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"You finally remember you owed me a call," said Benjamin.

She owed him more than a call. She owed him too much...

Alice apologized, "I was with my mother last night, so I can't call you. Sorry."

As soon as Ben's sleepy eyes opened. How this idiot went out with so little wearing on. Did she feel that she was very strong?

Opened the door and got off the car, he ordered, "Alice, turn left."

"Huh?" she was curious, but it seemed to be a habitual response that she had turned left.

The guy in front of her leaned in the car. When the eyes met, he raised his hand to ask her to get in.

Alice wondered if she was still dreaming, how could he be here?

He had a magic power to make her obedient, and she put her cellphone back in her pocket and walked towards him.

When she got close to him, she raised her face slightly and smiled innocently, "Why are you here?"

He can't stand the way she acted, so Ben looked away, and said in an indifferent tone, "Don't act like this, or I would think you were moved by me."

Yeah, she was touched.

Alice gave a helpless cold sigh, "Why's that touching."

Ben gave her an expressionless look. "Where to go so early?"

"Help my mom buy breakfast."

Ben opened the door of the car and said to her, "Get in."

Alice thought as he had been seated in the car, it must be warm inside. A gust of wind was blowing.

She trot to the car, opened the door and sat in. Sure enough, the car was very warm, but how did the seat belt still buckle up? Didn't anyone sit here after she sat there last time?

"Address." Ben ignored her confusion and asked her.

Alice thought for a while before realizing that he was asking for the address to buy breakfast. "Turn left at the intersection and go straight, then turn right again and then ..."

Ben turned his head impatiently and looked at her. He was asking her the location, instead of directing the way.

"Happiness Snack Street." Alice immediately understood. His eyes showed her that he was angry.

Alice obediently got into the seat belt. Ben drove seriously without saying a word.

It was too quiet in the car. Alice couldn't help turning her head and staring straight at him. The profile of his face was perfect and impeccable, and she was so indulged in looking at him that she lost her mind.

His deep voice disturbed her thoughts. "Have you never seen anyone so handsome?"

Alice pouted her mouth, and was not embarrassed of being found peeking at him. On the contrary, she thought that she hadn't seen him for a long time.

Involuntarily, she stared at him obsessively, "Ben ..."

Ben's eyebrows frowned, and his tone was irritable, "What!"

After thinking about it for a long time, she couldn't help but said, "Long time no see."

Ben' hands held tightly the reverse disk, and a heart was instantly as heavy as being hit by a large stone.

Yeah, it's been a long time.

Ben covered his emotions with an expressionless expression, and his voice was cold, "it's better not to see."

Alice lowered her head in a loss, and smirked awkwardly, knowing that she shouldn't expect anything.

"What did Molly say to you?" Ben asked indifferently. This was the business. If something was not clear, there would be estrangement between them and would cause some misunderstandings.

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