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He had never treated her this way, and even if she always had the ability to grit his teeth, he was silent.

The more she wanted to stop him, the more he became worse. Now he was being driven crazy by her.

He was not a saint, and he will endure it all day.

His breathing was terrifying, and she wanted to push him away, feeling that his big hand clasped around her waist was holding her firmly, anxious to crush her.

When he was really angry, she was definitely not able to resist. He understood why she was so angry, and she could even feel his heartache.

She wept loudly and choked, "I hurt."

He really hurt her. He felt her lips were broken and her waist was about to be broken.

His suddenly stunned that he could not treat her so hard.

Suddenly, he pushed her away, helpless, "Can you feel the pain? Do you really know the taste of the pain?"

When he took a step forward, she took a step back in horror. Such a small action instantly made him feel like being ripped by a knife.

What did she think of him, and what can he really do to her if she didn't want to?

"Stay at home tonight and go to the airport tomorrow." This is a compromise. Even if it hurt, he felt that as long as she would board the plane tomorrow, everything can be considered as never happened.

Alice sneered, as if the whole thing was unreasonable.

She was thinking of going home to the hospital as soon as possible. Even if he continued to be stubborn, the godmother would think of other ways to let him go abroad.

"Did you hear!" He shouted to Alice angrily.

Alice remained indifferent and continued to walk towards her bedroom.

"Alice!" He suddenly pulled her back again, staring at her indifferently, "Don't you really feel my love for you? Or, have you never liked me?"

Alice wanted to break away from him, and his big hand was particularly strong, making her feel that her arm might be broken in the next second.

"Benjamin, I have never liked you, we have grown up, and living together like this will attract a lot of gossip. I don't go to the UK, don't you understand, I just want to get rid of you, and to live without you. "

Benjamin sneered bitterly, all she did was to get rid of him, not wanting to listen to outsiders' gossip.

"Alice, have you really forgotten that we slept together. You are my woman. Do you think we can be irrelevant?"

Alice sneered, "Benjamin, you are so funny. Do we have to be together after we having sex? My new boyfriend and I have also slept recently. Would you bless up to live forever."

She was challenging his bottom line, and he glared at her in anger, clutching her slender neck with no light or heavy hands, "Alice, repeat what you just said!"

Alice felt it was difficult to breathe, but she was not afraid that she would die. She looked at him coldly and indifferently. "There are too many men who have slept with me. Could it be ..."

"Shut up!" He punched on the wall behind Alice, and the milky wall soon had red blood dazzling down.

If the punch was not hit on the wall, but on any part of her body, she would be half dead.

Feeling that she was going to be strangled by him if she continued to act like this. She still had to go home to see her father and mother lying in the hospital. Now she can't die, she tried to whisper in a low voice.

"Benjamin, please let me go. I have something to deal with."

Time will always give each other the best and most practical answer. Leave everything to time.

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