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Alice told him truthfully, "She said that you were about to get married, but because of my presence, you wanted to regret it. She said it was because you were worried me for not being well now."

Ben listened carefully, word by word, Molly was still Molly, and she was at her mercy every day like a fool.

"Go on!" the voice sounded a little angry.

Alice continued, "Marry her, I ..."

"I asked you to say what Molly said!" He did not let her say some nonsense she wanted to say.

Ben's voice was not loud, but it was very deep and depressed. The car was filled with strong pressure.

"She said you cruelly let her have an abortion. Ben, you can't be so cruel. Anyway, you are the father of that kid"

After speaking, Alice kept looking at him, hoping to see some other expressions on his face, such as being angry.

But no. She didn't know why she was very disappointed.

He looked ahead and focused on driving, and asked, "Finish?"

Alice nodded, "Yeah."

She thought he would say something else, but he gave her one word, "Idiot."

Alice didn't know who he was talking about, and asked stupidly, "Who?"

Ben stared coldly, and answered her with gritted teeth, "You!"

How stupid of her!

He was not invincible and always got angry. "Alice, you are not important to me. What will I get from not being married because of you?"

Alice couldn't catch him, and she always sat down with her head down. Right, she overestimated herself.

"Get off the car." After a while, the car stopped.

Alice turned to look at him, and asked cheekily, "Aren't you going to take me to the Snack Street?"

Ben finally turned to look at her, four eyes meeting. He put his hand on her head, and turned her to look ahead.

Alice grinned and muttered to herself, "It's already there."

She got out of the seat belt again, opened the door, and when she was about to get out of the car, she seemed to suddenly remember something, and looked back at him again with a smile on her face, "I'll be right back."

Ben watched her thin body emerged into the crowd, thinking that he still can't do anything about her.

When Molly called, he frowned impatiently. He didn't want to answer the phone, but he had to speak to her clearly.

"Ben, where have you been? Why did you go out so early?"

Ben asked, "I am in the place where you went last night."

"Ben ... I went to Alice last night because ..."

Ben didn't have time to listen to her long-prepared lies, "Molly, don't show up before Alice anymore. I heard that you are pregnant? I'm not interested in knowing whether it is true or not, but I advise you to solved it as soon as possible, otherwise, it 's you who embarrassed. By the way, when did I propose to you? Were you crazy? Next time when I hear this I will take you to a psychiatric hospital in person."

Molly gritted her teeth. She told Alice deliberately last night not letting Ben knew she was pregnant. When did the little bitch become so smart?

But she was still kept tight rein on her thoughts. "Ben, I don't know what you are talking about, Did Alice talk about it? I did go to her last night, because I was worried about her and wanted to see her, I ..."

Benjamin didn't have the patience to listen to her nonsense over there. In Jim's words, all his patience in this life was given to a girl named Alice.

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