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Christian felt sorry because he didn't know what she liked to eat after they had known each other for many years and they had even been married for a couple of years.


Vivian tasted the soup and she felt warm.

"Where are we now?"

Her tone was casual, but Christian's hands holding the spoon trembled.

"Don't be nervous. I don't know what has been going on in the past year."

Realizing that what she had said was a little odd, she quickly explained that she was just being sensitive and there was nothing malicious about it.

"I just thought we shouldn't leave problems unsolved."

Vivian bit her lips and she was very conflicted.

Christian knew what she meant. He wished they could live a happy life together as if nothing had happened.

However, what goes around comes around. He eventually had to pay a price for what he had done.

"Of course."

He clenched his fists, trying hard to control his emotions.

"When you're fully recovered, you can make the call."

She was a little surprised because he had always struck her as a bossy and inconsiderate man.


The atmosphere was a bit awkward until he spoke of their son to distract her attention.

They soon started talking about Hope. She ate slowly while he told her how much Hope had changed in the past year.

She felt sad and sorry for her absence as a mother in the past year. She had gone into a coma when he was only two or three months old.

Christian found her sad and he secretly asked Hope to give Vivian a hug.

The boy was smart enough to take the hint. He hugged Vivian lovingly and kissed her on the cheek.

Her son's kiss made her feel much better.

After lunch, Vivian and Hope played games together in the living room.

There was no bond as powerful as one between a mother and her child in the world. They soon became familiar with each other.

Christian had constantly massaged her when she was in a coma, so she was recovering quickly.


Hope wobbled toward Vivian with his hands raised in the air and jumped into her arms.

"Oh, my little baby."

She held his soft little body in her arms with a happy smile that made her more attractive.

Christian was casually leaning back on the sofa with his legs crossed. He smiled at the sight of Vivian and Hope playing and laughing together.

It was the most beautiful picture he had ever seen.

Watching Christian and Vivian, the butler thought that the three of them made quite a happy family.

Hope was so young after all. Soon he was tired and fell into sleep in her arms.

Christian picked him up because Vivian was still was weak.

"I'll take him to his room."

He lowered his voice, trying not to disturb his son.

Vivian nodded softly and went to Hope's room with Christian.

"I'll stay with him."

She lay down next to her son and carefully cuddled him.

Christian tucked them in and left the room quietly.

The lower part of the azure wallpaper was decorated with white waves. There was a slide and a trampoline beside the bed and the floor was scattered with all kinds of toys.

She fought back her tears. Christian had taken the responsibility of taking good care of their son as a father in the past year.

"My baby."

She thought that she was very greedy. She didn't even want to get better soon because she had been enjoying the way Christian cared about her now.

Christian went back to the study and lost himself in thought.

"She's back."

A persistent and brave man he was, he was grateful for God's blessing for returning her back to him. He buried his face in his hands and cried.

It was the second time he had ever cried.

He really didn't know how to get his delight off his chest because he couldn't express his emotions in front of Vivian. Thus he could only cry his tears of joy when no one was around.

In the next few days, Vivian spent every day with her son because she wanted to make up for the time she had been absent as a mother.

Christian accompanied her to walk around the garden. On one hand, Vivian could recover better. On the other hand, she could spend more with their son.

Apart from talking about their son, they had few topics. Most of the time, Christian would watch them quietly at a distance.

Despite that, Christian was still very happy. He pinched himself every morning to make sure that he wasn't dreaming.

Vivian came back home at night, exhausted.

"Are you tired?"

Smiling faintly, Christian seemed in a good mood.


After spending the whole day strolling about, Vivian was a little tired.

"Patrick is coming to visit tonight. You could go bed early if you're tired."

"No, I want to talk to him."

Vivian's eyes lit up at the news of Patrick's visit. She wasn't tired anymore.

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