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"Check Alice and see what she has experienced in recent years."

Jim was always impolite. "You must be drunk. What she went through has nothing to do with you. Don't forget that the person who almost killed you in person three years ago is her, Alice. "

Benjamin sat up irritably, pressing his swollen temples with his long fingers, "Just check, don't talk so much nonsense."

Jim saw Ben was serious, and then he didn't say anything more. So just go and investigate. Anyway, he was also curious. How could Alice, with an air of princess had become what she is now.

She thought that last night's encounter was just a sudden accident. After that, she and Benjamin should never meet again. After all, he didn't live in this city, which was why she chose this place to hide herself.

It was another busy day, and as soon as she arrived at the bar, the foreman came over, "Alice, the second room asked for your treatment."

Alice didn't think much about it. She had worked here for more than two years. Such things often happened. She smiled and nodded, "OK, I will go right away."

She thought there would be a lot of people before she went in. she didn't expect that there was only one person sitting in the huge private room.

It was Chuck.

Chuck was a man of few words, mature and always cared about others since childhood. All guys, since young age, were used to calling Old Chuck.

Alice probably can think of why he came to the bar, definitely not to find her for drinking.

She smiled slightly and asked him politely, "Did you come here alone?"

"Yes." Chuck looked at her and nodded.

Alice didn't ask him much, and asked him professionally, "Which wine do you like?"

Chuck gave her a deep glance, imitated Alice's calmness and indifference, raising his eyebrows, and smiling, "the most expensive one."

Alice smiled forcefully, "You are helping my business, right?"

Chuck looked at Alice who hadn't opened the wine yet. Maybe she felt embarrassed and didn't know how to face her acquaintance. She lowered her head and played the bottle opener.

He said, "Well, do you want to take care of my business too?" It was asking, but he was afraid she would refuse.

Alice didn't understand him very well, raised her eyes and asked him, "Huh? What do you mean?"

Chuck said straightly, "How about working at my company?"

Alice startled. He must be sympathetic for her. "I ... can do nothing. Just forget it. Thank you, anyway."

Chuck didn't know what to do, thinking about how to deal with Alice who refused him. "My company just got started, and the treatment for the employees is not very good for the time being, even without basic guarantees. So it is difficult to hire employees. I hope you can think about it, just try to do it for me. "

Chuck spoken it in a very twisted way, but Alice can still understand his good intentions.

"Actually, I also work during the day, and it is my favorite job ..."

"I checked you back last night." Chuck interrupted Alice's far-fetched explanation and looked straight at her.

Alice smiled at him, forcefully, and had nothing to say.

Chuck continued, "I wanted to know why you worked here, and I checked your data over the years. I just got to know what happen. At that time, why didn't you tell Benjamin or any of us?"

"My own life, of course, I have to face it myself. There is no need to tell anyone." In fact, even if she was not the girl she used to be, the inherent stubbornness in the bones was still there.

"Then do you know how Ben has survived the past three years?" Chuck asked.

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