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Benjamin said, "As a law-abiding citizen, you still run a red light?"

"It's you who should be blame. Who made you scare me." said Penny.

The two talked one by one, Alice was jealous. This was the way to get along with his lover. Therefore, she and Benjamin had never been lovers.

They were just friends. If it wasn't for a night of sleep after that drunkenness, in fact, they were still normal friends.

When they entered the bedroom, Alice was embarrassed and slipped away. She was afraid that she would show their affection again and she would cry out in front of him.

Although she didn't know what was she upset about?

Hearing the closing sound, Benjamin in the bedroom smiled bitterly, and politely said to Penny who cooperated with his acting, "Thank you."

Penny felt that her hands were empty, and her heart was empty for a while, but it was only an instant that she kept her best condition and raised a smile at him, "Alice."

She hadn't seen her, but her name was familiar.

Benjamin used the distress in his eyes to make Penny understand his answer.

Penny nodded for him in distress. "She's gone, but now it's raining heavily outside. Don't you go with her?"

Benjamin stood by the window, and the colorful lights did not warm up the cold rain of late autumn, and the voice was low, "No need."

Penny didn't say anything else. She knew her identity. If he didn't say anything, she wouldn't ask actively. The less she knew, the longer she would stay with him.

The rain kept falling, she stood at the door of the apartment and smiled silly. What was she looking forward to? Will he catch up and pass her an umbrella?

But why were she so lost? She had been caught in the rain countless times in the past three years, and she was not so pretentious when he was away.

As soon as she rushed into the rain, an umbrella covered her head. At that moment, Alice had an illusion. As long as she turned back, she could see Benjamin, even if he looked at her indifferently.

She looked back; the smile in the sight was warm, but not Benjamin.

"Why are you here?" It was a little unexpected, but not surprising.

Chuck smiled slightly. "How disappointed you are, it's not me who you hope to see."

He could all see, "Don't leave me here alone, in fact, I don't like getting rainy."


On the way back to Alice, the two of them chatted. It would be more comfortable to sit with friends.

"Ben said he was uncomfortable. Was he okay?" Chuck spoke as he drove. The sight was weak because of the rain, and the speed was not fast.

Alice couldn't help defaming in her heart, just a little uncomfortable, should everyone need to know it.

"He's very good now." Thinking of his sweet looks with his fiancee, it was estimated that now ... Forget it. She was afraid she'll rush back in the rain now.

Listening to Alice's tone, it seems that the two were quarreling; otherwise Benjamin would not let him come over to pick her up, and said that if Alice asked him why he appear here, he said Ben called him to pick her up, because he was uncomfortable.

"It's raining hard that you should leave later. If I don't come, you really want to go home in the rain."

Alice was still suffocated because of this matter, and said without thinking, "I don't want to stay in his house to abuse myself. Fortunately, you haven't gone upstairs yet. You haven't seen how sweet he and his fiancee look like. Why was he so proud? He just fell in love. Everyone can fall in love.

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