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Ben took a glance at her and said nothing. He was standing at the door and started wearing shoes, and brought hers out of the shoe cabinet by the way.

Alice sat on the stool and wore shoes slowly. Ben asked, "Have you brought the keys?"

Alice took a glance at the two keys hanging on her chest, "Yes."

Seldom people would hang keys round the neck like her. She's twenty years old now.

Who was to blame for this, Ben, who treated her as mentally handicapped every day, for fear that she might lose accidentally.

Alice followed him like a puppy. They lived in a small villa.

Ben's parents bought it when they came to college here.

No, such an intelligent student like Benjamin would have went to Yale. It was because Alice, who came here, that he followed her.

Standing next to the bicycle, Alice yanked Ben's sleeves, and said poorly, "Can you drive to school today?"

Ben looked at her expressionlessly. This girl was lazy again. She only knew to eat and sleep all day. She didn't exercise at all, and let her go to school by bicycle, she would find excuses every day.

"Riding a bicycle is the fastest way at the peak of the traffic now." If she didn't even ride a bicycle, she would be absolutely lazy.

Alice pouted. Anyway, she can't ride a bicycle today, and directly strode to the back seat of Ben's bicycle. "You have to carry me."

"Ride on your own." That attitude was like he almost threw her off the back seat of the bicycle.

Alice looked at him miserably, telling him the truth, "My legs are still painful."

Ben was about to get her off the bicycle. The reasons for her leg pain was so suck that he did not believe her anyway.

However, the scene of last night suddenly appeared in his mind. His hand stopped in mid-air, and numbly turned around and got on the bicycle without saying a word.

Alice, who was kneeling on the back of the bicycle, wasn't like a girl at all.

He has carried her for countless times since she was young, and she had never sat like a lady.

Her legs were always split like a boy.

When she was young, he felt safe to sit like that, but now he felt like she was not like a girl.

Alice felt a little tired from kneeling, so she changed her position, standing on the seat beside the wheels, and put her hands on his shoulders. Ben did not say a word. But she kept repeating his name.




Ben ignored her, and she put her chin on his shoulder, pressed her mouth to his ear, and whispered to him, "Ben...."

What should he do with her?

Ben whispered a deterrent order directly, "Shut up!"

Then he warned her seriously, "Sit down, or throw you here."

It was like frightening a child, but he really had threw her halfway.

What made him angry that day? Uh ... forget it, forget it.

Alice sat down slowly, obediently sitting at the back, leaning on his back honestly, and she felt sleepy. She really wanted to sleep.

Maybe it was because he had always let her sleep on his back, so when she was about to fall asleep, she still stood up, holding his shoulders and fell asleep.

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