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"Ding." The elevator door opened, and the twentieth floor had arrived.

He turned back and walked out. Alice like a rat saw the cat, become scared and followed him carefully, and pulled the two men apart by almost two meters.

This was to show off his wealth to her. He did not live here for a long time. He also lived in a mansion on the first floor. It was a luxury for him alone. Is her task of cleaning the space a bit later? It's too heavy.

"Ah ..." Just thinking about it, she forgot to keep a distance from him, and hit him directly on his hard, stone-like back.

Benjamin gave her a light glance, determined that she hadn't fainted, and continued to open the door. "The password is my birthday, if you forget it; you don't need to enter this door again."

Alice smiled and listened on the face, but murmured in her heart, 'It's a sissy for a big man to set his family's password as his birthday. '

She didn't say something, and he was like a mirror in his heart. "The house was sent to me by Chuck, and the password was set by him."

Alice denied, "I didn't say anything."

A pair of white household slippers was thrown in front of Alice's feet, and he heard him say, "Yours. In the future, you can see your slippers to know whether you have cleaned the floor clean enough."

This was ... picky.

After entering the door, Benjamin was sitting in a black leather sofa like an uncle, but Alice was fresh looking around. Wouldn't this black-grey style cause depressed mood? No sunshine at all.

Alice stood in front of the sofa, and looked down at him, "Did you not work after you returned to China?" He would not be a man who depended on parents.

Benjamin was sitting on the sofa, slightly looking up at his handsome face. "The second ruler is if the host doesn't want to tell you anything, don't ask."

This jerk. Can he be more arrogantly?

Alice reluctantly endured, as she was short of money. "Oh."

Benjamin provoked, "Oh, what do you mean? Shouldn't you say yes to the host?"

Alice had originally wanted to answer back, and his wicked capitalist was so hateful that she wanted to tell off his doing hand job in the room and humiliate him.

But no, she was afraid he would throw her directly from the 20th floor.

The corners of her mouth were slightly upturned, and her smile was pretty standard. She folded her hands in front of her and bowed the Master respectfully. "Yes, master."

Seeing how she gritted her teeth but couldn't take him, she had to be obedient. Benjamin almost couldn't help laughing

Benjamin raised his wrist and glanced at the limited edition brand-name watch. He said coldly, "It's more than three o'clock in the afternoon, almost seven o'clock in the evening. My fiancee will come over for dinner. She likes Chinese food. At that time, you have to prepare four dishes and one soup and clean the house thoroughly. She likes lilies. You go to buy a bunch and put it at home. By the way, the point is to make my room warm and romantic. Get up, do you hear me? "

Alice's big eyes were staring straight at him, as if listening to his words, but as if she hadn't heard them. In fact, she never expected that woman would appear in his home.


"Huh?" Alice looked back, looked at him, and immediately nodded. "Oh, yes, I heard that. So I'll get ready now."

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