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When eating, he always was elegant as usual even drinking milk.

Alice looked at him after drinking a full glass of milk in one breath. "Hey, it was my first time. You have to make me a month's meal to make up for the big advantage you got from me."

Ben was well educated since young that he would not speak when eating. Unlike her, she wanted to say everything on the dinner table.

Ben lifted his eyes and gazed at her. His low voice slowly melted away, "That was also my first time."

Alice almost coughed to death and clutched her mouth. And it almost kill her because she was eating dries bread.

What did he just say?

Was he...the first time?

Shit! Who believed!

"Come on, Benjamin. Don't lie to me nor talk nonsense. Your first time gave you that right hand."

He tried to argue with her, but she saw it with her own eyes. At that time, she didn't take it seriously. It was he who had a white face flushed.

Ben has long been used to her talking about his adolescence.

Anyway, everyone had knew this at the propagation of her. And he didn't care about it much.

With a casual glance, he admired his clear-cut and overly beautiful hands.

Alice found that he could not get angry, so she deliberately found fault with him, "No, I remembered it was left hand. Ben, which hand did you use? Right or left? Or both?"

"Oh, oh..." Her mouth had been blocked by something. Don't think too much. It was not the mouth-to-mouth blockage, it's the stuffed bread.

Ben went upstairs to change clothes, and Alice's Instagram was filled with messages.

Just because she sent a message just before eating, "Haha, this girl is absolutely bold. I accidentally had a sex with someone who was a virgin last night. How luck was I!"

Only the first stupid guy curiously asked, "Who was it?"

All the following comments were the same word, "Benjamin."




In other words, didn't they all feel incredible and hard to believe?

Also, aren't they curious about what did she mean for the first time?

What a boring group of friends.

Ben saw that her schoolbag on the sofa had not been packed, and he was tired of blaming her.

Anyway, for so many years, he didn't know when did he started packing her schoolbag.

Before going to school, or after school, even before college when they were not in the same grade.

As he packed her schoolbag, a book was directly tapped on her head. "Hurry up and don't be silly holding your mobile phone. You are getting late."

Alice rubbed her aching head. This guy never knew what tender meant, and never be soft when hitting her.

"If you beat me to stupid, you must be responsible for me if I can't get marry."

Ben smiled contemptuously, "Even I don't hit you to stupid, you could not be married either."

In a second, he had already carried her schoolbag on her shoulders. And she was also very used to stretching her arms to cooperate. They were well cooperated.

Listen, Ben, one day sooner or later, I will find a boyfriend who is more handsome than you, richer than your family, and better than you. Just wait and see."

Later, after a long, long time, she met a handsome man who was better than Ben, and also found a boy who was richer than him, but she could not find one, someone who treated her as tender as Ben.

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