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No one spoke. Janice didn't like Alice very much before, because she always felt that everyone around her seemed to pamper her unconditionally.

Now when she saw Alice like this, she suddenly felt sympathy about her. She said, "My brother came back half a year ago and opened a new company here. We came back a week ago to celebrate for my brother."

Alice gave Janice a grateful glance. If no one had been talking, she didn't know what to do.

She tried to keep herself smiling, pretending to be relaxed, "Oh, congratulations, Chuck."

Chuck stared at Alice who was standing there for a moment, but returned with a nasal sound, "Thanks." a sign to accept her congratulations.

It was just that his messy mind made him unable to convince himself to accept that Alice like this was standing in front of him.

Jim, who had always been the most hilarious, finally reacted, got up and stood up, walked towards Alice uncontrollably, stood on in front of her, and looked at her up and down several times.

A mockery of sarcasm, "Alice, this is the reason why you did not want to go abroad with us? Really we didn't expect that you Alice is such an indecent woman."

Jim wanted to say whatever he wanted to say. Benjamin was his best buddy. At the time, Alice almost killed Benjamin, which was enough for Jim to rank Alice as a bad woman.

"Jim..." Chuck stopped Jim.

Janice came over and pulled Jim back to the sofa. Someone, from beginning to end, did not see her presence at that time, and turned a blind eye.

Alice really wanted to turn around and open the door to leave here, but she couldn't. For three years, she made it clear that there was no hardship in the world.

A few hours later, she was able to get off work, returned to the hospital, and fell asleep next to her mother's bed. At dawn, it was a new start.

"So Alice, don't leave, don't forget that the commission of these wines was enough for you to pay the medical expenses of last month."

Molly said, "Alice, is it really you? Do you really work in such a place?"

This place ...

Yeah, if is was three years ago, she would rather die than come to work in such a place.

She smiled slightly, accepting it calmly, "Yeah, I work here."

"Alice, why are you so shameless?" Jim, who was impatient, accused again.

Alice really wanted to answer back. What she did that she would lose her face.

But she couldn't. Jim was now a guest here, and she was here to sell the wine in the cart to the noble guests.

Alice still kept the best smile, and put the two bottles of wine just opened on the table, ignoring all of them. "I will open the two bottles for you first, and I will stand outside, if there is anything you need, please call me. "

Alice admitted that she can't stay a little longer, and she wanted to run away, but the pride in her bones made her want to avoid being embarrassed even when she turned around.

"Stop here!" An angry voice shouted at Alice, who was about to turn.

Jim was going to have to take the opportunity to humiliate her tonight.

"Jim ..." Chuck stopped him again. He was much more mature and rational than Jim.

Janice also knew Jim very well, glaring at him and whispering, "It's enough."

Alice re-focused on Jim. She stood and looked at Jim, who gained the upper hand.

Alice asked, "Is there anything else you need?"

Jim said politely, "Kneel beside Ben and pour him wine."

Alice's heart suddenly tightened, Benjamin.

Benjamin hadn't looked at her since she came in here.

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