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Benjamin used his eyes to fight against Chuck in secret, and Chuck pretended not to see.

However, Alice knew her own ability. "I can't do it even if the salary is high."

"It doesn't matter; our new company was basically new people. You can learn slowly, and you will do well because of your clever nature." Chuck said in a nice word.

Alice looked at Chuck gratefully. Both of them grew up together. Why was there such a big difference between them?

Benjamin only saw her shortcomings. But Chuck wouldn't be as bad as him and praise her.

Just as Alice was hesitant, Benjamin interjected, "Go to the workplace to fight with each other. How could you handle it with your straight mind? You are asking for trouble."

Alice unhappily gave Benjamin a glance. Why isn't he just being nice?

In the end, Chuck drove Alice to the hospital, and Alice still did not agree to go to his company to work.

Chuck thought in his heart that she said she would be Ben's nanny just for 3,000 dollars. And he also paid for her. Why did she still remain unmoved?

Alice opened the door and got out of the car. She closed the door and stood by the car to see them again. Chuck smiled warmly at her, while the arrogant Ben didn't even turn his head to look at her.


Two days later, Alice received a call from Benjamin, "The Blue Mountain Apartment on Haining Road, in the twentieth floor in Building 3. Took a taxi and took the ticket to reimburse."

Alice thought he had received the wrong call, or he dialed the wrong number, "This Alice."

Benjamin did not explain, then said, "3,000 dollars is beckoning to you."

"You mean that ..." Suddenly, she became very excited. But deep inside, there was an inexplicable sourness.

"As the nanny of my family, the first ruler is any order given by the host should be completed immediately, regardless of the reason."

Alice couldn't say a word. This guy, is not to avenge her, right?

She called him tentatively, "Benjamin ..."

Benjamin's eyebrows twisted, her voice was guarded against him, and he unpleasantly issued a syllable, "What."

"Can I have a small request?"

Knowing that she was not so easy to deal with, Benjamin was calm and said, "If you don't think you can, don't ask for it."

Alice was anxious, "No, you must guarantee that only I can go to your house as a nanny."

Benjamin snorted, "Don't say that you only live in the same house but different beds. I have no interest in having sex with you."

The last two words were deliberately meaningful. Alice made a grimace on the phone, "Well, don't you dare. Benjamin I tell you, you must not be violent to me. You must not hit me, you must not scold me, your salary must be paid on time, and you must also give me holidays, and ... "

Do you know Alice? You're way too much.

Benjamin was indifferent and polite, "Forget it, I'll replace someone."

"Ah. You ..." No, when she still wanted to talk about something, he hung up the phone.

With his bad temper, how can they still play happily in the future?

When Alice called him again, he was unwilling to answer her phone. After three consecutive calls, they were temporarily unavailable. Please dial again later.

What can she do? Going to the door herself. Who made her so arrogant just now, and now she was really worried a little bit. She will send herself to the door later, but she is afraid that the door will not be opened.


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