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Not only did he not let go, but the big hand around her neck was even harder. He didn't know what happened to himself. But won't it be better to let her go?

At least he could get rid of it yourself. There were so many women who like him. Why did he have to fall in love with a heartless and heartless woman?

Unconsciously, he ignored the power in his hand.

Alice felt that she was really strangled by him. She had an instinctive desire for survival. A fruit knife was placed on the bar next to her. When she got the fruit knife, she didn't think through her brain and exhausted all her strength and stabbed at his left chest.

It seemed that at this moment if it was not he who died, then it would be she. When she felt that her neck was slowly being loosened, and when she can breathe again, her eyes were stained with red blood.

The blood was spread on his white shirt like a blooming flower.

The sharp knife was stuck in his chest, and she let go of her hand in fear.

Now how to do? What would she do?

"Benjamin ... I'm sorry, I didn't mean it, Benjamin ... What to do?"

She was shaking with helplessness. She wanted to cover his bleeding wound with her hand, but the knife was still stuck on it, and she didn't dare to touch the knife.

Benjamin was looking at her deeply, and he even laughed, but that smile was too sad and desperate.

He thought that now he could give up finally.

"It turned out that you can kill me in order to leave me." Then he laughed sadly like a fool.

Heart, did it hurt?

No, it didn't hurt anymore.

Because it finally died.

The cold wind penetrated into the room through the window. Alice's shook her head, "No, Benjamin, no, I'll help you call an ambulance, you will be fine. Nothing will happen."

She wanted to go to the sofa to get her mobile phone, but her legs were weak and she couldn't move at all. She was really useless.

"Get away!" She didn't know why he still had so much strength. He dragged her arm and flung her far away. Alice didn't stand firmly, so she lay on the floor.

Benjamin pulled out the knife on the left chest by himself. She did it so hard that she almost killed him.

With more blood flowing, he covered his wound with his hand and left the house.

Soon, Alice heard the sound of a car. Did he go to the hospital? But can he still drive now?

Alice went to get a phone call, but didn't know who to call. Did he go to the hospital by himself?

The number one is his number, but after the call was dialed, the other line was occupied.

Benjamin, who was sitting in the car, received a call from Jim, "Master, aren't you coming? What are you doing?"

Benjamin smiled bitterly. People all over the world know what their relationship was, but Alice, only one who had never acknowledged it.

"Help me call an ambulance." His breath was weak.

His sight begun to blur, and he couldn't drive the car, so he parked the car on the side of the road.

Jim teased over the phone, "No way, you wont' play that much."

Benjamin frowned, covering his bleeding chest with one hand, feeling like he was about to fall asleep. "Don't talk nonsense, the sooner the better, I don't want to die."

Jim heard his voice was really weak. He had a bad hunch and stood up unconsciously. "Don't scare me. What's wrong. Where are you?"

"In the car at the roadside of my house......"

When Alice chased after him, Benjamin was no longer in the car, and the sharp red remained on the driver's seat.

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