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Benjamin ignored her. She closed the door gently, but didn't close it completely. Then she sat against the wall and sat in the door of his bedroom.

For about an hour, he had been sitting in the bedroom without much movement. Alice secretly looked at him several times and did not know why the book worth of reading. He had been reading it for a long time.

The doorbell rang, and Alice's whole body was instantly stiff, and his fiancee came.

The doorbell was ringing all the time and her legs seemed to be nailed to the ground.

Benjamin came out of it, with a bad tone and a bad attitude. "You deaf. Go open the door."

Alice nodded, she really felt abusive. She didn't leave just now, and she was left to look for suffering.

She stood at the door, took a deep breath and opened the door. The smile expression that was prepared in her heart had not come and adjusted, and the woman hurried in.

She still also carried moisture from the outside, her hair was wet with rain, and she took off her coat while walking anxiously.

When she saw Benjamin coming out of the bedroom, she quickly walked over, holding one hand on Benjamin's arm, and the other hand stroking his forehead. "How can you suddenly feel uncomfortable? Fortunately, you don't have a fever. Have you taken any medicine? "

In this scene, in the eyes of Alice, she was suddenly sad.

When Benjamin said in front of her that he was uncomfortable, she was anxious, but she didn't know what to do?

This fiancee ... this kind of care was what he wanted.

Suddenly, Alice, standing at the door, for the first time in a place with Benjamin, felt that she was an outsider.

Benjamin smiled softly, "It's okay, I just miss you a little bit."

After hearing this, his fiancee hit him lightly on his shoulder, "bad guy."

Alice had the idea of running away. She even wanted to open the door and slip out now. She was afraid that her presence would disturb their original warmth.

His fiancee finally remembered that someone had opened the door for her, and she looked back at Alice who was still standing at the door, and asked Benjamin, "She is ..." That girl seemed be familiar. But she was not sure.

Alice tried hard to make herself not too awkward, but she was still awkward. She just wanted to say her name. Benjamin was one second earlier than her, "Nanny."

Yes, when he introduced her, he just said she was a nanny.

And then his introduction to the fiancee was completely different, "This is my fiancee, Penny. We met when studying in the UK, and like your boyfriend she is a doctor."

Alice just nodded and listened. In fact, she couldn't hear a word.

Penny, such a nice name, matches her gentle and elegant temperament.

"Hello." Penny smiled and greeted her.

Alice can only try to keep herself smiling, nodding slightly, "Hello."

After that, Alice was the extra existence. Penny wrapped her arms around Benjamin's arms, and Benjamin gently helped her manage her wet hair.

She heard Benjamin's joking voice, "Are you coming by rocket. You are so fast."

Penny glanced up at him with a little apprehension. "Did you know that you were uncomfortable on the phone just now and scared me to death? I have a speeding fine tonight and a red light. You pay for me."


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