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Until she opened the door and got out of the car, Benjamin didn't talk to her, nor look at her.

Looking at the roaring car, Alice couldn't help but raising her fist and hit him in the air, and grunted in a grieved way, "Bad guy, why you don't talk to me."

Benjamin stared at the front passenger seat that had not yet released the safety buckle. If is had been three years ago, she would have looked at him pitifully and asked him coquettishly, "Benjamin, I cannot open it. Could you help me?"

And now, she didn't. She tried to solve it by herself.

He smiled meaningfully, "Alice, you've grown smart."

Alice stood stupidly at the place where she had just got off and waited until his car completely disappeared from her sight before she turned around and left.

Before she left, she was happy because she saw him, but the next second, she couldn't crying.

At three o'clock in the morning, a girl who bit her lip and tried to stop the tears, walked on the street like a lonely ghost.

At the hospital, she worried that her mother was still waiting for her. She wiped her tears and washed her face in the bathroom before returning to the ward.

The nurse on duty knew her, so she greeted Alice when saw her coming back, "You come back."


"Why happened? Your eyes are red." The careful head nurse noticed that she was wrong today.

Alice smiled and explained, "The wind is a bit strong outside. I run too fast, and the sand had entered my eyes."

The head nurse smiled slightly and did not want to tell out her lies. She was a girl whom everyone wanted to protect.

When Alice walked into the ward gently, a nurse who didn't like her said behind her back, "Sand? She really regarded us as a fool. It must have been bullied by a man when she bought wine in a bar. She said that she was selling wine in a bar, god knows what she was selling ..."

The head nurse looked at the nurse and said, "You've finished everything, right? How about going to chat with the patients in the twelfth bed?"

"No, no." The nurse was suddenly nervous.

Patient in twelfth bed was with insomnia. If you accompanied her to chat, you had to talk until dawn. And if you slip away for some reasons, she will go to the dean to complain of you the next day.

Fortunately, her mother was asleep today, and Alice rolled out the foam mat, and then lay a half of a thin blanket on it, and the other half on her body.

When she came back at this time, she would fall asleep as usual night. But today, as long as she closed her eyes, she thought of Benjamin.

That bad guy became so cold and strange.

When Benjamin returned to the hotel, he sat on the sofa thinking about what happened to Alice today? What happen to her that made her sell wine in a bar?

The neighborhood she lived in was luxury. What about her boyfriend? Why didn't he pick her?

So many questions had confused him for a while.

The next day, when Jim appeared in Benjamin's room, he saw Benjamin lying on the sofa. "You booked a luxurious suite just for a night's sleep on the sofa?"

Benjamin didn't get up, his wrists covering his eyes, and he seemed to be awake all night. "Check Alice and see what she has experienced in these years?"

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