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Alice muttered a lot, but Chuck got confused. Were they speaking the same thing? He was talking about Benjamin. Who was the man she said fell in love with his fiancee?

"Who's fiancee?", Chuck couldn't help asking Alice.

Finally, she found someone who could listen to her. "Who but Benjamin. You haven't seen how he acts before his fiancee. After marriage, he must be afraid of his wife."

Alice severely cursed Benjamin's being fear of his wife after he married and could not help making Chuck laugh. Benjamin would definitely be afraid of his wife, but the premise was that his wife must be Alice.

As smart as Chuck, he almost understood. Benjamin found a woman home and said that she was his fiancee, and the purpose was to provoke Alice.

Was he naive? Or did Benjamin know something? The two of them were doomed to entangle.

Safely send Alice to the hospital, and Chuck said politely, "It's a little late now, so I won't go to see your mom. I just pick the time one day chat with her."

Alice refused immediately, "No,no,no.. Don't show up in front of my mother."

Chuck was puzzled. "What's wrong? Your mother also doesn't want to see me?."

Alice explained, but a little embarrassed, after all, she lied, "I told my mom, I work in your company, and I'm afraid you will make mistake."

Chuck nodded his head, "Then we have time to check, for example, what is your position? Who is your best colleague in the company? If you don't work hard, whoever bullies you ..."

Alice smiled embarrassingly. Maybe one day he really had to talk to her mother about these things. Mommy would listen to her a hundred times, so it's better for Chuck to talk to her and assured her.

"Thank you." Without knowing what to say, Alice could only say this.

Chuck smiled, "Actually, compared to the former Alice who had always stood by Benjamin and had no fear of everything, I think you are better now."

Without Benjamin's asylum, she grew up.

Fortunately, Alice was lucky to have Chuck, otherwise she may not be able to get a car back now, and it will definitely turn into a wet chicken.

And Chuck's first thing after leaving the hospital was, of course, to talk to Benjamin who made him and Alice meet upstairs in his house for uncomfortable reasons.

Otherwise, he was afraid that it would be inconvenient to answer the phone while driving.

When the mobile phone was connected, Chuck didn't say whether he had seen Alice or whether he had sent to the hospital. He first asked a question that made him curious for an hour. "Who is your fiancee?"

This also meant that he had already seen Alice.

Benjamin didn't explain and told him directly, "Penny."

Penny, the name was a bit familiar, "The psychiatrist who helped you channel your mind while in England?"

"Yes." He had just taken the new medicine Penny brought her, and was very sleepy, feeling that his brain had fallen asleep.

Chuck knew that he had a routine, and said stubbornly, "When did she become your fiancee? I thought that even if you were angry with Alice, you would take Molly out to provoke her. I didn't expect you to have a lot of girlfriends. "

Benjamin felt very tired and exhausted, his eyebrows tightened, "So much nonsense, drive carefully on the road, see you tomorrow."

After the call was disconnected, Chuck felt that Benjamin's voice sounded really tired. Was he really uncomfortable? Why else asked Penny to go to his house alone?

This brother, since the absence of Alice, had always been very disturbing.

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