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"Alice, what about you? Why do you know that I have a purpose in letting you come to my house, and you still come here?

Alice concealed her intent, "For money, so much money, I don't want others to earn it."

Benjamin smiled coldly, "It counts it."

He tapped his long fingers on the table, "Go get a bottle of wine."

"Can't you drink it?" She wasn't lazy. She thought it would be nice to have a good meal.

Benjamin murmured at her vaguely, his voice deliberately low, "if don't drink a little wine, there was no excuse when I mess with you later."

Alice gave him a glance, deliberately annoying him.

She didn't get the red wine, and the meal was finished. When he got up, he remembered something, "Tomorrow give me your ID card and family registration certificate, and your one-inch photo."

"What?" asked Alice.

Benjamin said, "Even if you're just a nanny here, you need to apply for a minimum employment contract. I don't want my home to be evacuated that day, and you little nanny has evaporated."

"Well, I am poor, but I will not commit crime."

"Prevention is better than never."

There were unpredictable circumstances, and then, when Alice was about to leave that night, it rained.

Alice stood distressed by floor-to-ceiling window; the rain hit the glass, and looked like a colorful picture under the neon light at night.

"Does your house have an umbrella?" Alice asked Benjamin, who was sitting on the sofa watching the news.

Benjamin didn't even look at her, "No." He thought, and he didn't give it to her if he had one.

"Then there was a raincoat in your house?".

The answer was the same, "No."

Alice was speechless. Why didn't he understand what she wanted to say and had to say, "Can you lend me a piece of inexpensive clothes?"

She can't take a rain to take a taxi. This autumn rain was very easy to catch a cold. The poor can't afford to get sick.

He would not say anything other than the word, "No."

Alice resisted the urge to pinch his neck. Begging someone always needed to put down your dignity.

Sitting beside him with a smile, her voice was deliberately sweet, "Benjamin ..."

It turned out to be like a repeater, "No."

Alice was embarrassed. She didn't ask him yet. "Can you take me back to the hospital?"

He finally had a reaction, turned his head, and his eyes were deep, blinking at her instantly, without expression, making it difficult to guess what he was thinking.

Alice asked him with a slight smile, but in exchange for his indifferent response, "No."

Alice almost lifted her hand to hit him, but fortunately she put up with it.

"My mother will worry about me. It rains so hard, and I had no rain tools, and you don't lend me your clothes. It will be OK if you don't send me back, but you can't do this, just watching me being wet ... "

"Ah!" What happened? It terrified her, the small heart suddenly burst.

How come he pushes her on the sofa? Now, how long had this movement been practiced, so fast that she had no chance to hide?

"What are you doing?" Alice asked him awkwardly, afraid to look at him.

His eyes were deep and dark, and there was pain in his heart that could not be suppressed. She knew that he liked her, and she was still in his world freely and casually.

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