your fiance last night. Of course, I also arrogantly praised that you and the fiancee are a good match. "

"That's it?" It fit Alice very well.

Chuck looked up at him, "In fact, what you want to hear was that whether she can live without you or anything like that. She didn't really say it. Even if she said, we are in a relationship between rivals. Do you think I will tell you? "

"..." He was really annoying at Chuck.

However, he went away and disappeared for three days.

Benjamin didn't go home for three days, and Alice couldn't get through to his cell phone. When she was in a hurry, she almost called the police and his cell phone finally connected.

"What's wrong?"

She was so anxious that she was crazy, and he was so at ease that she was really mad at him.

"It's okay," she replied in a cold, angry voice.

Benjamin was equally irritable, "It's okay. Why you called me all day?"

He knew she was calling for him, and he didn't reply!

This jerk!

"I ... I was uncomfortable that night, and then I haven't seen you for three days. I thought ..."

Forget it, now he can still annoy her, proving that he was good and did not care about her.

Benjamin's voice also sounded a little slower, and what was said was still so speechless, "You thought I was dead."

Alas, he didn't know the word almost tortured her to death in the past three days.

Benjamin couldn't help crying. "That may disappoint you. I am very fine. I will go home for dinner tonight."


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