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Standing in front of the bar, the night in the early morning was really quiet and cold, and tonight, Benjamin appeared.

She missed him so much, but the bad guy said such cruel words to her.

Almost when she was about to cry, she looked up at the small sky above her head, starry, and moonlit.

Suddenly she sucked her acid nose, put both hands into the pockets, she really wanted to yell and released her pressure. Her heart was really uncomfortable.

"Get on the car!"

The sound was so familiar that she had missed so much, and the tears that finally fought back. Her sight blurred again. How useless of her.

She looked down at the person sitting in the car. He didn't even look at her, and looked straight ahead. If she wasn't the only person to be here, Alice would suspect that he was ordering someone else.

Alice knew him too well, so she didn't push it and got in the car obediently.

In fact, the most important thing was that she missed him so much. Anyway, just stay with him for a little while, even one minute, she will be satisfied.

She opened the door and sat in. The seat belt had not been fastened yet. He had started the car and almost threw her out.

If it was in the past, Alice would definitely chatter about him a lot, but now, she cannot complain again.

"Address." He uttered again. Why couldn't he say more?

Although it was a question, it was a command not allows disobeying.

Alice thought for a while, and remembered that there was a fairly luxurious resident's area next to the hospital, so he told him the name of the resident's area.

At this speed, plus scarce cars at this time, they just arrived within five minutes later, and the car stopped at the gate of the luxurious community.

Before Alice had time to speak, she heard his order again, "Get off the car!"

Alice turned her head and looked at him. She never felt that the road was so short. How could she arrive so soon, she wanted to stay with him for a while?

She just now thought staying with him for a minute will be enough, and immediately she wanted more.

He still kept his eyes on the front. Alice looked at him reluctantly. He was much more mature and tough than three years ago. The profile of his side face could be called perfect. The fascinating charm was ... a little cold and arrogant, and it seemed no one could get close to him.

She didn't dare to look at him too much. She was afraid he would say something awkward, or drag her down forcibly. Although he didn't look at her, she smiled at him slightly and politely, but her heart was sad, "Thank you."

Thanked him for sending her back, and thanked him for not bringing her to jail three years ago.

It can be seen that he didn't want to see her, and he didn't want to talk to her. She didn't know what to say. She couldn't tell him, "Benjamin, she missed him so much."

If she really said that, he would have to choke her to death. No, he must have laughed away.

Alice wanted to unfasten the seat belt, but this seat belt was against her. She couldn't unfasten it, and he obviously didn't mean to help.

Alice asked for help with his eyes, but he could not receive her signal for help, because he did not look at her.

Afraid of angering him, Alice had to length the seat belt and managed to get out from below.

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